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  1. 20 minutes ago, Eivion said:

    I wonder if Bron ever uses this. I want to see it, but I also fear for anyone taking it and figure it will only happens outside of WWE.

    He must tweak it into something more safe, or he won't be able to use it until his AEW debut as Bronson (or Rex) Steiner. He has done so many other cool Steiner spots that one way or another, he's going to have to at least try it at some point!

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  2. 22 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    Few too stars are as giving as John Cena. The Rock and Mick Foley are others that come to mind.

    Well, Brian Danielson has been so giving recently, that he's pretty much in a must win situation right now. Garcia will still take one fall minimun and probably made to look like an absolute star before losing. And Garcia WINNING isn't impossible, either.

    Also, when not in a position of power, Ric Flair was very giving at times, to the point that pinning him didn't do shit for anyone, since pretty much anyone could do it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Tarheel Moneghetti said:

    So…. How much younger would I have to be to know what a deep is?   20 years?  25?  More?

    From what I gather, judging from all the posts where within the word "derp" has been used, I have come to the conclusion that it is a general term in Oktopi parlance, much like the word "smurf" is in the language of the Smurfs. That's just how I interpret it, though.

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  4. 1 hour ago, The Natural said:

    An underrated match, Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage on the first AEW Rampage. Much better than the All Out rematch.

    Which is saying something, because the All Out match that I just saw for the first time the other day was still a damn good match.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Nineteen said:

    Swerve/Lee vs. Private Part

    Do you think the champs will get screwed on this one?


    Anyway, everything was entertaining. Enjoyed the Beardhausen vs Gunn Club the most. Those boys may end up taking Stokley's card yet!

    Quite the promo by Hook! It was so epic that I memorized it word for word! Let's see if I remember it, here goes: "Yup!" Hah, nailed it!

    Mixed tag and main event was very good times too. It was funny how much JR marked out for "Jane"! I mean, it's not often when he hears themes that he's actually familiar with from his young adulthood.

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  6. 14 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    I watched Herc/DiBiase to finish out the Main Event show and really, there was no need to.

    • DiBiase wins with a heel rollup to blow off their feud (which started in the Fall of '88) in a thoroughly unimpressive fashion.
    • Not a bad match at all but it's such an afterthought.  Herc apparently did JTTS singles duty after this for about another year and a half (!) before partnering with Paul Roma...as a JTTS tag team.  Again, when you only have a handful of PPVs and so little TV to fill, guys can last a long time as roleplayers. 
    • The height of Herc's WWF career for me was probably the SNME match vs Hogan on a show most famous for 1) the match being booked to look like Herc almost won the belt and 2) the THIS IS WHERE THE POWER LIES promo
    • Why did Herc have a "hand holding a lightning bolt" design on his boots?  That Zeus.

    Next up: Wrestlemania 5! as I split time between Peacock and HIGHSPOTS TV as I thoroughly enjoy BOLA 2022.  Try to guess which of these shows has a guy at ringside who probably sold state secrets to foreign powers! 

    Power and Glory were a heavily pushed heel tag team for a few months, before fizzling out by Wrestlemania VII. It was such a shocking push that Paul Roma won most improved wrestler on PWI year end awards in 1990!

    The lightning bolt thing was probably due to them not knowing their Greek Mythology properly. Which is probably why they missed out on an awesome "no Herc, I'm your FATHER!"-moment between Hercules and Zeus in '89!

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  7. 6 hours ago, The Natural said:


    But this was in '97 and they definitely already doing this during their '94 family feud with Bret/Bulldog vs Owen/Neidhart. So that was even more advanced for the time.

    That beautiful jump to the top rope into a back flip and a hip toss spot can be seen in New Foundation vs Orient Express match from '92 Royal Rumble also! In 1992!

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  8. 50 minutes ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    Man, they didn't have those on the stand-alone Network yet when I cancelled it years ago. I would have loved to have watched like, WrestleFest '94 or Bloopers, Bleeps, and Bodyslams again for the same reason as you. There were some that I made my Dad rent so often, it probably would've been cheaper in the long run to just buy 'em.

    Unfortunately, for some weird reason the collection didn't include WrestleFest'94 at least it didn't when I had it (until end of March this year). So, no Steiners vs Harts!

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  9. 30 minutes ago, SirSmellingtonofCascadia said:

    I bought a bunch of those early collections. The Shawn Michaels DVD collection was the first modern WWE compilation, as I recall. Then came the Foley comp, etc. I jumped on a lot of those early ones, especially the Bret and Savage comps.

    Most of them are on Peacock now, I think. Are any big ones missing?

    I will say that I love the Peacock collection of old Coliseum Video tapes, many of which I rented from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video as a kid. I plan on going through those at some point in the near future. 

    Until 2008 I bought quite a bunch of WWE DVD's after selling off my VHS collection back in 2003. Had a bunch of the same DVD's as you guys, but I tried getting as many compilations as I could. Eddie, Benoit, Rey, HBK, Bret, Steel Cage, Hell in a Cell, Ladder Match, Greatest Superstars of the 80's and a bunch of important PPV's.

    Funnily enough, I haven't watched pretty much anything from the Network that I own on DVD, but I haven't watched a DVD since had the Network (or FITE app now).

    I did watch stuff I used to own on VHS from the Network, but my mission was to watch as much never before seen stuff I possibly could. It was nice to fill the blank spots in my wrestling knowledge from the years '86 to present.

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  10. 30 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    I own the following WWE DVDs:

    • Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!
    • Bret Hart's first.
    • Ric Flair's first.
    • Ricky Steamboat.
    • Mick Foley.
    • Tombstone: The History of the Undertaker.
    • The Streak: 20-0.
    • Kevin Owens.
    • The True Story of WrestleMania.
    • Greatest NXT Matches.
    • The Destruction of the Shield.
    • WrestleMania X-Seven.
    • WrestleMania XIX.
    • WrestleMania XXIV.
    • WrestleMania XXX.
    • Money in the Bank 2011.
    • SummerSlam 2013.

    Greatest NXT Matches! Then you have the full version of Cesaro vs Neville they showed in partial form on some end of the year episode! Always wanted to see the full version!

  11. Returned to work this week, got one workout in on Tuesday, started feeling crappy the same evening, getting flu symptoms on Wednesday and now staying home for another day. Not a great start. Well, at least the tests have come up negative, so it is just a common cold.

    Tuesday included upper body stuff as my legs were in full WTF mode after the biking. The biggest stuff was a few reps with 270lbs on the bench. I really didn't need to get sick right now, but on the other hand I'm not at all surprised. I would have even thought that it happened sooner than this.

    Ok, so maybe late next week at the earliest is when I'm able to get to the gym again. Not good.

  12. Just re-watched the MJF vs Jericho match from All Out '21 and just realized how much the false finish and the restart ended up helping the first Punk-MJF match, where MJF actually won despite the restart!

    I had not seen this match at the time and didn't also pay enough attention to it when I watched it the first time.

    Anyway, that was very nice bit of booking. I'd like to think that it wasn't a happy accident, either!

    Using my unexpected day off to watch all of the matches that I haven't watched or haven't watched properly from the PPV's I've purchased. So I got to see Omega vs Christian Cage from All Out, Omega vs PAC vs OC from Double or Nothing'21 (an amazing match) and now the second Stadium Stampede. Still have Hangman vs Punk and Mox vs Tanahashi to go after this.

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  13. 3 hours ago, just drew said:

    I don’t see that as the money match, especially not this soon. And I can’t get past there not really being any way to put punk over Moxley without completely undermining the work you’ve done building Mox up…

    I see your point and appreciate all the work Mox has put in to become one of the most over people in AEW since returning, but Punk was supposed to be the champion all this time and as cruel as that sounds, Mox IS keeping the belt warm for him. Now he will make Punk fight for every damn inch, in order to regain it, but if Hangman's reign didn't last past Punk, then neither will Mox's.

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  14. 8 hours ago, HumanChessgame said:

    So the discussion doesn't get stuck in this week's Dynamite thread, here is the bracket for the Trios Title Tournament


    Is Omega ready to return as the Bucks partner or do they opt for Jay White or someone else? The left side is quite a bit more weighted as HOB are the only non-jobbers on the right side.

    I know they are sort of running out of time for running a larger tournament, but isn't this a little bit underwhelming considering how many more plausable trios teams they actually have on the roster as of now?

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  15. 1 hour ago, Ace said:

    Flair said he passed out twice during the match. What the absolute fuck.


    He was only trying to live up to the name of the event and die in the ring. First time he passed out he was like "OK, this is it..." then, "wait, nope... alright, here we go, the final curtain!" Then he wakes up once more and has to finish the match. "Well, shit! I guess it's just not happening tonight!"

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