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  1. best NJPW show in the US by some distance. really loved it thought KENTA looked great. I think if you spent his NXT run wondering why he was meant to be a big deal then saw that you'd get it, surely. That fake out head stop into impudent brush kick was A Character Note. sure he's not at 2007 levels. who immediately gets to their best when changing styles from WWE to whichever mad place they came from? would give ****+ to all the G1 matches except Fale, which I enjoyed.
  2. I know Ishii is going 4-5 or 5-4 but how they're going to do it will be interesting given that he needs to set up NEVER challenges by losing (I assume he has to lose to Taichi) but also needs to get a big win here and there. It's great that NJPW have created a situation where thinking about things like this is good. I imagine he'll lose to Moxley (in order to give him the kind of match he needs to look good) and beat Cobb (so he can do something in ROH).
  3. from what I understand of that video, the winner faces Low IQ down the line?
  4. no 90s stuff iirc, it is tied to the Akiyama era.
  5. I did wonder if Tanahashi was playing up the idea that he might not be in it this year. There's enough star power for him to sit out.
  6. funny little promo. should do wonders for Umino. don't think my excitement re: KENTA has really been conveyed. I've long said that NJPW has missed some real-feeling violence since Shibata went splat. Well here's his shorter and beefier pal. Wonder if he's just Akiyama-ing it before going home or he's here to stay. If he's here to stay then I can actually see them putting together two good Dome shows. Maybe not two SELLOUTS, but still.
  7. I think Jericho v Tanahashi is set, maybe for the DOME or KOPW. Can't see Jericho in G1.
  8. Well, interesting move ending on a strangely flat note. Opening two matches were just what the doctor ordered. Mox squashes Umino, who gets a little heat and some huge respect, Mox gets his character over (ass-kicking violento babyface) and enters G1. BAM. Shingo has a mirror mode match with Kojima, who sells generously. Shingo enters G1. BAM. This is how to start a card. Wrestling. Story. Future plans. I'm in. The next two matches are kind of just there, good undercard tag stuff, very pleasant, but I was on two monitors and spent a bit of time organising some citations in a document. No shame. Hyped for Liger-Suzuki whenever it happens. Taichi faked like it was going to be a Taichi fuckbrawl (no offence Oyaji but this is not my favourite thing in the world) but we got a NEVER-style smash'em-up and by the end of this my hands are behind my head and I'm laughing at how good New Japan is compared to other established companies. Great match, also gives Ishii that booking protection he needs to get people over in the G1. With all the new names he might go losing record this time. Tag team title wasn't brilliant but totally fine, humorous and the BUSHI/Jado bit gave it some levity. But the match was forgotten with the post-match - SHIBATA! KENTA!!!!!!!!! AND HE'S IN THE G1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 WHY DID I HAVE TO WRITE MY THESIS SO SLOWLY AND THUS MEAN I CAN'T WATCH WHAT COULD BE THE BEST G1 YET!!!!!!1 Not the world's hugest fan of Ospreay or Dragon Lee but by golly I was into their match and would probably say MOTN by a short head. That wipeout topé was absolutely sick as hell but well scouted for safety. Strange that there was no Hiromu or Ospreay G1 announcement, but word is Ospreay announced he would enter backstage. BAM. A few people on Twitter are up in arms about the rough spots in Naito-Ibushi. I'm not one of them but this was probably the hardest to stay on board with. The replay of that German on the apron...I thought I saw a man die there. Biggest cringe since Sid's leg break. Good match but maybe I was taken out a little. The main event was doubly disappointing inasmuch as it was a fine if forgettable match with a politicsed ending - no way is Jericho going to take a proper 'you got bossed' ending. I get that, but the post-match schmoz was uninspiring too and left Okada looking like a schmoe, Tana like a joe, and Jericho like he should just go. But I did really enjoy the show. Strange what the ending can do for you.
  9. Wonder if they do the same format for G1, seems like they have quite a few guys now.
  10. This show is amazing so far (timecheck: GOD/LIJ post match thing)
  11. Sanada looking like Yoshihashi after he went to the place that made Moe Syszlak handsome.
  12. where the blue hell is KENTA? it's been 3 months since release. more.
  13. There's nothing wrong for me as a viewer if Juice is super gatekeeper in the vein Goto/Ishii/Honma pre-crock/Ibushi pre-signing. Can see how he might not want that.
  14. I think Sunday is one of the few times that people will buy a run-in to DQ or screwjob finish if Hiromu does it so he can have Dragon Lee for the title down the line (buying himself some more recovery time) and Ospreay goes to G1 without a loss between BOSJ and Dallas. Place will go so unglued that the match will be forgotten.
  15. I wanted Shingo to win but that is one hell of a moving present for Will and it makes sense they would push him to the moon as their big overseas name.
  16. Shingo-Kojima has given me a heart erection. Feels like an unofficial G1 qualifier.
  18. thought the Moxley match went a bit long for a guy they're trying to get over and was disappointed that his gear didn't lead to a Yasuda revival moveset - but I thought he looked fine, was feeling to see if the old CZW guy was still locked away inside.
  19. Really fun show. Better than a lot of G1 final shows in many respects. Top 3 matches were all really good and very different. If pressed I'd say I liked White-Tanahashi the most. Looking forward to more Moxley once he gets into the style some more but a positive, if overdone, start. Main was grand.
  20. Loving Shingo's work here though, probably set up to lose near the end, but big numbers and looks like a boss.
  21. Thing is Mox is kind of a would-be Funk... and I'm not sure whether WWE doesn't allow for that kind of guy or whether ALL high level wrestling these days doesn't. I am definitely willing to check him out though, and I think he will be money in AEW, but I do thirst for workers in New Japan rather than around the arena smoke and mirrors guys.
  22. yeah! interesting! trying to think of other Brit people it could be.
  23. DOUKI is a totally good worker and with a slight gear change he would be cool in the jr tag realm.
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