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  1. To becomin' da man you have to be clubberin' da man. Whoo daddy!!!
  2. Wait - hold on a secondWhy the fuck is Austin wearing Uggs? Cause Stone Cold said so!!
  3. I have been awake since Wednesday 10 am. I worked 4-8 that day. Stayed awake. Opened Thursday starting at 7:45 in the morning. Went to pick up my manager around 2:30 so he could be at work at 3. I filled in for 2 call offs. A 4-8 and 8-close. So basically I worked from 7:45am to 12:45am with 30 minutes to go home to eat dinner around 4. On no sleep the night before, no less.My manager filled in for me at that time. I'll probably be up all night, due to having to open again this morning. It's going to be interesting, because our new Director of Operations (A notch below our franchise owner) will be there at open and will be observating throughout lunch. If you don't hear from me during the weekend , it's because I died until I have to work Sunday close. I have anxiety and depression issues.
  4. Oh, sorry for triple posting, I had question. I honestly have no idea on how to capture GIFs and post them on here. Would anyone be kind and please tell me how? Thanks.
  5. It's just maddening how some performances improve with age. Take Rude, for instance. I was an 80s kid. Curt and him were the first heels that I really begin to enjoy. But as times change and the Internet became a thing, I get a chance to be able to see the simplest things like the 10 second GIF above and realize how much I may have taken for granted some of our historical wrestlers.
  6. You could totally see Ambrose doing something like this to Rusev. What would Dean's choice of drink and weapon be? I'm going to need some expert advice. Hint hint.
  7. Wait, so those people aren't at the cocaine factory????? Oh it is, the Cocoa is just a front. With Duggan coming in, it would be along the lines of handing Barney the keys to Duff Brewery.
  8. I kept nodding off during the Superbowl. ( an hour nap between closing and opening shifts will do that to you ) That being said, I missed most of the Halftime show. From what I am gathering here, it was the wrestling equivalent of Great Ring Performer/Poor to Passable Promo;
  9. Okay, well what about an Option play to fake them out. Nevermind, I am way behind tonight.
  10. I wonder who is going to take the blame/admit fault on that Seattle pass call.
  11. Damn it, the cat swallowing the Viagra would have made a far more interesting commercial.
  12. Duggan was such a trooper with the mascots. He was all excited to visit Hershey, PA only to find out that he was going to a Cocoa factory and not a Cocaine factory.
  13. BrianS81177, said: "Never trust a man whose ass is wider than his shoulders" - Terry Funk
  14. How will you deal with his army of trained cats? You really think they'll let you get within punching distance? The cheapest method is to find a cardboard box and set it between you and the cats. The cats won't be able to resist the box and may end up fighting amongst themselves to rule the castle.
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