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  1. People who have apparently cracked the QR codes seem to think the following person is debuting on this date:
  2. Jacob Trouba has been told that deliberately aiming for a player's head with his elbow will only cost $5000. A steal at twice the price!
  3. Rafa Nadal has probably played his last match at the French Open. He got straight setted by Zvervev and just looked like the magic was gone. He leaves RG with a career mark for 112-4. He's skipping Wimbledon and will try to qualify for Spain's Olympic team, so he can play one more time in Paris.
  4. I am going to enjoy seeing Judgement Day shatter into a million pieces when JD and Dom figure out Liv is banging them both. Good for her! I'm going to assume Carlito is going to try to warn Priest next week and it will be promptly ignored as he continues to try to be Roman Reigns, and continues to fail miserably.
  5. You say you stand, by your man! So tell me something, I just don't understand... Well, we have a new King and Queen of the Ring, but there's basically no time to even breathe there because we're already three weeks away from Clash! You said you love me and that's a fact, Then you left me, said you felt trapped... AND we have a new Women's World Champion, thanks to help(?) from Dirty Dom! Congrats Liv Morgan! Please beat Becky in the rematch tonight! Otherwise, everyone will say you... Hope you've had a good Memorial Day weekend!
  6. Ronald Acuña Jr collapsed today running between bases with a non contact injury. (Kinda looked like he pooped his Achilles)
  7. I honestly don't remember the last time Cody used a vertebreaker. Certainly not since he's been in WWE. Wonder if Logan specifically asked for that spot or if Cody's test driving a new super finisher.
  8. Texas A&M knocked out #1 Texas from the Super Regionals last night. And in other action: All I hear is my JV coach screaming "FUNDAMENTALS" from beyond the grave, and I'm pretty sure he's not even dead yet.
  9. Last night featured one of the oddest game ending double plays you'll ever see. (I think this is technically an U6INT or IF-INT?)
  10. Kind of odd how the last few days on Twitter have been filled with people remembering how full of shit the SSM documentary was, and the baffling nature of the SSM2 documentary. (And then, yes, the sexual misconduct stuff)
  11. I'm constantly amazed at how the NHL employs some of the cringiest people on the entire planet. WTF is this.
  12. Oh it definitely feels like there are going to be some omissions from this movie... You can feel the Oscar desperation from every cell of Randy's performance.
  13. Interesting situation in Marlins-Tigers yesterday. Skip was in the dugout being a bit displeased about strike calls, the ump warned him, then the bench coach clapped saying "break it up." Ump turned and tossed... someone. Yeah, that's gonna be a demerit on his scorecard.
  14. Looks like that's the older teaser. Here is the new trailer: Premieres September 6.
  15. Or also HHH's fantasy of running Wembley for Mania may be happening.
  16. I think the card is finalized now (unless TK adds a match day of like he always does). Also, it's so dumb that they have to say "FTW Rules for the FTW Championship", like yes motherfucker, that's the whole point.
  17. One tonight for each year they've been off.
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