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  1. Thank you taker. that is all i can say. never got to see him perform live (i live in the middle east). wish i did. still,thank you taker a thousand times. i wish he would write an autobiography,though i doubt it,and i would be honored if i could meet him even one time.
  2. Pretty sad to hear that.RIP Ivan Koloff. One of the best "Russian Wrestlers" of all time. may his soul be in heaven now :'(
  3. you are welcome guys! Glad you enjoyed the package! BTW,I decided to make a "DLC Package"for Wrestling Books A-N,featuring the 21 A-N Wrestling books that i obtained since making the original Package. link already sent to every one i sent the original A-Z package to. Hope you enjoy it guys and looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it F*** Copyright. as a huge wrestling fan from the middle east,i wouldnt have been able to watch even one wrestling show or read even one wrestling book if the copyrights worked as the assholes wish they did. piracy is the reason i was able to
  4. you are very welcome man! hope you enjoy them! thanks reached without the need to sing though lol XD as for your question,i didnt compile the N-Z portion. i originally intended to do it later. now i dont know. that experience turned me off the whole thing >_>.
  5. True. it is quite annoying. you'd think the damn assholes would say thanks,not say that you are suspicious/the FBI lol. PM Sent
  6. thanks very much for the link man! it has a ton of awesome stuff
  7. i intended to delete it anyway. that board turned out to be the biggest group of assholes i ever saw in my life. i post an incredible collection,over 250 unique wrestling books for free,biggest free wrestling books collection in the entire history of the internet,and they react by calling me names. funniest one was when one of them said i was the FBI. you cant make this s*** up. talk about a bunch of crazy ass people. and the most annoying part is that over 50 of them downloaded it,yet not a single one posted a thank you/told the others to STFU because i was saying the truth. talk about doing
  8. also,found this interesting article: http://www.pwponderings.com/2016/11/08/the-modern-revival-of-all-japan/
  9. also guys,if any of you want a treasure trove of wrestling books then google "The Ultimate Pro Wrestling Books Collection". you are welcome would like to hear your questions/comments/Thoughts about it guys. i like to know that my very hard work is appreciated
  10. i hope you dont misunderstand me. i am not disagreeing(except for point 4). i am just trying to understand it.i am thankful for your replies and i hope mine didnt annoy you 1:so it was basically the same deal as the WWF in the 80s. gotcha. 4:because no decent booker was there at the time. no matter how bad their roster was,it certainly was better than what heyman had to work with. good bookers turn chicken s*** into chicken salad. 7:if AJPW is currently japan's ROH(3rd company),then what is japan's TNA(2nd company)? NOAH?
  11. 1:" AJPW was a mom and pop shop " um. it was a huge company with tons of employees. that is the exact opposite of"mom and pop shops" :/. were there more reasons that lead to the other wrestlers leaving with misawa?i just cant imagine a mass quitting spree just because a wrestler-turned-booker quit,no matter how popular said guy was. he wasnt even screwed or backstabbed like bret did,yet very few people quit over montreal(IIRC only rick rude,davey boy smith,and ,for one day only,Foley). heck vince literally told anyone who wants to leave to do so and no one did lol. i know that the Japanese car
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