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  1. These tv tapings are in someways some of the most important shows in the company history, which is a loosing situation to be in because there is almost no way they can over deliver. With the shakeup/buzz around the the scheduled shows before the shutdown, the first shows back after the hiatus will really set the tone for the company all the way through the end of the year. But, the are doing it without a good number of foreign talents, slashes to the Pure tournament roster, and missing the most popular face they had pre-shut down.
  2. Count me in the group that feels AEW VPs should react exactly the same way Sinclair should if an independent contractor has a political view...
  3. Man, I wish Teal had been a lot more rowdy. Loved the dealer, but shouldn’t the deck only have 21 cards? That bothered me through every video last time.
  4. I think they should add a spin to the tv title and have it go to the judges if it goes to the 10-15 minute time limit. Gives a legitimate reason to throw it all out in a sprint and go flashy.
  5. They going to Freebird rule the world title...?
  6. It says they are valued higher than the rest.
  7. They should do a modern twist of the tv title rule that WCW for a bit but instead of letting a time limit draw go to three judges, they should let a 15 minute draw go to an audience vote for the winner. Let there be a social media/app vote ... push live events, encourage crowd interaction, and give a good reason for all the flips also, win/win...
  8. Random speculation on the DA/TNA situation: DA told TNA they were bringing ROH to the network, TNA tried to fight it even though they didn't bother to negotiate exclusivity, DA pushed back and let TNA know the door is that way if there is a problem.
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