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  1. Apparently - if you believe this story that ESPN posted earlier https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/39586633/nba-story-clippers-new-uniforms-logos When Ballmer purchased the team, they looked at all aspects including changing the team name. However, fan feedback was overwhelming against changing the name I would assume this is fairly similar logic to why the Jazz never changed their name
  2. Everton had its points penalty reduced from 10 points to 6 points upon appeal With the change - they will move from 17th to 15th in the table
  3. There already is a thread for you to put that stuff
  4. Peter King announced this AM that he is "retiring" He admitted that he probably is gonna continue doing some sort of work, he just doesn't know what it is yet
  5. The Yanks and Tigers played the most Spring Training game ever Final was 22-10 where both teams tormented everyone by scoring 12 runs in the 9th inning (It was 14-6 going into the inning) The teams combined to use 18 pitchers... in their first spring training game The Yanks Spencer Jones entered as a PH in the 5th and ended up going 3-3 with a walk, 1 HR and 4 RBIs
  6. Also distribution of "protected commercial broadcast video streams" which is probably the bigger issue FOX News has As noted - Burke's lawyers claim there was no crime because Burke "just guessed" the URL and that because it was on the internet "it doesn’t require special legal permissions" Also as noted in the AA article - "hacking" has been applied in previous cases to "just guessing a password" And there are separate reports that Burke used CBS media credentials that were accidentally published by a Tennessee radio station which clearly isn't "guessing the URL"
  7. Today in Jordan Poole is really bad The Wizards have removed him from the starting lineup
  8. And yes, while this is Paul Tassi, it probably sums up my feelings best
  9. The other Destiny "news" of the day yesterday was that Cruz - a 4 time World's First due to be a part of Saltagreppo's team got perma-banned Cruz explained that he was banned because he was running a program in the background on another game with software that isn't possible to work on D2 (Basically to farm currency in Total War). And, of course, he apparently hasn't been able to talk to any directly from Bungie.
  10. it will be the later
  11. This is the same way my wife felt who only knows of the game because she knows I play it but nothing else
  12. 4 players from each got suspended 3 of the 4 Texas A&M Commerce players got 3 games (the other got 1) One Incarnate Word player got 3 games, the rest got 2 games
  13. Borderlands Wow... somehow it is worse than I thought
  14. Cobra and I both immediately thinking the same thing
  15. IE how to do a documentary based on a book written by someone in jail for domestic violence without saying you are doing a documentary based on a book written by someone in jail for domestic violence
  16. Sony will take over the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of Disney physical media (DVDs, Blu-ray discs, etc...) (this is just for US and Canada) Disney will still own and control the digital rights Tangentially - the Disney Movie Club will be shutting down. May 20 is the last day to place orders. July 20 is when the service will be shut down
  17. And in fact they announced that the trailer will drop tomorrow
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