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  1. 2 hours ago, odessasteps said:

    Wasn't the biggest disservice putting him in sweaters and rrying to make him likable? ?


    2 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    According to ole Bruce, that was JR's idea.

    The corny truck pun dialogue they gave him was the 2nd biggest disservice.

    I wonder what would have happened had they let Nash do what he did after Survivor Series 1995 earlier where Diesel turned into Mr. I Don't Give a Fuck which is essentially Kevin Nash.

    The whole shooty promo where he said something like, “the day after I won the belt, the had me at WWF HQ telling me to smile more,” etc is wild and always stayed in my mind because nearly every face champion after that was a smiling idiot at some point in their reigns.  Like, if they knew it was corny to the point where they used it to get over Diesel as an edgy face, why did they keep doing it unironically as a face schtick moving forward?

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  2. 57 minutes ago, zendragon said:

    I've heard that in 92 Vince felt forty-something was over the hill, but as you get older so does the idea of "youth" so as Vince aged he got more comfortable with the idea of older stars

    Yeah, that's absolutely a Meltzer thing -- Dave has mentioned many, many times how Vince handed over his two biggest 80s stars to Bischoff for nothing because he felt they were too old.  Shit, Vince was looking for a Hogan replacement (Warrior in 1989/90) when the guy was only 36.  That's some real Logan's Run shit.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Shartnado said:

    Page & Omega vs Dustin & Marshall

    I loved Page & Omega's tag title run!  It seemed like they were defending it at Daily's every week (per Cagematch, it was actually like every 2-3 weeks, I know) and every match felt like they could lose the belts.

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  4. 49 minutes ago, Casey said:

    Hey so Bioshock Infinite is great.

    I think I mentioned here or another thread, but I was so mixed on that game.  I loved the plot, atmosphere, and like 75% of the gameplay, but the constant, forced battles got to be too much after a while.  It was a real departure from the first game and speculation was it was a done to try to attract fans of action-packed FPSs.  Still, a very good game!

    I just finished Guardians of the Galaxy and really liked it a lot, but, funny enough, I have the same complaint.  The last few chapters just feel like walk, battle a bunch of bullet sponges, repeat.  Again, not to say it's a bad game because quite the opposite.  It's just a little repetitive and dull in spots. 

  5. Moving on with the Survivor Series OR I really wanted to finish this show last night but shit came up, god dammit OR more talk about turkeys, dicks, and possibly dicks in turkeys.  YMMV.

    Roddie's Rowdies (PIper, Snuka, & Bushwackers) vs The Rude Brood (Rude, Hennig, & Rougeaus)

    • After their 80s feud, there's no damn way Piper and Snuka should have teamed here.  It just looks so wrong.  Snuka and Piper should have had a simmering hatred that lasted their whole lives.  Like if Snuka happened to spy Piper across the shuffleboard at the wrestlers' old age home, they would have to fight.  You'd hear the Ironsides/Kill Bill music and shit would be ON.
    • When Rick Rude, with his slicked hair and massive flavor saver mustache, leers salaciously like a big ol' pervert into the camera and says, at his absolute sleaziest, that we're going to "celebrate turkey day.......THE RAVISHING WAY," it feels pretty gross.  Like he and Perfect are going to Eiffel Tower a cooked turkey while the Rougeaus pour poutine on them.
    • It's a real "Maybe, maybe, maybe, YES" thing just waiting for someone to fuck up when trying to say "Roddie's Rowdies."  Jesse is the first to flub it, but he owns it like a champ!
    • The story of the match, I guess, is that the Heenan Family is having issues and Rude (here without Heenan) is having trouble holding his team together.  He and Perfect almost get into it and both Rougeaus are eliminated somewhat quickly, putting the heels at a 4 on 2 disadvantage.  
    • So we have Piper, who doesn't do jobs, on one team, and Hennig, on a winning streak angle, on the other.  This should be interesting.
    • Snuka is the worker of his team and that's saying something.  Piper is Piper and the Bushwackers suck.
    • Somebody please get Hennig a jock strap or some duct tape for the love of god.  There's a bit in the postmatch promo where you can clearly see his entire bellend.
    • Like a lot of these elimination matches, there's a looooong segment where nothing much happens.  Everything from the second Rougeau elimination to the time where both Bushwackers are finally out is just such a slog.
    • Thing I Googled during this match: when the fuck does Hennig join the Heenan family?  I had the timeline so screwed up in my head.
    • Piper and Rude, the main program here, are kept apart the whole match.  Then they finally do square off and they brawl to a double countout.  I get it.  They need to save this as the main for the B houses, but, just like in the Zeus match, they really fuck the paying fans.
    • Hennig and his dong win with a Perfectplex to kick off his main event push, where he'll do pre-internet secret jobs to Hogan around the horn.

    So there we go.  One match to go here (The Ultimate Warriors vs The Tully-less Heenan Family).  I'm looking forward to it mostly for how fun Heenan is in the ring, but I'm also worried for Bobby's health considering his last interaction with the Warrior.

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  6. 2 hours ago, zendragon said:

    Always found Ronnie Garvin's WWF run a little Odd given that he was a former NWA champ. He pretty much has the Submission match against Valentine and thats it. Terry Funk and Harley Race worked against Hogan, Flair and Dusty got treated as top guys. figured they would have tried to get a little more mileage out of him, even if it would have been putting over Hogan or Warrior 

    My best guess is the difference between Garvin and the others was that Garvin was a career midcarder who was given the belt because nobody else wanted to do an awful hot potato run just to give Flair a win on PPV.  Ron Garvin is a "former NWA champion" the same was Tommy RIch is.

    13 minutes ago, Gorman said:

    I actually LOVE this match. Lots of fun chaos. Hogan's team is so random!

    Wait til next the following year when Hennig teams with all three members of Demolition.  WTF?  A superstar athlete...and three postapocalyptic S&M dudes.

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  7. That’s a real “tree falls in the forest” thing.  Is it still parody if the people being critiqued don’t get it and instead take it at face value?  People of a certain political ilk didn’t realize until just this season that The Boys was making fun of them, for example.

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  8. 22 hours ago, Log said:

    Looked it up, it was Yoko, Borga and the Quebecers vs. Taker, Luger and the Steiners.  Borga did make the show, but Quebecer Pierre didn't. He was replaced by Crush.


    Edit: As an aside, SS 93 was a super-weird show.

    I'm currently rewatching old WWF from the start and one fun thing from those early Survivor Series matches is the random replacements.  In 88, JYD quit and was to be replaced by Brian Blair, but then Blair quit, too, so Scott Casey stepped in.  I joked that James Dudley was next on the depth chart.  I just watched a match from the 1989 show where Earthquake stepped in for Barry Windham after Windam left the company.

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  9. Let's continue Survivor Series 1989, shall we?

    King's Court (Savage, Earthquake, Bravo, & Valentine) vs The 4x4s (Duggan, Bret, Herc, & Garvin)

    • Duggan's team does a march/jog to the ring, all with 2x4s, and then they try to do a drum major deal in the ring where they toss the boards to each other.  It goes about as well as you'd expect, and in short order.
    • Danny Davis is reffing this match.  I vaguely remember him being reinstated on a probationary basis.  Speaking of refs, Shane McMahon is the ringside referee!  I didn't think he showed up as a ref until Mania 6's dark match.
    • Apparently Earthquake is a replacement for Barry Windham as Barry left the month prior due to his family's legal entanglements.  Say what you want about Blackjack Mulligan, but the dude definitely knew how to make money.  Womp womp.
    • Ah!  And that's why Vince's voiceover in the promo package sounded to weird.  Not because he eliminated the "Canadian" form the name.  It was because he'd already done the VO with Widowmaker on the team and had to go do a pickup.
    • I'm sad we missed out on getting some possible Windham vs Hart segments.  But at the same time, this was overweight, unmotivated Windham, so maybe we didn't miss much.
    • Don't listen to the old heads telling you nobody sells today, everyone's exposing the business, etc etc, part 5,837: The Garvin Stomp is fucking stupid.
    • Herc has apparently given up thinking more PEDs = a push as he is noticeably softer here and with the beginnings of the belly that would become a prominent feature in his run as the Super Invader in WCW in a few years.
    • I love Survivor Series's goofy-ass quick eliminations.  Bravo reverses a Herc buckle whip and the sheer force of hitting the buckles is enough to keep Hernandez down for the minute or so it takes to take in Quake and have him hit the Earthquake splash.  He pins Herc with his cock and balls directly on Herc's chin and mouth area and that couldn't have been pleasant.
    • There's a funny moment when Savage is tied in the ropes and Duggan gives him a 12 to 6 elbow from behind and Savage completely forgets to sell it.
    • Old guy moves some modern dude needs to steal, part 2: Savage's move where he grabs a guy by the hair and jumps over the top, necking him on the top rope.
    • Duggan was just kind of passable in the ring but I can't deny his charisma.  Guy was over as fuck and was perfect in that role of midcard face who can occupy and warm up your upper midcard heels until it's time for something else.
    • Match is typical 80s WWF.  Nothing offensive, quality wise, but also nothing amazing.  The best parts are when Savage or Hart are in, but you already knew that. 
    • Duggan is left in a 3 on 1 disadvantage when Sherri lets him know it's really FOUR ON ONE, DUMBASS as she low bridges him in the ropes to get him out of the ring.  Quake gloms him from behind from the apron and we get a heel win via countout.  Duggan clears the ring with the 2x4 to keep the program going and/or start a program with the Evil Canadians, not sure which.

    The Million Dollar Team (DiBiase, Zeus, & Powers of Pain) vs The Hulkamaniacs (Hogan, Demolition, & Jake)

    • Warlord is eyeballing Zeus and is secretly overjoyed about this being the only time he wasn't the most limited guy in the match.
    • All the babyfaces get their own separate entrance music and, for the first and probably only time, we get back to back Rick Derringer! 
    • Wikipedia lists this match as the main event.  Was it promoted as such?  That's hilarious.
    • This is a boring, not very good match. I know what I'm getting with elimination matches.  Not a ton of story; just more of a "greatest hits."  But some matches are definitely worse than others and this is one of those. 
    • Zeus does that move they do in movies to break dudes' necks and one hit kill them, on Hogan, and I laugh like "oh well, guess Hogan is dead now and the program is over."
    • Zeus beats up Hogan and shoves Hebner twice, getting DQ'd.  I'd be a little pissed if I watched this hoping for some kind of big rematch/showdown between the two and all I got was a quick angle to advance the storyline, get Zeus out of there fast, and sell the next PPV.
    • Smash's elimination is fun, as he's nailed unawares with a Barbarian flying clothesline.  Again, I'm all for guys getting pinned because another guy hit a move on them when they didn't expect it.  Bring that back.  Less is more.
    • Weird to see the Powers beat Demolition, the champions, and have nothing come of it afterward.
    • PoP are both DQ'd for beating up Hogan too much, eventually hitting a spike piledriver.  I hate that shit.  What's the point of having a legal man and non-legal men if more than one person can be DQ'd at the same time?  So stupid.  I know it gets worse down the line when Flair wins a Survivor Series match after everyone else is counted out at the same time.  Jesus.
    • Virgil interferes and gets DDT'd because somebody had to get DDT'd.  DiBiase pins him with his feet on the ropes to keep the program going.
    • So it comes down to Hogan and DiBiase and I FFWD a good deal of this, because the outcome isn't in question and it's just going to be The Hogan Formula.  Funny how Hogan got to be the sole survivor on his team.  I'm legit surprised he didn't go down 4-1 before beating all the heels.

    Two matches to go and they have to be better than that last one, right?

  10. 3 hours ago, A_K said:

    No, friend, the central pillar of bad takes is thinking that re-embracing the indy jobbers and freak-shows that rooted them at the sub-1 million mark, slippy-sliding giving up viewership week after week for the 9 months straight from autumn onward is a good idea. It has demonstratively been shown that the active AEW roster is far larger per-minute of TV time than peak WWF/E/CW ever was with much of the talent narratively stagnant. That is inarguable. Unless they plan to bake suspensions of talent into the product week-to-week (if the suspensions are genuine), then the point will only be exacerbated further. 

    As for AEW generally, given Punk's media comments on bringing 'realism' into the product (and his track record for that), alongside Khan's own comments on bad blood being good for business (words to that effect) and some on-screen items (MJF departing speech) I for one assumed they had a grand narrative direction planned out. Punk's latest injury may have put paid to that for the time being anyway (while Young Bucks are due time off too after working non stop since inception). If they do not have a direction planned out whatsoever, and they really are spitballing this shit week to week with a barrage of hastily made tournaments, battle royal and creative about-turns with 0 cohesive executive management other than Khan's singular word and lunatics literally fighting each other in the asylum then .. wow. What a carnival. I cannot imagine they are that inept given the level of investments, so assume there are ulterior motives at work still. We shall see where they go with the new title programs. At least the tags are now on Acclaimed (so long as they don't neuter them as pure-faces).

    Looooool I was just wondering where the “it’s a work” guy has been.  So you’re pivoting to “still a work but Punk is hurt and the Bucks were actually due some time off.” I haven’t seen such a wild “no no no I’m still right!” pivot In conspiracy type thinking since QAnon had to rewrite their whole narrative after THE STORM~! didn’t happen.  You’re hilarious.  Never change.

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  11. 2 hours ago, The Comedian said:

    Bad News had a house show run with Savage early in Savage's World title run. There's a really awesome street fight between the two on some Coliseum Video tape I once saw. Anyway, story goes that before they were deadset on the Savage heel turn, Bad News as transitional champ from Savage back to Hogan was discussed.

    That’s got to be one of those apocryphal wrestling stories.  It’s petty obvious Savage’s entire run was booked toward Hogan getting the belt back specifically from Savage.  How would a “Bad News as transitional champion” timeline even work?

  12. 4 hours ago, Vgmastr said:

    This reminds of the time I went grocery shopping with my mom and spent the entire time in the magazine section reading various wrestling and video game magazines and one magazine, I can't remember which, said that if you beat the game with all eight wrestlers you unlocked Adam Bomb.  So I spent an entire Saturday afternoon doing just that to be rewarded with nothing.  I was PISSED.

    I don’t know how much time I spent trying to “unlock” Akuma on Genesis Super Street Fighter like a real fuckin’ moron, so I feel you.  

    The internet has a lot of good and bad, but it’s probably worth it just to be able to suss out bullshit.

  13. 2 hours ago, Jiji said:

    They are belt marks so Tony gave them all the belts. Dax is consistently highlighted on television in marquee singles matches. How long would a sufficient aew tag title run be? Not even the young bucks get featured like this when they aren't in the title hunt. I'm over ftr by a long shot. Nobody is a bigger mark for them than themselves. Let them go wrestle the Usos 100 times over the next two years and be 10 time tag champs. 

    Seriously.  I know things are marginally better with HHH in charge but Dax isn't getting singles JTTS duty where he gets to have great matches against top guys in WWE.

    9 minutes ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    Oh man, imagine if it's good old Jim Ross asking for his release!?!

    From your mouth to God's ears, my friend.

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  14. And now it's time for Survivor Series 1989!  I'll tell you right now, it's difficult to write about elimination matches like this.  Unless somebody puts together a good storyline that runs through the match, it's kind of just guys doing spots until a finish.  I'll do my best but I can't promise really good in depth match analysis, as opposed to stray observations, dick jokes, and bullshit.  Happy Thanksgiving, America!

    We start off with a vignette featuring various wrestlers saying what they're thankful for.

    • Hogan kicks it off quite fittingly because, with his overdone tan and copious amounts of sweat and baby oil, he looks just like a juicy basted turkey fresh out of the oven.  And now I'm laughing to myself imagining Vince pouring melted butter over Hulkster between takes.
    • Rick Rude wet and greased his hair back and it sucks because his massive poofy mullet was the shit.
    • I'm always struck by how tiny Ted DiBiase's eyes are.  My grandmother used to watch with me when I was really young and one time she, bless her heart, asked if he was "a Chinaman."
    • Dino Bravo pronounces "Earthquake" as "HER-KWAY!"  Speaking of which, we're probably at the tail end of the very short "Canadian Earthquake" era as there's a really obvious audio edit in the part where Vince, in voiceover over the match graphics, announces the lineups and clearly "Canadian Earthquake" was cut.
    • I'm really struck by how weird this all is.  People decried WWF back then for being a "cartoon, " but that's exactly what this is.  All these guys are 1000% in character, being thankful for [insert character trait] and it's like they're just TV characters, not athletes who actually exist outside the context of wrestling.  It's bizarre. 

    Dusty, Beefcake, Rooster, and Santana vs Bossman, Honky Tonk, Martel, & Bad News

    • Bad News is filling in for Akeem.  Wikipedia doesn't say why, in the Survivor Series 89 entry, Akeem is out, and his personal entry skips right from Mania 5 to early 1990.
    • I spent the match wondering why, in kayfabe, they'd pick Bad News when he walked out on his team the prior year.  Honky was even on that team!  So what happens here?  He walks out again.  LOOOOOL.  I just had to go look up Survivor Series 90 to see if Brown did it for a third time, and Wikipedia tells me he left a while before the show because Vince had failed to live up to his claims he'd make him his first black world champion.  1) at least he left before and not during this time! 2) I never heard that Vince promised him that and nothing about it adds up.  Just an old worker telling stories, maybe?
    • Taylor has a big ol' kneebrace from his SummerSlam injury. 
    • HTM has "Twist and Shout" on his tights.  Which is not an Elvis song. 
    • Martel is incredible in his new heel role, just preening and acting smug all over the place.  Damn.  Was he ever a heel anywhere before this?
    • Bossman is just bumping and selling like crazy, taking an armdrag like a guy 150 pounds lighter and, twice, bouncing off the middle rope like Rey Mysterio.  And this is before he lost weight.  Guy was a fucking prodigy.
    • Sapphire is in the audience as Dusty's biggest fan.
    • I haven't talked about the match yet?  Exactly.  There's not much to say.  Everybody was fine.  Nobody fucked anything up.  Nothing stood out.  Dusty and Beefcake were the final survivors after Big Dust hit Bossman with a running crossbody.  Dusty and Bossman continued their program on house shows, as was the practice in those days.

    Randy Savage's Team vs Duggan's team is up next.  I was going to complain about Savage being in the midcard already but it turns out Hogan is in the midcard on this show, too.  I guess this was a throwaway show to see how things would go with Warrior in the main?

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