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  1. The Lions are undisciplined. Keep saying they are not Jim Schwartz
  2. Yeah - D Hall might want to not celebrate that much in front of Megatron
  3. Did he hurt it starting a fight with someone?(Not being able to watch the game I have to fill in the blanks with my mind. It's not pretty)
  4. Well it helps that the Lions looked like they had never seen a counter play before in their life Meanwhile - when you need 15 yards, Eli will throw a 2 yard check down to the back up fullback Sigh
  5. God - why the fuck am I not drinking?
  6. So suddenly the Browns are amazing. Or the Vikings are really terrible
  7. Shows you how little Red Zone cares about the Giants/Panthers - it doesn't even switch over when a team gets into the Red Zone (albeit very very briefly)
  8. Oh and the Chargers has first and goal from the 30 because Philip Rivers got a 15 yard unsportsmanlike arguing a different penalty
  9. HA! God bless your stupid decision making Robert Griffin
  10. The Browns showing some potential Ewing Theory going on
  11. I feel like I am going to have a lot of free time on Sunday afternoons
  12. I would say its a chance that at least the receivers can get fantasy points But yeah...
  13. Such the fucking cock tease
  14. That is correct. That was a brief talking point this week until it went back to RG3's knee
  15. Might as well put Ryan Nassib in Otherwise Eli is going to die
  16. TD LIONS!!! My favorite team (this week) takes the lead
  17. OH and Henry Hynoski has been ruled out for the rest of the game??? Great - that will really help with the pass blocking
  18. Or call a run and have Bell break 8 tackles
  19. The Lions need to never ever call a run. I think I could have 10 catches against the Skins defense.
  20. I still dont know what happened - all I know is that it definitely confused Gamecast
  21. I have to figure that there are some warm bodies that are going to get signed during the week
  22. Oh sure - THIS is the week Ron Rivera suddenly goes for it on 4th down
  23. Cam is averaging 10 yards a carry today. And I benched him because he was starting against the Giants I am going to go throw up now
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