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    Great first episode.  Completely went against expectations blowing off Terminus instead of dragging it out for 7 episodes and Rick and his crew are becoming absolutely ruthless. 


    Comic readers: was the guy in the train car at the end, who dragged a woman out of the car in the flashback, supposed to be Negan?


    I assumed it was supposed to be Negan.



    I should have just Googled it...Robert Kirkman said it wasn't.  It was supposed to be the guy with the tattoos on his face that Rick and his group later freed, but the lighting was such that it was hard to tell.

  2. Anybody seen Cold in July with Michael C. Hall?


    Hall's character is the victim of a home invasion and kills the intruder. This leads to the perpitrator's ex-con father stalking Hall's family. This is the first act of the movie; after that, the story shifts into one about mistaken identity and police conspiracy. The action was really tense thanks to an awesome score.


    It's in my queue but I haven't watched it yet.  Is it worth it?

  3. Great first episode.  Completely went against expectations blowing off Terminus instead of dragging it out for 7 episodes and Rick and his crew are becoming absolutely ruthless. 


    Comic readers: was the guy in the train car at the end, who dragged a woman out of the car in the flashback, supposed to be Negan?

  4. I'm not sure about that. Cornette seems like a guy who, no matter his line of work, will always let his temper get the best of him. If he cut all ties to wrestling tomorrow and opened a restaurant or went to work for an accountant he'd still end up blowing up and ranting and raving.


    Exactly.  He ends up burning the bridge for every company he ever works for because, I guess, he's always right and eventually he can't fight the need to tell everyone else just how wrong they are.


    When you tell the same kind of story about every single ex-employer, maybe the problem is you.

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  5. Haha, an eyeroll .gif really offended you. But don't worry mate, next time I'll Google a "shrug .gif" for you and maybe you won't flip out. Ta-ta for now.


    No, it's just that your shit is tiresome, adds nothing, and is a waste of time.  Please ignore me.  I'm begging you.

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  6. This guy is just a dude you happen to disagree with regularly but somehow can't resist replying to.  I made a stalker joke because, holy fuck, I get more replies from you than anyone.  And it's always assholish replies.   If you have such a massive issue with seemingly everything I post that you can't resist being a colossal prick, please put me on ignore and fuck off, it's not hard, you big fucking baby.  Christ.

  7. Do you follow me from thread to thread to post snarky gifs?  That's twice in two days and I'm starting to get worried.  I don't like you that way, man.


    I know DLC bitching is passe but come on.  Look at something like GTA4, where the DLC packs were $20 each, 1/3 the cost of the game, and each was a completely new story with new characters and maybe half as long as the original game.  Look at the expansion for Red Dead Redemption, which was only $10 and completely changed the game.  Charging $25 for a bunch of characters (some just reskins) and moves that could have easily been put in the game is a shameful cash grab. 

  8. Oh, that includes the game too. Oh, this is awkward. Whoops. That is a good deal, wish I didn't preorder it elsewhere.


    Nah, your indignance is still pretty justified.  Roughly half the price of a game on top of what you've already paid is fucking insane for DLC unless that DLC radically changes the game itself.  $25 for season pass would be fine if there were new storylines or modes, but here, all you get is a bunch of characters they intentionally leave out of the game so they can charge you later.  Nice racket.

  9. Carrie being written as intentionally horrible is pretty much all I wanted out of the show. All of the shit decisions they've made over the years have made her so unlikable.  In previous seasons it felt like the audience were the only people who understood this, but it looks like they are finally figuring it out.


    They even ratcheted the unlikability up a notch with these episodes, with Carrie not giving two fucks about killing civilians, considering drowning her baby and actively searching out jobs in warzones she can just to get as far away from the kid as possible.  Proof of her remorselessness: no Clair Danes Cryface in two straight episodes.  Might have to retire this if it goes on much longer:


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  10. So... everyone else finally gave up on Homeland?  AM I ALL ALONE???


    I finally got around to it last night.  Aside from the fact that Carrie is horrible, it's been pretty uneventful.  Also, I hope "Dad's not helping out with the baby as much as you thought he would" isn't how they write James Rebhorn out of the series for good.  I did like the Quinn as PTSD Zaftig Romeo subplot, though.

  11. It does annoy me when certain friends of mine trash the WWE announce team with their lame jokes and lack of focus on the in-ring product but live tweet puns and dumb one-liners 300 times during RAW.

    Then again, I'm not the kind of fan that feels like they HAVE to watch. I get my updates from Review-A-Wai. :)


    I wonder how many of us just keep up with Raw via other means like this?  I DVR it and then read an online summary the next morning.  Later, I'll hear it reviewed on Observer podcasts and I'll try to check out anything that got a positive review, but mostly I just delete it.

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    Hayes is sad and pathetic.





    He's a 55 year old man working in a corporate environment but still dressing like he needs to work a gimmick.  You can look at this photo and play the "which one does not belong" game.  It's pathetic in an "old guy at the club" kind of way.  Much like Ric Flair, whose life is a mess because he could never grow up and let go of the character, his stupid persona is all he has.  It's sad.  I don't see Heyman wearing a Don Johnson suit and toting a huge cordless phone in that pic. Why isn't Terry Taylor wearing his Red Rooster getup?  Does HHH show up to board meetings spitting water and carrying a sledgehammer?


    It's ridiculous and pathetic.  He's not Michael Seitz, WWE ofice employee, he's still Freebird Michael PS Hayes and that's a fucking joke.


    The only eyerolling going on is when this guy walks into a room full of professionals and he's wearing his clown suit.

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