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  1. Don't feel bad, feel glad that you couldn't assume it was a monthly thing! It's a HUGE asset AEW has.
  2. 2020-21 has really cemented the idea in my head that this will never come back, especially in light of that NHL news. It's a fucking tragedy. The sad part is that we all knew it long ago but refused to believe it.
  3. It's like me saying I didn't want to see nWo 2000 run all over the WCW roster or I'd go crazy, and someone pops up saying "you didn't mind it in 1996!" Don't talk shit if you can't understand fucking context without someone holding your hand. Don't tell me how that example is different either, the concepts of time and presentation are the same. You're trying to use present tenses of verbs to describe something, something that happened months ago, to conflate things. Do you tell people in the summer that they didn't like cold weather back in the winter so they shouldn't want it now? How boring.
  4. Because he was portrayed as a goof and comedy relief backup like they are now. It's pretty dang oblivious to not notice the Dark Order is very different now than then. Brodie was presented a big fuckin' deal and they destroyed the #1A face in the promotion. This argument is flawed as shit.
  5. Guess he's keeping it until the PPV at least. I'd go full Cornette if they put that belt on anyone in the Dark Order, even if 10 is physically imposing and the only numbered person I could describe. I guess I know Uno also but do I want to?
  6. It just came to me that Sami's dancing shirt is for charity. Okay, fine, keep dancing but for real don't make it his gimmick dammit.
  7. The Lions and Panthers have publicly said they're open to trading out of their #7 and #8 spots, respectively. Can't wait for the 2023 first round to only have fifteen picks!
  8. Obnoxious is one thing, that's just heeling. It's the dancing, man. They hung on him doing that for so fucking long last night. Then the backstage person says "I can't get enough of that" or some shit. It'll be how they try and turn him face. If that happens, a year from now we'll be seeing "Sami Zayn wants release" stories as the smarks all spooge over the idea of him going to AEW or Japan.
  9. I certainly got cult feelings from it, that or they're going to try to have a realistic Satanist gimmick which was my first guess. Doubt they do another cult-y guy after Rollins just did it but do we really put it past them?
  10. I really hope Vince gets tired of that dancing next week or earlier. Sami's in dangerous territory here. Once Vince has you dancing you're done.
  11. Tony's posing like every pregnant woman I've ever known on social media.
  12. How is Team Taz still being presented as anything fearsome, by the way? Cage is going to have to lose his shit and get DQed against Hangman next week. Something has to restore some kind of credibility or just disband it. They lost a big PPV match despite it being a handicap brawl after weeks of running away while outnumbered from a long retired wrestler, Christian rebuffed an offer at joining them, each episode brings new dissension, and they went 0-2 on this episode. Taz can come out and talk tough guy all he wants but it's increasingly impotent sounding. They aren't a threat at ALL.
  13. "Let's make something so tacky it'd send a pleasured shiver through the Truck Nuts of a visitor to Myrtle Beach but have it be more... elegant. Satin, that's the way to go!"
  14. https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/wwe-seems-sent-mickie-james-belongings Mickie James got fired *and* WWE sent her shit to her in a trash bag. It's legit, as since the story broke this afternoon HHH has said the person responsible has been fired.
  15. The lack of tag matches helped the show for me. Too goddamn many lately and they tend to make my brain explode since everyone tries to cram as much into them as possible. Instead of getting frustrated at a lack of honoring tag rules I instead got to be frustrated by inconsistent 10-counts and that the letters "D" and "Q" may never be joined in the reality of AEW. Holy crap was that Jericho stuff bad. I never liked his superface WWF character of 2000-1 and I'm hearing it again. Glad Cody's still off TV. I'm sure it's for some extraneous reason but they're accidentally making the story better for later. I say "accidentally" because under normal circumstances with this company he would have been back last week. It's a shame that we had to have a all-face main event in order to see some actual wrestling instead of just strikes and moves. I've been watching too much old stuff lately maybe, but the only hold you see in some matches is a submission finisher if at all. That TNT Championship match felt like a different animal and kept the crazy shit down to a dull roar even though there was that one spot where both guys seemed to splat over the rail. EDIT: Does Luchasaurus possess the only balls in AEW? Everyone else runs away the moment Sting even looks at them. Is it the bat which everyone hallucinates to be a lit explosive?
  16. Both championship matches delivered. No one interrupted a promo after five words. They used their vanishing powers on a whole group of people but it kept Kenny from talking. Postmatch angles weren't ridiculous. Best episode in a while. Lots of little stuff was off (duplicate things throughout the night again for example) but I didn't feel like a moron watching any of it. Miro looked like he's about to put someone in traction. They let the quiet Buck have a whole line. Oh fuck, "I told you stop stealing shoes!" and every bit of Moxley/Kingston talking. All they were missing was talking about hitting up Waffle House.
  17. Very excited for the show as advertised. I say it like that because I just want to hear interviews and promos without interruption. The TNT Championship match is so frustrating. Jungle Boy as the next guy elevated sure would work, but only after Darby was worn out for another couple of weeks more. Neither guy should lose, it's begging for some kind of big angle fuck finish after both guys look awesome for twelve minutes. I wouldn't mind it really.
  18. Cool! I'm all about a period for Orton like late Cena where he shows us all what he could have done were he allowed and puts on awesome matches while ultimately doing the job. The Fiend story really should be the last massive one that he wins.
  19. I honestly like how the Steelers do it, even if it would endlessly frustrate me as a knee-jerk reaction fan. NFL coaches really do need at least several years to even start evaluating their ability unless it's an individual who alienates the organisation like an Adam Gase.
  20. (somewhere outside Louisville, a man explodes from a woman beating up men)
  21. Say that and then look at responses before Dynamite on the day of. This isn't bitching about a thing I did not getting traction, it's an indictment of how poor this program has become. Yeah, I know show threads get locked. That's why I'm registering surprise at how little anyone even notices. This is supposed to be the flagship program of the biggest promotion in North America and no one can be bothered to care. How bad is that? Not like you'd have a reason had you watched the show tonight.
  22. It's just over two hours in. I've watched the whole thing. Pray for Mojo.
  23. I know live comments on shows is verboten around here but this isn't really revealing of the show's contents and I didn't want to forget this two hours from now (plus a lack of interest has kept this from even being pinned): Who else fills the role of veteran in WWE better than Randy Orton? I sat for a minute thinking of how long different people had been around and realized Orton is, for practical purposes, the WWE stalwart who is perfect to put people over for the next three years. Why doesn't he *feel* like that?
  24. I think you being the only person replying to the start of the thread less than thirty minutes out speaks to everything you're feeling. Raw would be so much more interesting with a Hurt Business that has the World and Tag straps, rather than just the World and boring, non-Slapjack members of Retribution.
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