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  1. Getting a better finisher is the first thing she should do now.
  2. That FTR segment was just the best. The awesome theme, the jackets and the Big Rig. Perfect!
  3. If this is our October Wrestling Diskussion, I want to skip to November, please.
  4. Piper specifically trained in Japan for this match. His trainer? Danshoku Dino
  5. So with Malakai stating he is done with the Nightmare Family now: When was the last time a heel beat a whole face stable, twice the leader of that stable and never getting in any real trouble doing so? It's perfect booking.
  6. Why? Doesn't he like breaking Verte?
  7. All of you complaining about the vertebreaker not being the finish: LOOK AT THE STATE OF IT!
  8. Arn putting Cody in his place ruled! He is right, why should he be the coach of a loser like Cody?
  9. "JUDAS IN MY MIND" Great trash talking there. Super scary spot in Punk vs Hobbs with that Hurancanrana from the top... That 8 man Tag match was way too chaotic and unscructured.
  10. Yeah, for all the hype... It's really not that good of a rating. =/
  11. What do have to say to get Brian Pillman Jr. stop smiling and showing zero aggression? It's so frustrating to watch...
  12. He will win the Owen and name it Cody.
  13. This thread is vegan AND drug free! STOP IT, guys!
  14. Watching Danielson work...he is in a league of his own.
  15. What fun would that be? Let us hate Cody, damnit!
  16. A Nightmare? You mean Rhodes to the top?
  17. That atmosphere Omega vs Danielson had was unreal. Could have been the one and only Rampage match. Give me that Iron Man match now! Oh, and thanks New York. We hate Cody! What was that sequence with Brandy? That's an ejection! Not a spot for the supposed face.
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