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  1. People make bots for no reason. I know one guy that made a bot to go after Jon Popper from Blues Traveler. Popper was so incensed after he learned he was had by a bot that he dox'd the dude.
  2. Wouldn't the grammar have improved if Dave was replaced by a bot?
  3. I'd like to see a woman. My first thought is Deeb- but now I'm thinking it would benefit Leyla Hirsch more.
  4. I see 5 shiny in the box action figures and 1 homeless guy.
  5. Seeing multiple paragraphs of banter about AEW's metrics,growth, finances, etc makes me fully understand Eric Bischoff's disregard for Conrad everytime he brings up the gate figure or some other Meltzer gobbledygook from a 30 year old WCW PPV on 83 Weeks
  6. I want to see them do some Japan tours before they put themselves up there with the greats.
  7. I dont know who these people are but skimming past I thought the woman was AJ Lee.
  8. It just makes me feel old seeing her getting married when we saw her as a baby
  9. I liked Brown Haired Buck doing 2 of the 5 moves of doom. That was cute. The amount of Bret forecasting is reaching Kenny Omega wearing chipmunk shirts level.
  10. Maybe he can get PS Hayes to hold the Waffle House menu for him
  11. When did the 80s come back? She looks like an extra from Blade Runner
  12. It really makes CM Punks Twitter post that he loves Bret more all that much funnier.
  13. I kinda want to say he's become Sal Sincere.
  14. Elias's new name is Ezekiel? Are rhey just asking him to be trolled with "F#ck you, Ezekiel!"
  15. What I didn't understand from The Hangman feud was that Matt lost all his money... how did he become "Big Money" Matt when he had just lost his salary to Page?
  16. I'm pretty sure that the only one who ever thought Bruce Hart was any good was Bruce Hart. That's including his own family.
  17. You guys act like wrestlers jumping is bad for business. It's imperative for the health of the industry for people to go back and forth.
  18. There was drama as to why Chavo was removed from Andrade?
  19. But at the very beginning you had Union Cane getting called a Paper Champion by the media. He was managed by Duke who only had him face jabroni's and Cane demanded that Duke put him up against Balboa who was adamant that he was retired- which is why he took Tommy Gunn under his wing to train him for Union Cane... right?
  20. I thought it was Rocky V that had the tomato can booking for Union Kane.
  21. Daddy Magic is the best thing going in AEW. I want him with the gold. FTR has been annoying to me for awhile... there came a point where I stopped carrying how good they are. Their "we love wrestling / we are here for our legacy" bit is soft and boring for my tastes. One forgets how Dragon can be totally that gross amateur wrestler who shoves his thumb up your butt... but he's totally that dude. I want to see Lethal in the TNT Title scene. He has the sentimental backing of the audience. Toni has leaned up since I last saw her. Her, Jericho, and Mox all must be on the same regimen. I'm 100% all in on Toni Storm- I think she's the business... though I wish it wasn't The Bunny being sacrificed.
  22. Speaking of FTR... with their new Living Legends moniker it wouldn't surprise me if they bring out Larry Z.
  23. Man... Deeb/Hayter would be a Moxley/Dragon type team for the women's division.
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