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  1. 1 hour ago, Eivion said:

    Foley's best matches to me are vs. HBK at Mind Games and vs. Austin at OTE. The 2000 HHH matches are just under them for me. The matches with Taker were solid-good, but never really hit great to me from what I've caught of them. Always thought the Taker HIAC match was good as a spectacle but not as an actual match.

    I agree 100% with all of this

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  2. 23 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Villains I'd like to see in the Matt Reevesverse:

    • Mr. Freeze.
    • Harvey Dent/Two-Face.
    • Poison Ivy.
    • The Phantasm.
    • Simon Hurt though there's no chance.

    oh my god, i didn't realize how much I needed a live action Phantasm in the reevesverse until right now. It would be so easy to do and WHY AM I NOT WATCHING THIS RIGHT NOW

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  3. 1 minute ago, The Natural said:

    I love Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Every now and then I think I should have it #1. That scene you mention is a powerful one. My favourite Batman scene of all time comes from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and it's:

    Here's my recent Facebook post about it:

    This scene from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993) is my #1 Batman moment and that covers a lot of ground! Why? For what led up to it and the moment of. The flashbacks to Bruce Wayne's frustrations that criminals don't fear him when fighting crime, anguish not keeping his promise to avenge his murdered parents and engagement rejected. This leads Bruce Wayne to assume the mantle of Batman. 

    We see Bruce Wayne in shadows putting his gloves and utility belt on as Alfred Pennyworth hands him his cowl. Bruce Wayne then turns round as Batman for the first time. Alfred is shocked seeing the child he helped raised like that and says out loud "My God!" set to Shirley Walker's score. The Birth of Batman. Getting shivers thinking about it. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is a classic coming from the legendary Batman: The Animated Series.

    God I love that scene too. Especially Alfred's reaction. Everything about this is just PERFECT. God, i need to go watch this again

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  4. Mask of the Phantasm is arguably the best Batman movie, animation or otherwise. My god, the scene where Bruce is at his parents grave begging them to tell him its ok to stop being Batman is so heart wrenching. Best work Kevin Conroy has ever done.

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  5. On 3/29/2022 at 7:56 PM, Casey said:

    SRS is saying that Tony Khan and MJF had minor heat over MJF's interview with Ariel Helwani - not because of the content of it, but because he didn't go through AEW PR or whatever to set it up. That's been resolved now and wasn't a huge deal to begin with, but apparently there is a bigger issue at play. Supposedly, MJF is frustrated about his contract and wants more money, but AEW isn't budging on offering more money/the amount MJF wants. The idea is that people have come in after MJF - and not even necessarily people like Danielson or Punk, but (example) someone like Swerve Strickland - and they make more money since MJF signed at the beginning so is probably making less than he (realistically) should be.

    It sounds like MJF has the same problem with his contract that Cody did, just minus the creative stuff. People have come in after him, and they make more, while MJF is featured at the top of the card and makes that original 2019 AEW money where he wasn't THAT big of a deal all things considered. What's shocking to me is the report from Sapp that AEW isn't going to budge on this.

    If you haven't seen his interview with Helwani, it's entirely in kayfabe and continuing the pro-WWE thing where he praises NXT 2.0 and Bruce Prichard, stuff like that, and it's so obviously dripping in sarcasm but told completely straight-faced. He mentions in that interview that he wouldn't sign an extension because he wants to be a free agent and play AEW and WWE against each other to get more money - if Sapp is to be believed, he'd sign an extension right now if it was for more money.

    EDIT: Oh, and:

    • Heavy interest in signing Toni Storm, with several people backstage pushing for it.
    • A few talks about Athena but doesn't seem to be any plans right now for that to happen

    The whole thing just screams a work to me. As was mentioned, the interview with Helwani(and let;s just be honest, everything we seem of MJF)is in kayfabe. He always mentions how he wants more money and knows he can get it. Since we never see the "real" MJF, why not leak a story or two that he "really" wants more money and is pissed he's not getting it.Yes this brings up the question of why work fans in the first place, but it's 445 a.m. as I'm typing this, so clearly they can get people talking. Mission accomplished?

  6. I feel bad I can't bring myself to care about this show. I'll admit 2.0 is getting better then the dumpster fire it started as, but it still ain't any great shakes.

    Feels like this will be the last hurrah for Ciampa and Grimes. LA vs Gunther should be solid.


  7. 5 hours ago, kafkonia said:

    Wrestling is littered with guys who though they were better than they were. Hunter is possibly the best of that bunch, and one of the few who got to try to pull it off.

    He was a good character worker, but not the kind you build a promotion around. They tried it anyway.

    He had charisma, but not the kind to break out into mainstream crossover success. They tried it anyway.

    He was a good wrestler, but not a superworker whose strengths lent themselves to epic in-ring classics. They tried it anyway.

    He had a good physique. So they booked him in a posedown with Scott Steiner.

    He had a couple of storylines where he was devious and manipulative. So they dubbed him the Cerebral Assassin and had him... hit people with sledgehammers and play-act necrophilia.

    He was ultimately, ironically, a solid B+.

    Much like Jim Cornette said, he was the guy who worked with the guy who drew the money. And there's nothing wrong with that

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  8. 18 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    The CW, as it does, announced renewals for 7 shows

    All American, The Flash, Kung Fu, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Superman & Lois, and Walker


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  9. 2 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    lemme see how I can best factually describe this in a spoiler without sucking this thread directly into a black hole.

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    Appreciate the information, and you're right. Let's just leave it there so we don't drag things into a black hole


  10. 47 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    All the stuff I can remember from this show:

    CM Punk vs Bald Revival Guy (who I just remembered is Dax) was pretty good. Hopefully FTR vs Gunn Club/Ass Boys can actually get FTR over on somebody else instead of being enhancement

    Nice of Matt Hardy to distract Private Party so that Sting/Hardy/Darby could go 3-2 on Butcher/Blade. Nice of those boxes to be under that table. Sting did a pretty good job covering for some of the finish. Sting is making the most of time with his son Darby so that Jeff Hardy doesn't adopt Darby

    Pillmanito is around to be fed to the Moxley/Danielson (or BCC). They forgot to turn Julia Hart heel and now she's in purgatory with an eyepatch and an enhancement team.

    Local Indy Worker security actually helped hold off a Wardlow run-in.

    Adam Cole is still feuding with Adam Page. Jay Lethal made it on the show.

    The Hirsch/Velvet finish kinda made the ref look like a total idiot.

    Please, nobody tell people outside of our bubble about the Rosa/Nyla feud (at least not right now) considering things going on involving a specific NCAA event and culture war bullshit.

    Matt Menard is doing a bit of a Teddy Hart tribute these days, isn't he? if he starts carrying a cat around, it'll be a little too much. At long as Daddy Magic doesn't (allegedly) murder anybody.

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is this about?

  11. 7 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    Found this unnecessary. Paige foremost doesn't need reminding, fans also.

    That line was unnecessary and gross, but if you're going to have them act like this, wouldn't it work better if they were heels? Sammy still has a slappable face, and you want to slap him even more if he's constantly reminding you that he's fucking the smoking hot girl and you're not?

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  12. On 3/19/2022 at 12:22 AM, The Natural said:

    Good Kenny Omega's getting those surgeries without a time frame for his return than one who comes back too soon.

    Say what you will about Kenny Omega, but that is one tough son of a bitch to be wrestling the schedule he has with the high quality of matches he consistently puts out with such a shit ton of injuries. Take you a well earned rest, Mr. Omega

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  13. You know, watching this episode of NXT makes me think how much they missed a golden opportunity to do this entire story with Dolph as NXT champion during the black and gold era of NXT. When there was actual loyalty to the NXT name, having Dolph come in and steal the belt could have had peak Ciampa level heat. Hell, can you imagine Miz TV with Dolph in that era of NXT? The fans would be ready to burn the place down. Instead we have the 2.0 crowd chanting for Miz and cheering Dolph. Maybe this is my old man yelling at clouds moment, but just seems like this could have been so much better.

    And I will give credit where it's due, the show on the whole is a lot better. LA Knight is a suprisingly good babyface. Everything with Bron is great. Escobar qualifying for the ladder match was solid. but if we don't get him vs Mysterio somehow it ain't ok. Grimes needs to move on after this, even if I shudder to think what he will end up as on the main roster.


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  14. Watching the Resurection of Jake the Snake made me appreciate Dallas Page so much more. Were it not for DDP, who knows how the Scott Hall story would have ended. As it was, Dallas helped put him on the path where we all are remembering everything he gave us, everything he gave to wrestling. Scott Hall was one of the coolest sumbitches ever to grace pro wrestling, and as much as it hurts he's gone, it's heartwarming to know his friends and his family got to enjoy the last few years where he was sober and in good spirits.

    And as one of the many young punk kids who tried(and failed)to look as cool as him with a toothpick in my mouth, who had that one strand of hair down in my face like him, and said "hey yo" to start way too many conversations, thanks for everything, Scott. May God grant you lie still

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  15. 1 hour ago, Octopus said:

    I have a few ideas floatin around the ol noodle.


    Toshiaki Fujiwara - Mind Freak: Japanese wrestling legend in a long wig and soul patch goes around the streets of tourist heavy locations and preforms magic for strangers. If the participants cannot guess how the trick is done, Fujiwara will shoot on them.

    CONTROL YOUR NARRATIVE presents CHIKARA: Superheroes but cool, with camo pants. Do ya like Batman? Camo Pants. Do ya like Wolverine? Camo pants. Do ya like Storm? TOUGH. No girls allowed.

    Goldust - Into the Androgynverse : a young nerdy lad, played by Dante Martin, is just a regular nerdy kid doin nerd stuff. Like the rest of his city, New York or someshit, is mourning the recent loss of Goldust, played by Dustin Rhodes. Next thing you know, Dante is bitten by a radioactive sexually open spider. He’s feeling more sensual and open to more intimate ideas. Uh oh, multiverse opens up or something for some reason or something. “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes shows up, bummed out that he’s not feeling as Androgynous as he was before. But meeting a newly sexually open and cool dude Dante Martin, he’s kinda feeling like getting his groove back. What’s that? Other multiverses have their own Goldust? Yuka Sakazaki controls a giant Golden sex robot. Sting is an old timey Oscar Wilde type Androgynous gentleman. Bryan Danielson is a goofy innuendo saying pig. Brit Baker is a dentist. Who are the bad guys? The SENSUAL SIX. Jonathon Grisham as Octopus PHD, Raven as Raven, Rey Mysterio as Disco Ball Head, The Rock as THE MOST ELECTO MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, HHH and Helmsley The Hunter, and Sandman as slightly a less depressing version of Sandman. Will Dante have what it takes to restore time or whatever and get his groove on? 

    Zandig does the oldies: John Zandig and his famous Deathmatch wrestling friends recreate legendary 60’s NWA title matches. Watch Zandig in a Afro wig do a side headlock as Harley Race. Watch him rest up against a guy in the ropes as Verne Gagne. Watch him work the leg as Lou Thesz. Coming this Christmas. 

    Young Lions Cup: think Beast Warz but with teenagers being fed to lions.

    Muppet Babies presents LEG-LOOSE: No one puts the Muppet Babies in a corner. Not even a corrupt anti-leg drop town. Watch as an balding unnamed 80’s wrestling super star teaches little baby Scooter and teeny weeny baby Skeeter how to do a leg drop. 

    Scaffold Wrestle League: All Scaffold matches. All the time. The way wrestling was meant to be.

    The Adventures of Rocky and Bockwinkel and friends: Family friendly cartoon hijinks starring Rocky Johnson and Nick Bockwinkel. Boisterous fun as they wrestle famous Russian wrestlers. Mixing puns, cultural and topical satire, slow long side headlocks, and self-referential humor. It appeals to adults as well as children.


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