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  1. I am sure there are other ones too but Trade Rumors does a great job summing up each days negotiation results https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/01/mlb-lockout-rumors-bonus-pool-pre-arbitration-minimum-salary.html Here is Baseball Reference basically saying "Don't Put That Evil On Us!" Here is Forman's Twitter thread if folks wanted to check it out https://twitter.com/sean_forman/status/1486077218187104265
  2. Considering Payton's opening statement was over 30 minutes long - I am sure he said that
  3. If the Cowboys are gonna wait out the remaining years on Payton's contract before hiring him - they will never get him. Because by then he will go the Bill Cowher route and realize that TV is the much easier gig. So expect Jerry to be offering up a draft pick or two next offseason
  4. In the latest round of NXT "vets" working dark matches on the main shows - Io Shirai, Dakota Kai, Roderick Strong, and LA Knight are all scheduled to work the Smackdown tapings this week This will be the 2nd straight week for Roddy and Knight
  5. Has hasn't wrestled since Oct 2020 Early in 2021 - it was shown that he had transitioned to being a producer. That being said - in December that started an angle where Harland beat him up and threw him down some stairs. They were supposed to then have a match on the last NXT of the year. But it didn't happen (with no explanation) and hasn't been brought up since
  6. Well.... Dan Quinn - for the moment - is the other person getting a second interview with the Bears (for now) EDIT - apparently Colts DC Matt Eberflus is also a finalist
  7. PWI says that Brian Kendrick has requested his release and hasn't been at the NXT/205 Live Tapings since requesting said release. As a reminder - he was supposed to have a match against Harland on NXT TV that never happened
  8. I haven't seen these random things mentioned (though they are probably in a random thread I missed) WWE confirmed there will be an in person WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this year (PWI says it will be Friday, April 1 and it will air on Peacock and the WWE Network "after Smackdown goes off the air" Also - the were be a not Takeover show that weekend too. Called NXT Stand & Deliver. PWI says that it be on Saturday, April 2 (so the same day as Day 1 of Mania). It would be a matinee show running from Noon - 3 PM (EST)
  9. Also - if someone has the Jolly Painting they don't need, please send it my way I discovered that somehow I don't have it in museum yet
  10. If anyone still needs the scenic painting or the beautiful statue - let me know My Harv Island Redd is selling both
  11. And Sean Payton is retiring so the Saints will need a new HC
  12. Word on the street is that the Bears will be hiring Ryan Poles (executive director of player personnel with the Chiefs) as their GM as early as today. And if that happens - it is expected the Vikings will hire Kwesi Adofo-Mensah (Browns’ VP of football operations) as their GM (their finalists are Poles and Adofo-Mensah)
  13. In today's pointless lawsuit that will waste everyone's time - some folks who are a little TOO into Ana De Armas watched the trailer for Yesterday, so that she was in it so rented it for $4 from Netflix specifically to see Ana De Armas. Ana De Armas ended up not being in Yesterday as her part was cut due to test audience not liking her character (reminder Yesterday came out in 2019) Said folks who are a little TOO into Ana De Armas have now filed a $5 million dollar class action lawsuit against Universal for “deceptive and misleading advertising”. Oh and part of their reasoning is that Himesh Patel and Lily James — the two stars of the film — are “relatively unknown” to casual movie fans. (But that Ana De Armas is not)
  14. So 22 men have been announced for the Rumble and looking at the graphic - exactly half of the participants are in a regular tag team. And the number goes up if you count Happy Corbin and Riddick Moss as a regular tag team The only regular singles wrestlers in the field are AJ Styles Omos Austin Theory Sami Zayn Kevin Owens Big E Damien Priest Sheamus
  15. The update on the Broncos search from other - probably better qualified people than the random FOX betting guy (no not Jay Glazer) is that Hackett is one of three finalists for the Denver position. Dan Quinn and Kevin O'Connell are the other two.
  16. That is my understanding too. The reason I saw is because of music licensing and that the music was originally only licensed for the platform it was designed for and I guess Rock Band 4 was the only game designed with future consoles in mind. (not to mention the whole instrument thing)
  17. Bobby Hurley was fined and suspended after verbally abusing the refs during/after Arizona State's loss to Stanford The big reason Hurley lost his mind Free Throws Stanford: 32 of 41 (including 3 with a second left that won the game) Arizona State: 7 of 9 (they took 1 free throw in the 1st Half)
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