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  1. Oh shit. I just noticed you're from Houston, Texas. Bruce Prichard is from Houston, Texas. I insulted Bruce Prichard. You said I insulted you. Did you... did you just out yourself as Bruce Prichard? It all makes sense now Edited to add : I wanted to end this on a lighter note, so that's why I added this dumb joke. I'm done now lol.
  2. "I doubt you're befuddled even a little. Because it's a pretty obvious answer." That's an insult? Insinuating you are smart enough to not be confused by something is an insult? Dude trust me if I wanted to insult someone it would be much more direct. If you are "not bothering with my shit" there's a shiny ignore button. Hit that. But it's not going to have the functionality of stopping me from being able to quote your posts. Because that's one of the purposes here. And just for future reference since this site appears to be pretty user unfriendly for you, if you have a question you'd only like a response from only one certain poster on.... there's a private message function. Then no one else can add their two cents. Or use your question as a jumping off point. Or... gasp... quote you. I'll end by saying this. Me being unhappy with WWE's product has nothing to do with you. I have no personal agenda against you by speaking negatively of a wrestling product I don't currently enjoy. So please don't feel the need to defend their honor as if it's a shot at you. I'm not insulting you personally when I take a shot at WWE. Wouldn't think I'd have to specify that, but here we are.
  3. Dude it's message board for discussion of wrestling. I'm adding to the discussion. You've pulled this before when someone else quoted you. That's how message boards work. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt as someone that just enjoys what he sees and wants to stick up for it. But you constantly get aggressive and shitty with people for using a message board... the way it's intended to be used. If you have such a problem with people adding their two cents to your opinions maybe a podcast is a better medium for you to not have to deal with any feedback in real time to your opinions? Also, leave you the fuck alone? Do you work for WWE? In what way did I say anything close to Eivion is a shitty man with shitty opinions, lets get him? Oh. I didn't. I added to the discussion by giving an answer to your question, but by also giving a legitimate reason why I think there's such an anti WWE sentiment in wrestling fandom. If you're taking that personally that's a YOU problem not a ME problem.
  4. I doubt you're befuddled even a little. Because it's a pretty obvious answer. Just like why there's call in talk radio for sports and people call in talking shit on their favorite team. Fandom is fickle. But just because you hate the current management team of your favorite franchise and criticize all their moves, doesn't mean you can just walk away. At it's core WWE is what a lot of us grew up on. We'd like to like it. We just don't agree with a lot of the dumb management decisions. If you're entertained, cool. But doing dumb shit like putting a singlet on Keith Lee and calling him Bearcat for no reason is dumb as fuck to me, since Keith Lee was over AF both on the indies and on NXT. But I digress. And the truthful reason you see so much anti WWE sentiment is because once the tides turn it's almost impossible to turn it back. WCW was awesome as fuck up until a certain point. Then it became god awful trash so bad it could never be redeemed. When in reality in late 2000 they started righting the ship a bit. But it didn't matter. The tide rose so high there was no coming back. That's where WWE is the court of public opinion. I'm sure swimming against the tide with your thoughts gets frustrating but it's never going to change at this point. WWE is going to be ragged on until there's a major management shakeup for the better. I know Vince takes all the heat (and he deserves a lot of it) but the truth is the decline of creative coincides 1,000% with Bruce Prichard's return. He's bringing out Vince's worst instincts and until something changes there, WWE is gonna stay being the red headed step child.
  5. Ah so we now have confirmation Vince's pop culture knowledge has hit at least 1989 / The Simpsons. Because there's no way Vince isn't basing this new Gunter character off of Gunther from The Simpsons...
  6. Hard disagree. At least in my opinion. Adding Rampage has been subtraction by addition for me. Throw in The Battle of the Belts deal and AEW is actually producing too many first run hours for me to keep up with already. Wish they stayed at just 2 hours of Dynamite. But that's just me maybe. If they add any more it's gonna start to overwhelm people tho. They're already burning out the live audiences taping Rampage after Dynamite.
  7. This doesn't count the 42 random shots of him watching from the crowd we've had to endure on Dynamite & Rampage lol.
  8. Weird reply. Clearly WWE won't be using that licensed song so that nice bit of info is a little out of place here lol.
  9. Certainly could happen. The big pop comes from the recognizable music being played tho. Does anyone know what either Graves or McAfee's music is? Nope. So while it'll get a reaction once the fans see their name on the screen and figure it out, kind of a bad use of 'trying to get a pop' if either of them are in it.
  10. Just spit-balling here but since the attitude era they've kind of conditioned audiences that using anything connected to the ring / ring area is legal. (Except the time keeper chairs for some reason). Basically the steps, the post, the rails, announcer and time keeper tables. If you are using them where they lay then it's not illegal. You bring the steps in the ring illegal. But just whip a dude into them, legal. That table was the ring announcer table and not manipulated or brought into the ring, so it's fair game. Now no one has ever explicitly said that. But that just seems to be the rules as I understand them at least.
  11. God damn pal self mutilation is uncouth. Murdering journalist and regular mutilation is just the cost of doing business.
  12. Idk guys... this was... aggressively dull. Like when you mail something in and it's dull, it's just kind of there. To be this kind of dull you actually have to put in some work to achieve it. I'm quite surprised to see mostly positive reviews in here. Maybe knowing the source material makes it easier to follow along? To me, someone who knew nothing about the property, it gave me great physical pain to finish all 15 hours. What's that... it was only 2.5 hours? Coulda fooled me. My best way to describe this movie would be to say it's like someone setting up a security cams in the Sahara and you had to work a double shift watching the cameras with nothing happening what so ever all night long. I did enjoy the 2 minutes of a drunken troll we got in the mid credits scene. Cue up that Alvarez sound byte of the minus five stars deal. That's my official rating. No sir, I didn't like it.
  13. Or... hear me out... Brock keeps the belt. Roman keeps the belt. Brock enters the rumble and wins because he wants Roman. Unify the titles at mania. Becky keeps the belt. Charlotte wins the rumble. Unify the titles at mania. Usos keep the titles until mania. Street Prophets win the titles before mania. Unify the titles at mania. A man can dream...
  14. No shit anyone with one working eye could tell you that lol. Gettleman is about as stuck in the past as any executive in NFL history. Instead of embracing what the NFL is evolving into that hire just keep them stuck in the past until he was gone. Now The Giants are minus Beckham, entirely due to Gettleman. The Franchise is far worse off now than when he took over. The mark of a true visionary.
  15. I'm soooo glad The Giants pulled the ripcord on Judge. I don't think Judge was the worst they've done the last few years (McAdoo was a derp and Shermer was just bland as all hell) but he certainly wasn't inspiring the players. New GM, new coach, picks 5 & 7 in the draft. This shift *should* mean improvement. Not looking for an immediate playoff jump. I'd be happy just still being alive by week 10. I posted on her around week 3 or 4 about knowing they were eliminated. Just get me into the double digit weeks before I know the season is over lol.
  16. Stephen New is a lawyer in West Virginia who is a giant wrestling fan turned money mark. He funds promotions and specific indy wrestlers and he's a hardcore Cornette guy. To the point he sued GCW wrestler G-Raver on the behalf of Cornette. G-Raver was selling a clown shirt using the a Cornette face as a way to pay Cornette back for all the vile shit he spewed about G-Raver on his podcasts. Including but not limited to how he wished G-Raver died from a horrific cut in a deathmatch that legitimately almost killed G-Raver. Stephen New took the case and it went to trial. G-Raver's lawyer was Pittsburgh indy wrestler David Lawless. He does a corrupt lawyer gimmick but he's also a shoot lawyer. Cornette lost the defamation suit and G-Raver was allowed to continue selling these shirts:
  17. Stephen New is about as big of a money mark that has ever existed in wrestling. I can guarantee this guy is bank rolling the entire lawsuit. MLW won't have to pay a cent. Makes sense, dude's logo was all over the ring at the last few MLW shows. I will never respect the POS. You can't play the giant fan of wrestling card when you sue one of the boys. Glad he & Cornette got their ass beat in court.
  18. I got news for ya, Kyle O'Riely would beat the absolute shit out of Sheamus in a real fight. Muy tai / jujitsu trained athletes are always gonna be able to tie weight lifters up in a pretzel. Sheamus is portrayed as this bar fighting hooligan character. But it's a character. He's a body guy that would gas out quick in a shoot fight setting. I say this as someone who agrees with you and doesn't really like watching O'Riley. I wasn't a fan of Bobby Fish either, until his AEW run. Something about the singles matches he's been working have been clicking for me in a way his matches never used to. But yeah man, Sheamus is built for show not for go. So your eye test is failing you here.
  19. Devil-inside, clever. Devlin Inside, gross.
  20. When has a new GM keeping a failing coach on ever worked? (There's probably an example of it working it that I can't think of). I didn't even start disliking Judge until the last few games this year. He just has this schmucky weird smug attitude that a guy telling his 3rd string QB to run a QB sneak on 3rd and 9, down 20 points in the 3rd quarter just shouldn't have. He just doesn't have "it" and it'd be nice if the new GM could have the power to try out a new approach. Because the last 5 years ain't it.
  21. Had this typed up before but thought better of it. Seeing you quadruple down on it, I'm gonna go ahead and say it. I know the feeling man lol. Your opinions are fine. Some people agree. Some people don't agree. Like what you like. But stop posting that same shit post rants about The Young Bucks in every AEW thread please. I'm not even saying you're wrong for not liking them. I don't care either way how you feel. I'm just sick of seeing the same rant over and over. To maybe put this in context, you & The Young Bucks is equal to Niners and Sasha. He puts her over. You tear The Bucks down. Two sides of the same damn coin. (Typed this up before seeing @Gordlow's post saying essentially the same thing. Hopefully the Niners \ Sasha example breaks through to you tho. I like seeing your posts. I don't want you to post less. I just want less Young Bucks rants. It's tiresome dude).
  22. Gettleman out. Step one, complete. The statement they put out sure makes it sound like the new GM will have autonomy over the coaching decision. We'll see. If they keep Joe Judge they're just kicking the can down the road another year. You might as well let the GM start fresh with his own coaching choice. Let the new vision start now. Not a year down the road after they half ass trying to make it work for a year. Blow it up. Fresh start. New vision. Do it.
  23. It's 11:50am and Dave Gettleman still has a job. What the fuck man. His time in New York is about the worst I have ever seen a GM do. Don't let him retire gracefully. Drag that man and his weird drafting strategy based on the smells of human beings. Joe Judge needs to be gone too. I demand action. The last time the GM position was open they interviewed Lewis Riddick. I was so let down when they didn't go that way. Everything he was saying about his vision sounded awesome to me. He's still available and when he gets a shot he's going to be successful. Get me Louis Riddick as GM and Brian Flores as head coach ASAP.
  24. While you are 100% correct here I'm going to yeah but you. Yeah but... if teams go into victory formation to protect the win, how is this any different? The point of playing in the regular season is to make the playoffs. They could protect that playoff position by taking a knee (metaphorically... I know they wouldn't do 60 minutes straight of kneel downs). What *I* would like to see is obvious collusion with them mailing it in until the last drive of the game when those dirty heel Raiders pull a swerve and score to double cross those plucky underdog face Chargers. Then Derek Carr can start doing the Flair Strut as his TD celebration.
  25. Now that you mention it I know for a fact Hogan got a bonus for wearing nWo shirts on TV. I don't believe Hall & Nash had that kind of bonus tho. Hogan had bonuses for PPVs he worked. Every Nitro he worked he got a bonus. He got shirt bonuses for wearing certain merch. Like him wearing the his nWo shirt was some kind of brand ambassador bonus or some shit like that. Basically he's using his likeness to promote the sales so he would get a bonus for that. But Hogan's deals were structured totally different from everyone else on the roster. Beyond Hogan, no one else on the roster got bonuses. Not even Hall & Nash, or Goldberg or Bret Hart. Everyone was salary. Hogan was too. But he just had the pull to get ppv points and weird ambassador clauses and shit. All of the Hall & Nash nWo merch stories I've heard about how they still make six figures to this day off the nWo mech via WWE. Bischoff has said a million times on his podcasts that WCW had no kind of merchandising agreements with guys and up until the nWo they didn't even turn a profit on the merchandise. The only other bonus income I can think of for a WCW guy was Savage was able to keep his Slim Jim sponsorship. That paid him a crazy amount. But that wasn't coming from WCW. That came from Slim Jim.
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