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  1. Now THAT was more like it. What a giant heaping helping of sports entertaining. Hell yeah. This whole thing ruled. Snoop’s commentary. Speed in the suit. The cash in. And yeah that main event was the epic Avengers Movie spectacle it was supposed to be. WWE at its best right there. No one does this kind of stuff like they do.
  2. Just watched. Man, I wasn’t feeling this one at all and I hate that. Last year’s Night 1 was one of the best, most entertaining wrestling shows I’ve ever watched. This was…not. Everything sans the IC match felt run of the mill. This was missing all the fun of stuff like the Jackass match. If last year was 14, this was 15. If last year was 17, this was 18. 15 is a good comp IMO. A miss of a show during an otherwise hot run. Philly curse?
  3. They have to pull the trigger on Hobbs at some point….right? I mean it’s been several years now of this dude just oozing star and looking like the next big thing, yet tomorrow has not come.
  4. It’s a shame they combined the Continental into a single belt, because the world needs the aesthetic of Okada walking out in a boss ass suit dripped out like Ultimo Dragon, while Matt and Nick channel their Cutler and stooge their ass off for him. I wasn’t sure about debuting him as a heel but I was dead wrong. This act rules, and then just imagine the (hopeful) Omega confrontation leading up to Wembley. Oh man.
  5. If Chris is smart he’ll let Hook choke him out and then go on one of his excursions for 6-8 months. It’s time, you can tell by the crowd, and he’s usually pretty good about sensing when it’s time. I predict that happens.
  6. I think Okada holding it is fair game. The Ultimo Precedent of carrying around the WWF Lightweight Title on Nitro allows it.
  7. Dynamite main event winner Willow Nightingale! That rules. I haven’t been this pumped since Dynamite main event winners Butcher and The Blade
  8. After debuting Ospreay as a face and Okada as a heel (like, what were the Vegas odds on THAT parlay two months ago?), all bets are off with me with Mone and I love it. Coach TK has made some bold decisions on these debuts.
  9. Side note this men’s roster is sort of approaching 2002 WWE levels of stacked. And just like then, I’m not saying everyone is currently in a good story, or being used right, or whatever, but goddamn. You could literally Battlebowl the matches every week and you’re guaranteed classics.
  10. Darby taking ownership of the baseball bat going forward as a literal passing of the…bat…and the way it sort of went unspoken but understood was just perfect. That’s great.
  11. NXT is such a different wrestling show than anything else and I dig it for that reason, corny as it may be Always good to see Regal and I’m curious what he’s going to do with the Blackpool Not-That Club
  12. Re: the IC title, I think the move is somehow Sami and Nakamura costing each other the match and starting an issue, leading to Gable winning. Then you get a two-fer, as I can’t think of better opening matches for each night than Sami/Shinsuke and Gunther/Gable (where the REAL story could be finished)
  13. Oh yeah, Rock/Roman are totally winning night one and then the night two main event is the biggest sports entertainment spectacle you’ll ever see (and I mean that in the best way). Austin is definitely going to show up to clean house WCW Babyface Turn style and it all sets up so much shit for later on. WWE is at its best doing this kind of shit (Jackass match, Austin/Owens last year) and it’s going to rule.
  14. If you can’t smile when Sting comes down from the rafters while Schiavone marks out, I can’t help you. Just a giant bigass smile on my face.
  15. The Battlebowl team we never got because, let’s be honest, we didn’t deserve it RIP. Loved both guys.
  16. One of the best promos in wrestling history. Probably the most underrated when we talk about the all timers at that part of the job.
  17. In this week’s edition of TK Still Lurks, hey that backwards hat does wonders for Wardlow
  18. Feels like The Acclaimed have fallen into that trap of getting comfortable and forgetting what brought them to the dance. When’s the last time they did a YouTube freestyle video? They need a hot feud and need to get back in the lab.
  19. Remembering when Big Show lost that tables match by accidentally stepping through one. Tag rope and closed fist are also good ones. Was it Dax that said that in the WWE rule book there’s actually a rule about a maximum number of pin breakups in tag matches (I want to say 2?)? Has that ever been called?
  20. There’s no way this isn’t on Danielson’s to-do list, even if not in AEW.
  21. A lot of things have happened for Wardlow to cool off as much as he has, but I am trying to think of another case where a haircut played this much of a role. It seems all of his aura was in the man bun. My man looks like a hamandegger that heard about this wrestling thing and showed up at the Power Plant.
  22. Mox/Dax (brawl), Edge/Garcia (technical), Bucks/Flight (flying), OC/Taven (weapons), Toni being Toni (comedy), is a really nice three ring circus of a card
  23. In that WWE animated film Rumble from a few years ago, SAS himself played the heel color commentary role and was great. Given his ability to keep kayfabe while giving hot takes on stuff like who the Piston Cup GOAT is, that isn’t surprising. Lambert I could totally see in that role, for sure. Jericho has the chops and the credibility aspect we talked about with Heenan, but he seems to go with more of the David Crocket / Booker T “mark out for stuff” vibe as an announcer.
  24. I don’t think the heel commentator is a thing of the past, in general. I’d argue that the heel commentator is more relevant in the mainstream than ever before (Skip Bayless, and before a recent babyface turn Stephen A Smith). I think the Bayless vibe is what Corey Graves goes for, but it misses the mark for me. And like Heenan, Bayless has decades of skins on the wall as a legitimate journalist before doing his current shtick Maybe these current guys just aren’t that talented at it. Because I think a hot take heel Bayless act in wrestling would work.
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