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  1. I also think with Heenan we had the advantage of years and years and years of understanding his worldview before he went on commentary. We knew The Brain, so when he was in the booth, it was all just things that character would naturally say. The audience doesn’t know Graves or Nigel like that. And yeah he’s arguably the most talented person in any role in pro wrestling, ever, so there’s that.
  2. Oh man, Dwayne’s “Rick Dalton post-Bounty Law” phase is going to be electric, when he finally gets that Emmy as a lead heel monster of the week in whatever prestige television series 10 years from now
  3. How this era of Hollywood hasn’t made a spinoff of The Other Guys simply called The Guys with Rock and SLJ beats me. Would the gag hold up for 90 minutes? No. Would it make a truck ton of money? Yes. Aim for the bushes
  4. Dude lucked into DD, in my opinion. I present as evidence the Director’s Cut, wherein Kelly removes all mystery about what’s going on by introducing the book cut-ins or whatever and boy howdy the movie suffers. Anyway, Ken Kennedy was wrestling’s Richard Kelly. Came out strong. Revealed as a mirage. Hurt a lot of people’s careers.
  5. Pain and Gain is a good time, if only because Mark Wahlberg is the most underrated comedic actor of his generation.
  6. Vince never had Moana. Everything else on the Rock’s end of that comparison is gravy.
  7. Julia Hart just straight up shoot stabbing dudes in the head on national television
  8. Oh also, I think I’ve been the low man on Punk on here for 20 years, but color commentator Punk RULES. Best use of him. He’s got some Ventura in him in the role.
  9. I’m not a big fan of critiquing wrestling writing because, I mean, it’s wrestling. But man, this is kind of egregious. Why, exactly, did Cody bring Rock out last Friday in the first place? Like, his character did that. Not The Rock himself, not HHH, not Roman. I mean, what? Unless they covered this somehow at the presser and I missed it, it’s the biggest WTF I’ve seen in a show storyline since Jack’s tattoo.
  10. I need one of those Coach Tony 3am Collision announcement specials to make my AEW week complete after that banger of a show Like announce Vikingo vs Switchblade you coward
  11. If the announcement is what I think, we need Jeff Hardy vs Darby in a “winner gets the rights to jump off the green monster” match
  12. CBS still has the NFL and its share of the NCAA Tournament, right? And CBSSN if you’re into Tuesday Night MACtion (and let’s be honest, who isn’t). I’m not hip on my corporate hierarchies but I think Paramount is free and clear of Disney/Fox/WBD? Wow, if WWE wasn’t aware of this development when negotiating their deal, they have to be pissed. Given timing and UFC’s relationship with ESPN they surely were, but winding up on Netflix while basically the entire sports world goes a difference direction, can’t make them feel great.
  13. The press release doesn’t include AEW under “combat sports”, but I don’t know why you’d enter into this JV and not include it? https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2024/02/espn-fox-and-warner-bros-discovery-forming-joint-venture-to-launch-streaming-sports-service-in-the-u-s/?fbclid=PAAaZB9m8TN32bMbk_KKbbqRmMvVPVNsBwD74nGQ5Uk9f9A4w22-duxZfA4bc_aem_Ac1sLHwsZtAGvOjReOD7A2kB_OcuVHjXrVc6RB4I1FCpuAKk5SUC0FDASp7KzK5EP5E&utm_source=hoobe&utm_medium=social This could be a very big deal for AEW if this app becomes the center of the sports universe while WWE is over on Netflix Thought 2: how would this pass anti-trust laws? I love the concept of “sports only cable” but seems a little monopoly-y
  14. It would be a fun piece of booking if Sting starts the match as AEW/Crow Sting, gets “taken out in the back” by the Bucks halfway through, then re-emerges as Man Called Sting for the sprint to the finish. This also works vice-versa. Seems only right.
  15. Drew is on the run of a lifetime. He’s one of the best things in wrestling TV so far this year. It’s great because he has yet to tell a lie this entire time.
  16. I’ve never seen a run of “matches I didn’t even know I wanted to see” like this. 2024 Coach Tony is an absolute madman!
  17. Man this is like Chet Stedman pulling Rowengartner for himself in that last game when Hedo comes up to bat
  18. Yeah I agree with this. Cody fans are like…Astros fans. Lots of recent success, good turnout, it’s a good time. Bryan fans were Phillies fans. It’s just a different deal.
  19. My man Trips over here subverting expectations~ like he’s Rian Johnson Night 1 is going to have a whole subplot with Shotzi and Chad Gable traveling to a casino with racing camels or whatever the fuck looking for Keymaker Barry Darsow
  20. Cody’s about to win every young ball players dream the NIT
  21. “Have the most good matches” is such a stupid thing to say.
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