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  1. Especially given that Garfield was just bought by Viacom/Nickelodeon
  2. Well that can't be real, they killed 90s Flash last year.
  3. I've got a bad feeling that they're gonna attempt a Mr. Rogers/Robinson sketch/video during the Murphy show.
  4. Ralph can't die in Crisis, they *just* cast Sue.
  5. Hey hey! It's Trans Day of Remembrance, where we look back at our sisters and brothers that were killed because of shit like Heather Swanson. Here's a Twitter thread recounting the 172+ transgender people that have been killed since December of last year. Enjoy your shitty cartoon, I guess.
  6. If Lynda Carter shows up in this with Routh and Conroy I may expire with joy.
  7. I'm in the tank for the movie, and even I had no idea it opened last week until yesterday.
  8. Charlie's Angels made $27M worldwide on a $45M budget its opening weekend. It isn't an action movie, so it's harder to adapt to non-English speaking countries. It is by no means a bomb, and the almost concerted effort to treat it as such by the press seems to confirm Banks' theory of male bias by the film industry.
  9. Always great to punch down at one of the most marginalized groups.
  10. I gotta say, I'm cringe looking forward to whatever "cultural differences" are gonna pop up in that principals of animation documentary from the 1950s.
  11. So weirdly the Red Skull episode from the 1981 Spider-Man series (same year, models, production staff, spidey at The Bugle instead-of college) IS up, and said series is also the ONLY thing I've found on D+ without a warrented "Tobacco Depiction" warning, despite JJJ smoking like a chimney is every episode.
  12. For people that hate on women doing sex work, y'all certainly are up to date on who is.
  13. Wait, is the original Clone Wars series up too?
  14. If Yoda ages so slowly, why did he age so quickly between the Prequels and Empire?
  15. If Yoda ages so slowly, why did he age so quickly between the Prequels and Empire?
  16. Please sir, I have nowhere else to turn! *faints onto chaise lounge*
  17. I'm sorry, was that an edgy take on False Face on this week's BATWOMAN?
  18. Only for an hour in direct sunlight
  19. I mean, you do have Darkman's ear as your profile pic
  20. In my defense, like most of this board, I am super fucking old
  21. Let's not forget CLERKS is the most profitable movie of all time.
  22. Wouldn't he be played by the person playing Mr. Philips?
  23. The best part of last night's THE CISCO SHOW (uh, I mean THE FLASH) was Wells' little doohickey making the Quantum Leap Handlink noise when he hit it, changing the oxygen readout.
  24. I still say the clones are aspects of Manhattan, and (in a new twist of theory) Veidt is torturing him via the clones, making him relive his origin and the pain that Jane went through.
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