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  1. Didn't read the whole thread yet, but I can't believe nobody notices how awful Sasha Banks promos are.
  2. I love that the women promoted AEW's next PPV.
  3. Yes, yes they are. Why did it take them so long to finally turn them. They were the douchiest in all of those Empty arena shows too. At ringside, always wanting to be the focus of every segment.
  4. In Germany we say: Ehre genommen! They Overrun with their biggest stars to show how big and strong they are and then lose the demo war. Too funny!
  5. No, please don't. Counter the move, do something other than kicking out.
  6. Uh dude, if Andrade wins, he is 2-0. Are you spoiling?
  7. Dante Martin and Lio Rush joining the House of Black would be perfect. Oh, and making Cody their bitch of course.
  8. That doesn't even make sense, it's a Rampage Thread, dude.
  9. Jericho as an ECW original is funny. He was there like 3 months.
  10. The Great O Didn't see that reply... Randy?
  11. The presentation of Malakai Black is still perfect. Loved the pop for Hungman. He is AEWs biggest homegrown star. Put the belt on him!
  12. Getting a better finisher is the first thing she should do now.
  13. That FTR segment was just the best. The awesome theme, the jackets and the Big Rig. Perfect!
  14. If this is our October Wrestling Diskussion, I want to skip to November, please.
  15. Piper specifically trained in Japan for this match. His trainer? Danshoku Dino
  16. So with Malakai stating he is done with the Nightmare Family now: When was the last time a heel beat a whole face stable, twice the leader of that stable and never getting in any real trouble doing so? It's perfect booking.
  17. Why? Doesn't he like breaking Verte?
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