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  1. In other MLB teams beating WBC teams news The Twins didn't get the memo and beat THE GREATEST TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED~! 2-1
  2. Side note regarding that Italy/Cuba game - Matt Harvey threw 3 scoreless innings for Italy in basically what was his comeback game. Harvey missed all last year and had knee surgery in Sept So clearly he is gonna be looking to get a deal at the end of this tournament
  3. They are also pushing back the start of IB The patch to fix the invisibility bug is going live next Thursday (3/16). IB was supposed to start Tuesday So they are gonna flip flop IB and Trials of Osiris IB will now start 3/21
  4. In the new TWAB - they revealed that in Season of the Deep, there will be a new quest (separate from the main story of Season of the Deep) that will unlock three new strand aspects (one for each class) You also get a legendary Hand Cannon. Apparently it will be based on exploring Neomuna to learn more about the Veil
  5. Watson still fucking over the Texans
  6. Yes - I could put it in its own thread but still... another one for the pile
  7. No Hard Feelings Trailer is Red Band for language I... umm.... just.... no
  8. On the flip side - the Giants beat Team USA 5-1
  9. Chaim Topol, who was best known for playing Tevye in both the stage and movie versions of "Fiddler on the Roof", has passed away at the age of 87
  10. Lady Gaga will not be performing "Hold My Hand" at the Oscar ceremony She will still be attending (since she is a nominee) but, reportedly, Gaga said that because she is currently filming Joker: Folie à Deux she doesn't have time to prepare for a performance The other 4 songs will still be performed
  11. In what appears to be a move to not have to sell to Jeff Bezos Rales being involved would also definitely put the RFK plot of land back in play for a new stadium too
  12. Rabbit Hole I was like "Eh - it is just another Kiefer Sutherland government conspiracy show" but then Charles Dance showed up. I am so conflicted now
  13. There was a suddenly rise in folks not being able to log in Basically you were put in a queue and then if you got in, you immediately got an error code I tried on and off to get on but gave up after about 30-45 minutes of trying. They were doing background maintenance all day so it might have been tied into that but you could tell it was building all day as they had turned off the API earlier in the afternoon as reports were coming in
  14. There is also a sad irony in Patrick Ewing's final game taking place at MSG
  15. Texas Tech’s Mark Adams has stepped down This comes after he was suspended for Tech’s conference tournament after using racially insensitive language
  16. I know no one else is still playing but Bangle is finally fucking leaving and I feel like I have reached my end game condition
  17. Jim Boeheim has retired Adrian Autry is Syracuse's new HC
  18. I will start this thread off with the news that Chris Beard is most likely going to be the next Ole Miss coach
  19. RE: ineligible teams Just because the team can't make the NCAA tournament doesn't mean they shouldn't get a chance to win their Conference championship
  20. We have our first known match placement Logan Paul said on his podcast that his match against Seth Rollins will be on Night 1 (Saturday)
  21. Just to put a bow on the Daniel Jones contract The reality is the contract is 3 years, $112.5 million (the average will be around $37.5 when included the bonuses he will definitely earn) The Giants can get out of the deal after 2 years if they really needed to And due to the money "saved" the Giants have started extension talks with Saquon Barkley and Dexter Lawrence (and will eat Kenny Galloday's contract this year instead of making it a post-June 1 cut. Thanks Gettleman)
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