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  1. I guess since the rumors that Phil Knight was gonna buy the Seahawks (and Trail Blazers) wouldn't go away - Jody Allen released a statement that both teams are not up for sale (nor have any sale talks happened). However, the statement basically did confirm that both teams would be available at some point. (The big reason for this is because Paul Allen's estate plans stated that "the vast majority of his wealth be dedicated to philanthropy") The state of Washington would get 10% of a sale of the Seahawks if it happened before May 2024 so most believe the team will go up for sale shortly after that deadline.
  2. This summer has been nice because I have been working from home on Tuesdays - so I quickly hop on and run the story missions so I don't get spoilers via Twitch or YouTube Recommendations. I will say I could have probably waited today since everyone is too busy doing Conqueror in a Day
  3. So we have hit one of those points again that seem to happen once every other year that we have to do upgrades to our server just to be able to update the board. (Basically it is gonna be this thread all over again) So at any point - the site possibly (most likely will) go down. When? Who the fuck knows? We are at the mercy of the specialist Seal Team 6esqe team that apparently our host company has to bring in to do it. And since after that is done, the board then needs to get the major update... well things will definitely break If we never speak again... well we served our purpose
  4. Ubisoft will be "re-debut" Skull & Bones at a showcase on Thursday They will also have a showcase on Sept 10 that will feature "multiple games"
  5. Mary DeMarle - who was the lead writer on the Guardians of the Galaxy game - has joined Bioware and will be the Senior Narrative Director for the next Mass Effect game
  6. Mine is in nice, concise Tweet form
  7. The Big 12 is really like TNA in that it refuses to die
  8. I heard someone talking about this but I don't remember who (I think they were from CBS) Basically Notre Dame is what is gonna determine the next big domino The contract they set up requires them to join the ACC if they join a football conference. And apparently, at least in the short term, it is a bad move financially to have to pay to not join the ACC. (Also this person was saying, that none of the ACC schools are probably gonna jump at the moment because the money they would have to pay is far greater than what they would get from the new conference's TV deal. But that is only for the short term and at some point, the money difference no longer is a hindrance) So if they decide to join the ACC full time - that probably would be enough to keep UNC and Clemson and FSU. Obviously, if they don't join (and the other schools jump), then the ACC is doomed. The person joked - let them bring along Navy too (to keep it at an even number and Navy is the last long term rival ND has that isn't spoken for)
  9. Holy Shit! Eris and Drifter are totally fucking
  10. Rockstar is shelfing plans for remastering Red Dead Redemption and GTV IV after the disaster that was the remasters of the GTA trilogy. The company will now be focusing on GTA 6 https://kotaku.com/gta-iv-remastered-red-dead-redemption-canceled-rockstar-1849142371
  11. There are a bunch of other games free due to Prime Day but outside of a couple of the Fighting games - I don't recognize any of the titles besides Maniac Mansion
  12. In the hopes of luring more Movie and TV productions to film in the state, Arizona is set to pass a 15-20% tax break on production costs. The credit will have annual cap rising from $75 million to $125 million over three years. Basically, they were tired of everything going to New Mexico The full story is a hoot for the baffling logic the politicians - both for and against - used in casting their vote https://variety.com/2022/politics/news/arizona-film-tax-credit-125-million-1235308004/
  13. In the same story - Katz says they can avoid it by working out a sign and trade with Dallas so who knows
  14. Baltimore is probably gonna be the team to benefit the most from the change in scheduling next year - less games against the AL East. More games against shitty NL teams.
  15. I am also guessing Canton is gonna be one of the Hub cities next year
  16. There is something fitting about the fact that both starting QBs got hurt
  17. Being fucking around in Fall Guys because it's free and now on XBOX (plus it is great for the "Eh, I have 10 minutes to game" moments) Got my first crown in a team game doing the current Halo themed stuff. Technically my teammate got it for me but at least I was in the Final Four and I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I can tell I will probably grow bored with it before this Holiday weekend is over
  18. Aroldis Chapman returned from the IL and promptly walked the only 3 batters he faced so clearly nothing changed
  19. Clearly an agreement has been reached but I don't trust WWE to say they were being "properly paid" It definitely feels like it was no coincidence that the channel started back up shortly after WWE 2K came out. They have done 29 videos since the channel relaunched about a month ago (not counting shorts) - 15 of them, including the tournament they ran today, are all about 2k22. (The other majority of videos are about Tekken) They also are relying on sponsors and partnerships - like the Army is sponsoring Battle of the Brands again (though that could be left over from before the hiatus) and they just launched a show that is a partnership between UUDD and G4
  20. Also - some folks are saying that the Jazz are trying to use some of the picks they just got to get Deandre Ayton in some sort of sign and trade
  21. Well now we know what Brian Windhorst was on about
  22. They are gonna have to keep looking since Zimbra just said Otto signed with the Raptors like 3 posts ago
  23. Mitchell Robinson is staying with the Knicks 4 years, $60 million
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