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  1. OC/Claudio sounds amazing and all but more than anything I am heavily pro-Daddy Magic getting notable matches.
  2. If you’re not watching NXT you’re really sleeping on a tremendous little show. It’s the best it’s been since it’s pre-AEW heyday.
  3. Yeah Creeds/AA was 100% my kind of jam and wow that ruled
  4. I guess I’m the opposite on the last page, as I prefer announcers that are more passionate than analytical. We should probably cal this the Gus Johnson Test (and I’m on Team Gus)
  5. Joe makes a lot of sense as Joe/Omega is one of those dream matches we haven’t seen in AEW that would look real nice at Full Gear
  6. I’m sure Bruce is already pitching a cinematic match in the catacombs Spent a lot of time in Paris over the years and never saw a big wresting fan presence like you do in the UK and Germany. I agree it would be really cool to take a look at what we have there. Gable/Sami French Catch tribute?
  7. Y’all know I love some Best Friends but I completely blanked on Hook being BF/CHAOS-adjacent. When did that happen? JeriShow/ShoMiz-era Big Show is top 3 of that dude’s career: WCW run, 2007 from his return with Mayweather through the amazing Undertaker match at No Mercy that fall, and then the tag teams. That’s the list.
  8. I was a big JeriShow fan. Not that interested in putting the band back together but I presume this is all toward Wight putting Hobbs over clean with some kind of feat of strength spot that will be on video packages forever, so I’m down with that.
  9. I wonder what was supposed to happen there at the end. That obviously went sideways; really awkward I was concerned that Christian was going to go to a certain topic with Flair, and they didn’t, so good on you AEW. Anything Outcasts related is X-Pac heat
  10. It’s pretty bad. This current version of Wardlow and his Haas-Tier charisma make Miro and Hobbs look like prime Sid and Vader. Not trying to pick on the dude but he went from “the slam dunk prospect we think WWE should trade Sasha for” to the other guy in the Master Blasters
  11. Yeah man has anyone in wrestling cooled off more than Wardlow? This is like “Braun Stroman in that one Elimination Chamber to Braun Stroman just before he was released” levels of cooling off. Right now the dude just looks like the biggest jabronie in the world. Like Mark Jindrak is like “damn that’s a generic body guy right there”.
  12. So, every time this thread gets bumped I always think about whatever match it is that caused it to be bumped and then say to myself “…nope, the parking lot brawl is still my favorite AEW match ever” And I wonder why that is, and I think it’s because more so than any other match in company history it captures the essence of AEW: Daily’s Place during the pandemic, Best Friends who are the heart and soul of the promotion, the irreverent humor with Sue and the van, no ex-WWE notables, and the grittiness / reality of doing it all in one cut So yeah it’s still my favorite. Dunno what’s going to top it. Rosa/Baker, Pac/Cassidy and the Bucks/Omega/Page tag are also kind of like this to me and round out my top 4 in some order. Then probably Danielson/Suzuki.
  13. Wes Mantooth? Tony needs to chill out. Dude ain’t beating Cena and Taker, in a different day/time slot than normal, no matter what he does. Omega/Danielson for two hours or Moxley in an exploding time bomb piranha match or whatever else he could book isn’t beating it. And that’s ok; this week’s Dynamite was a great show.
  14. One AEW booking pet peeve of mine is unnecessarily keeping programs going after the first match. Tony did it with Hobbs and Starks and he’s doing it again with Swerve and Hangman. Don’t do this Unc, just stop. Let Swerve (or, earlier, Hobbs/Starks) move on. Elsewhere, Toni should crown herself the TCM Champion. If not, what are we even doing here?
  15. I really dug the way OC sold winning the title back. It was like a mix of getting his precious back, but, moreso “….shit, do I really want to go through all that again?” and mental flashbacks to getting his ass beat every week for months. Really well done.
  16. re: today’s Jarrett pod, if AEW isn’t going to film and release a series of Jeff and Karen (in full gimmick) vs Skunk vignettes in the style of the Briscoe Chicken Farm, what are we even doing here?
  17. I, for one, am going to love the nostalgia associated with flipping back and forth. It gets me every time. Even that first live Monday Impact show with all the shitty Hogan stuff got me for the same reason.
  18. One thing I love about AEW is that they’ll throw the shock squash out there every once in a while when you don’t see it coming That ruled
  19. Random thought but with Cena back for a month and the OC around I hope they filmed some new Southpaw
  20. While it will be awesome, what’s up with booking Swerve vs Danielson? Swerve is scorching hot and shouldn’t lose a match in the next calendar year. Yet I can’t see a Christian/Swerve match happening?
  21. “Christian has always been better at pro wrestling than Edge” exhibit 100: the last 10 minutes of this show Also: Burger King and Newports
  22. That really is the list, and if we include non-wrestlers I’d throw Don Callis in there. And over in ROH Athena does an excellent job of working like her character. What Christian’s done this year will be part of a graduate-level course in the performance center 20 years from now.
  23. my god put this man in the Louvre
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