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  1. I hopped off the plane at LAX, With a dream and my cardigan. Welcome to the land of fame excess... Am I gonna fit in? Well, that was quite the week for WWE. We got the big comeback of the week as Mami is back on Raw! Whom will she murder first? Liv or DomDom? Damien Priest continues to do the face turn no one is requesting! And Ilja Dragunov got so pissed at Sami, he requested an IC title match! Jumped in the cab, here I am for the first time, look to my right, and I see the Hollywood sign! This is all so crazy! Everybody seems so famous! Over on Smackdown, Solo Sikoa continues the New Bloodline's reign of terror as he and Jacob Fatu are destroying everything they see. And speaking of destroying stuff, Nia Jax seems on a path to taking out Bayley very soon! My tummy's turnin' and I'm feelin' kinda homesick, too much pressure and I'm nervous. That's when the taxi man turned on the radio... And a Jay-Z song was on! However, the biggest news came over the weekend, with the big debut in NXT! Ms. Vaquer was victorious, so it's time to put your hands up and party! Fun fact! When Miley sang this song, she did not know who Jay Z was! Enjoy your week!
  2. Someone pointed out this was literally the plot of an episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Someone at Hard Rock Stadium needs an extremely serious ass kicking. I'm sure the security execs at the stadium are, as we speak, being read the riot act. Personally though.... I'm back at the office and exhausted. But I will say, the crowd was probably 70/30 Colombians, and hearing ~50,000 people singing O Gloria Inmarcesible (the Colombian national anthem) next to my 84 year old dad brought a tear to my eye. Worth every single penny I paid.
  3. I'd say this game is messy but he's out of the game already
  4. Teams are finally on the pitch warming up
  5. I just got in after waiting about 2hours to get in. An absolute shit show does not cover it. Apparently "thousands" of people tried to gate crash.
  6. RIP Shelley Duvall She was 75. (I'll take this moment to note, FUCK Dr. Phil. What an absolute piece of human garbage.)
  7. Colombia beat Uruguay 1-0 being down a man for the entire second half. Uruguay celebrated their loss by ... hmm... earning possible lifetime bans from international soccer! (EDIT -- apparently that's Liverpool's Darwin Nunez leading the charge too)
  8. Season 2 of Severance will debut January 17th.
  9. Bernie Kosar has been diagnosed with early stage Parkinson's and liver failure. He's on the list for a replacement. But obviously this ain't great news.
  10. $0. The NBA finished that agreement with the Spirits about 10 years ago.
  11. That's the equivalent of a sniper headshot from 500m. Jesus. It's coming home?
  12. I caused Vince Vaughn to leave a bar once. Looking back, I do not regret doing so.
  13. Funny you should mention that because the movie has been undergoing a ton of reshoots because Sabra is a really big part of this and well........ (for those unfamiliar, Google her)
  14. Team USA announced that Kawhi Leonard is not going to Paris. His replacement is Derrick White. (EDIT -- Reading the tea leaves (aka tweets) around, it sounds like Kawhi quit.)
  15. You know, Mike Gundy saying he's driven drunk "over a thousand times" in his life is probably not the best defense for Ollie Gordon's DUI arrest?
  16. Desperate for changing, starving for truth... I'm closer to where I started, I'm chasing after you... Well, we're at the finals of the Owen '24 tournaments. So our champs will have their #1 contenders sorted very soon! I'm falling even more in love with you, letting go of all I've held on to. I'm standing here until you make me move. But of course, all the buzz is around Hangman Page running around ripping heads off and all but telling Swerve he's coming to kill him. Fortunately Swerve will be here tonight! Here's what else is in store: There's nothing else to lose. There's nothing else to find. There's nothing in the world... that can change my mind.... Well, should be a fun week as usual. Don't hang by a moment! Get out and enjoy the summer!
  17. I may well be an idiot, but there's something about Joe Hendry that just makes me smile. Dude is a supernova of charisma, he'll just have to be passable in the ring and he'll make a quadrillion dollars in WWE.
  18. The jury has been chosen for the trial and opening statements will begin tomorrow.
  19. Shrek 5 will come to theaters July 1, 2026
  20. Assuming his character is also of African descent and a possible former slave himself... possibly have some conversations with some ancient linguists to see what the languages of Roman-era Nubia or Libya or Egypt sounded like, train and do that. Or, like anything besides his normal speaking voice. The guy who's apparently the super... let me be generous, and say... effete emperor sure seems to be hamming it up, maybe he should too.
  21. There's phoning it in, and then there's Denzel playing a General who grew up in the Yonkers section of the Roman Empire.
  22. We're in the homestretch now for the WWE's Biggest Party of the Summer . Welcome to Ohio's best city! (F U Cincinnati!) Live from Cleveland Browns Stadium, it's SummerSlam! THE CARD~ FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - Damien Priest (c) vs. GUNTHER FOR THE WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP - Bayley (c) vs. Nia Jax FOR THE WOMEN'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - Liv Morgan (c) vs. Rhea Ripley * FOR THE UNDISPUTED WWE CHAMPIONSHIP - Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Solo Sikoa * TRIPLE THREAT FOR THE #1 CONTENDER-SHIP AT BASH AT BERLIN - CM Punk vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins * FOR THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP - Logan Paul (c) vs. LA Knight (yeah) * TRIPLE THREAT MATCH FOR THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP - Sami Zayn (c) vs. Ilya Dragonuv vs. Bron Breakker -- * - Probable/Rumored
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