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  1. Brock calling for the finish to Roman right after the shoulder injury was a really obvious one.
  2. The Elias thing can be dumb wrestling fun if it gets a little runway. Is Elias stealing Ezekiel’s identity? Did Ezekiel steal Elias’s? Where is Elias! Dumb vignettes with terrible CGI showing both at once to prove it isn’t him, etc.
  3. Bron is the first heavyweight I’ve seen with that Goldberg-tier twitchy athleticism since, man I don’t even know.
  4. Impressive for Cody to run a Buck out of town on day 2
  5. I’m enjoying the recent WM niche of “celebrities that are more athletic than you think and prep hard for the match.” Bad Bunny, Logan Paul, of course Pat and Wee Man’s feat of strength were all great. Whoever it was earlier that said that WM should go full on HUSTLE is 100% right, and it’s trending in that direction. More Michael Cole encouraging his best friend NFL punter to beat an 80 year old’s ass, less AJ/Edge and Roman/Brock/Goldberg: Citizens on Patrol
  6. This right here. I think I liked the overall show so much because other than AJ/Edge, this was an 8 hour Michael Bay movie that was very much intentionally written to be a Michael Bay movie. They got that right this year. Like I got a whole Criterion Collection of other stuff I love watching, but sometimes I love just a well done big ass explosions and shit action movie.
  7. This might be peak Dave. Tweet is getting ratio’d so bad it’s going viral outside of the wrestling bubble
  8. So I really dug Lashley/Omos. That was high intensity and “Lashley carries the match with his natural charisma and emotion” isn’t something you’d see written much 10 years ago! Jackass match was fun as hell. They blew the ending but who cares. Wee Man with the most over scoop slam since WM3. This match rules. Pat McAfee throws the best punches in WWE and holy shit did Michael Cole watch his Rumble 94 tape 10 times and put in a five star performance in this one. Theory has a job for life after that stunner sell. This also rules. Not as good as night one but both celebrity matches kicked ass. Pat McAfee is just the best. Pay him whatever he wants forever. This was a fun two days. Just a good time. Props to the Dallas crowd.
  9. Was thinking straight singles. Though I don’t think Triple H has ever had a gimmick match as good as the Umaga match.
  10. Not the best but I’m actually a fan of the WM22 Cena match. Just watched it recently and it’s funny to hear the Chicago reaction and the “you can’t wrestle” stuff given what we know now and the extent to which one of these legacies in-ring dwarfs the other. ETA: Thats actually a fun exercise. How many all time Cena matches do you get to list before you arrive at the first HHH match that matches one in quality. It’s gotta be 20+.
  11. Oh man, totally forgot about Shield/Rhodes Bros. Like the sleeper great ***** 2010’s WWE match.
  12. I might be really naive on this, but what entertainment mediums outside of monsters like Marvel are growing? Feels like everything is a niche nowadays because of wide availability, and each independent audience is getting smaller as more and more niches are developed and take audience share.
  13. That’s a super small list for sure. AJ, Jericho, Rey Mysterio and going back further Randy Savage, Ric Flair. I’ll give them bonus points for actually rehabilitating Rey’s presentation after the end of WCW stuff. Maybe take away a point or two as a few months after debut Jericho was working Road Dogg and AJ lost clean to Jericho. They figured both out though.
  14. Is Bianca the best Performance Center product ever, when you consider the total package? She’s an elite performer now. Maybe Charlotte (I don’t count Becky/Sasha/Bayley as they were on the Indy’s before), but Bianca connects with the audience more.
  15. Definitely best for everyone from where I sit. I’ll catch Cody’s Raw segments to see whatever weirdness he’s up to and I haven’t watched Raw in forever, and I’ll keep watching every minute of AEW because the show is more consistent without him and better for it. I dunno what other win/win trades are out there. Jericho’s an easy choice but he’s doing a great job mixing it up with and elevating younger homegrown guys. Britt Baker maybe? Tons of new women to work with in a talk-heavier promotion, while AEW has a whole crop coming up and Jade as their mainstream star type.
  16. Kevin Owens gets to go to his grave knowing that he main evented Wrestlemania against Stone Cold Steve Austin. How incredible is that? That’s the top of the mountain. No title win or achievement in wrestling can compare to that.
  17. Best night of Mania in a longass time. Crowd was INCREDIBLE. Bianca/Becky was remarkable. Worked at an incredibly fast pace for 20 minutes too - just crazy gas tanks on those two. I haven’t seen FTR/Briscos yet so this is my #1 from the weekend right now. Surreal to see Cody and credit to WWE for keeping his presentation. Crowd stayed smoldering hot for a solid hour between these two matches and Taker. I’m pretty sure they knew Charlotte/Rousey was going to die a death no matter what, so they placed it where they placed it. Right call, because this was rough. This didn’t get the Goldberg/Lesnar reaction I expected, but it wasn’t in the same stratosphere as the earlier match. Right result though. Owens was absolutely masterful in the entire main event segment holy shit. Stone Cold! A match! Steve Austin is Buford fucking Pusser! This whole goddamn thing was GREAT. Yeah best WWE show in shit I dunno.
  18. Solid show. I presume it’s on to Ziggler/Steveson and Bron to Mondays. That Waller elbow drop onto the ladder was batshit crazy.
  19. I know we don’t comment on live stuff, but I just so happened to read this while this ROUGH womens tag match on the NXT pre show is on and it hammers this point home I think. Definitely feels like the AEW system is generating a better women’s pipeline right now. Even Hayter and Storm are only 26.
  20. Not slamming the guy because physical issues aren’t shit to play with and I mean it’s Keith Lee, but I thought that Lee took a back seat compared to Hobbs last night. Setting aside the physical stuff, I think Lee picked up some awful Performance Center habits like working his catchphrase into his promo and doing these awkward unrealistic motions during his entrance/match to get his signature poses in. Hobbs was much more natural. Again it’s Keith Lee and we know he’s awesome, but he needs to dump that shit in the trash can.
  21. Great stuff from Taker and his TED talk.
  22. Powerhouse Hobbs and Jamie Hayter for world champs
  23. This. If Cole can’t let himself get plugged into Christian’s TV match formula and resist the urge to do a bunch of stupid shit it’s time to go home. This is a litmus test.
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