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  1. "Wash your hair, motherfucker." The ones that kill me are action movies where guys blast through walls when fighting. A good example is the Rock spearing that pole down during the big gunfight in The Rundown. Also, Bane punching a hole in that concrete pillar during the final fight of The Dark Knight Rises. If I'm watching the T-1000 shove Arnold through a concrete wall, sure thing. He's a metal robot. But two dudes made of bones and skin, come on. It takes me out of the movie a little bit. On a related note, too much wire work during fight scenes. One guy punches another and sends him sailing 40 yards, airborne. If it's The Matrix, sure; The Expendables, no. Agreed. Fighting in movies and TV is pro wrestling 10 punch in the corner level dumb. One-punch knockouts exist only when the plot calls for it. Otherwise, dudes just wail on each other and there's usually never evidence of damage later. Not even a black eye. Don't even get me started on gunplay, where everybody should be fucking deaf by now.
  2. Now I'm imagining 2014 Steve Borden wearing a fake chest a la Ricordo Montalban in Wrath of Khan. Thanks. (I know that's just an urban legend and it's not true, shut up)
  3. Hopefully that would be a condition of the new network picking them up. Announce team change would be a good start, even if it is Josh Mathews. The announcers would be a good start? I disagree. A name change would be a good start. The name "TNA" is an embarrassing, Russoesque shitshow. Christ what a fucking idiot Russo is. I imaging him and Jarrett patting themselves on the backs back in the day over their wit and edginess. "Dat's a double ontonder bro!"
  4. We just had a disagreement over whether Bill Watts is the type of guy who flies the Confederate flag because he's really into states' rights. It's no big deal.
  5. Fake NWO Sting on the box art from the WWE Sting DVD. Oops.
  6. Maybe smarter people there (I know, hold your LOLs) came to their senses and realized a press release about hiring a WWE D-level announcer was amateur hour even by TNA standards.
  7. It goes with the overall theme -- it was pretty painful to squeeze into it.
  8. Oh no, not at all. Just nitpicking about Dave spooging over this spot as evidence of the fact.
  9. Word. Terry doing push ups =/= OH FUCK DOC IS SO STRONG N SEXY
  10. Tim Burton's Batman is really not very good at all. It was good for 1989 when I was 14 and there were no comic book movies to compare it to, but today it's just embarrassing. It was considered "more serious and dark" back then because we were stupid. Watch it today and you'll see it's one (very short) step up from Adam West.
  11. I'm always bothered when Meltzer verbally fellates Doc, using this spot as proof of his strength. It's like Dave's such a mark for Doc or maybe for strength and fitness that he forgets it's a cooperative spot. Sure, Doc is strong, but Gordy is doing half the work there. I was actually there in person, not far from the ring, and I can tell you it looked phony as fuck, and really dumb from a "how is that supposed to hurt?" perspective.
  12. I flipped through his alleged autobiography a while back and he really came across like a mark for himself. An example: He suffered severe injuries and almost bled himself out legit punching through a limo window with his bare hand. You see, he turned down the safer method of breaking it with a lead pipe because "Goldberg wouldn't do that." I feel like he held grudges against anyone who didn't treat him like a megastar, an NFL legend and the baddest dude on the planet.
  13. Is that one of the orphans from Los Angelitos de El Generico?
  14. I need more details on this. http://deadspin.com/that-awesome-trick-play-to-johnny-manziel-was-illegal-1637562400 You can debate what's worse: the OC who wrote the play not knowing it was illegal, or the refs officiating the game not knowing. The play was only called back because a running back didn't set properly, not because it was against the rules. Former ref Mike Carey knew, but he's an analyst for CBS now. So many trick plays in so many games yesterday. The curmudgeon in me feels like this will work itself out in a few weeks and we'll get back to real football.
  15. Vince and Kevin Dunn are like FUCK YEAH KIIIIIID ROOOOOOCKKKKKK (and jerkin' it)
  16. There's a theory out there that the 7th Heaven writers actually created the show as a parody, a subversive commentary on pious, overly religious families.
  17. Ray Donovan's daughter, who looks like a cross between Gollum and a Pekingese, is right there with Dana Brody as the fucking dirt worst (as far as drama shows go). Her boyfriend was right up there but he redeemed himself by getting shot in the face.
  18. Oh yeah, he's just an advocate for business owners' rights who somehow picked the one story about a bigoted owner denying blacks service to illustrate his point. How could I have missed that and attributed such horrible motivation to this paragon of virtue?
  19. "I know it's pretty, baby, but I didn't take it out for air."
  20. I'm late to the party but god damn, only Kyle Shanahan can have an illegal play in his playbook and not know it's an illegal play. And this man cashes paychecks as an offensive coordinator.
  21. Oh christ, I wish I hadn't used up all my likes today.
  22. Damn straight. I'll go one better and say Terminator 4 gets way more shit than it deserves and is a passable-to-good entry in the series. People were too wrapped up in T2 nostalgia to give it a chance. But god damn that movie had some excellent callbacks to earlier films in the series and if you didn't like the CG Young Arnold cameo you can fuck right off. Sam Worthington's coming and going Aussie accent is a little rough, though.
  23. Wait what The Bridge has been great this season. The first few episodes were all over the place but it came into focus a few episodes ago and it's firing on all cylinders. The Bridge has been awesome this season! They can't cancel it! I forbid it! Sad Fausto just wants to go to a quincenera.
  24. 95% of them are going to be bootlegs that people bought on Baltimore street Fools. The good bootlegs are at Lexington Market by the light rail stop.
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