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  1. Josh Allen (not that one, the other one) is the beneficiary of Slim J's release. He's been extended 5/150, 88 guaranteed.
  2. JOKER: FOLIE A DEUX Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Lady Gaga, Catherine Keener, and Brendan Gleeson Written & Directed by Todd Philips Releases October 4th
  3. Welcome everyone to the Cody Rhodes era of WWE! Roman Reigns' title run ended last night at 1,316 days and good lord that's just amazing to think about. But... We also had a bunch of title changes too! Bayley is your new WWE Women's Champion! Sami Zayn is the new Intercontinental Champion! Oh and after Drew McIntyre won his 2nd World championship, we had a CASH IN~! Raw is now the Rhea Ripley (who did NOT lose her title... lol screw you Becky) and Damien Priest show! Let's see where Goth Chyna and Bisexual Undertaker's adventures take them as we begin the road to Minneapolis and WrestleMania XLI!
  4. TALES OF THE EMPIRE Streaming (sigh...) May the 4th.
  5. Should also note, Brooklyn was eliminated last night, so the 10 East teams are set. The most fun part is nothing between 2-10 is set, and theoretically everyone not named Boston can end up in the dreaded play-in mini tournament.
  6. First or second round exit for a promising team while Thibs loses even more of his locker room? Hollywood cannot keep recycling scripts like this.
  7. THE CARD~! FOR THE IWTV INDEPENDENT WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Krule (c) vs WARHORSE FOR THE ACTION CHAMPIONSHIP - Alex Kane (c) vs Colby Corino DOG COLLAR MATCH - Mad Dog Connelly vs Demus Daniel Makabe vs Timothy Thatcher Gringo Loco vs Dr. Cerebro Arez vs Matt Makwoski Slim J vs Adam Priest Sinner / Saint vs Marcus Mathers / Austin Luke The Coven Of The Goat (Tank / Jaden Newman) vs Tom Lawlor / Manders Rico Gonzalez / Brayden Toon / Bobby Flaco vs HoodFoot / Isaiah Broner / Danny Demanto O'Shay Edwards / Amboss vs The Good Hand
  8. They can switch it up by putting someone like, say Ivar/Otis in there and have him murder smaller guys dead in 90-120 seconds and have someone try to figure out how to deal with this monstrous man with only 3 minutes.
  9. This one had been rattling in my head for a week, so y'all get Supertramp. Which I would figure most of you wouldn't like.
  10. It's supposed to clear up by Saturday afternoon and just be cold. So, be sure to bring a jacket. Once the sun goes down, it's gonna get nippy fast.
  11. Hard to support the team, or anything really, when you're missing a hand....
  12. Guess Josh got tired of hearing Stefon taking the credit for his career.
  13. Hmm... yes... "hilarious."
  14. So you think you're a Romeo? Playing a part in a picture show? ...what should you care if you're feelin' good?
  15. Warren Sapp is joining Deion Sanders' staff at Colorado as a "Senior Quality Control Analyst". You just know the Buffaloes athletic staff are just excited as hell when their statement includes the statement: "Sapp went through all of the necessary steps required of anyone who is employed at CU Boulder, including a background check." And in other Sanders Getting His Boys Hired news, George Hegamin is the Buffs' new "director of leadership and engagement."
  16. The Phillies have DFA'ed Connor Brogdon.
  17. AEW would fold in minutes if they had the courage to make this the main event of night 2:
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