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  1. I really want to know what the PS3 games are. Sony is being a little more than tight lipped about everything that's offered.
  2. Pretty much this. That game engine has been busted for a long time now. Adding more crap to it just makes it worse.
  3. I'm a greedy little pig, so I want Hangman to go over here, but have a rematch between the two at Forbidden Door where Punk wins.
  4. You're fucking up if you don't vote for Deonna.
  5. I couldn't find the clip of them pulling their numbers, but I remember them being like, "Well...It's going to be a long night!" 8 year old me marked the fuck out to see them be #1 and #2 in the Rumble. That's what the initial announcement of Dax vs Cash reminded me of the most. The match itself between Dax and Cash was everything I hoped it would be and obviously far better than Ax and Smash trading blows.
  6. Every week for the past couple months their formula has been to lead off with CM Punk and then the next match or segment would have the BCC.
  7. I have tried...so many times now...to get through season 1 and it's such a freaking slog. I have tried watching The Impossible Box episode at least 3 times now and every time it puts me to sleep. This season has to get better or more interesting, right? Or would it make sense to just skip ahead to season 2, which apparently is much better than season 1? Does any of the Soji stuff even matter beyond this season?
  8. I think Dax is winning the Owen tournament so I don't think you can pencil FTR in for a tag match.
  9. I'm chalking up Sammy popping back up after the barbed wire spot to timing. They had less than 13 minutes for the main event, which included a commercial break in between, plus adding in shenanigans with Tay and PVZ. Someone mentioned needing to cut a match from the show and I pretty much agree. Or cut a segment. The only segment I could think of was the JAS stuff, but that had that cool moment between Eddie and Jericho and then Eddie took a fireball to the face, so maybe you don't cut that. Maybe move the House of Black and Death Triangle segment to Rampage?
  10. Oh yeah, you know what, that was like one of the bright spots of Impact at that time. I remember digging that whole storyline that lead up to the big street fight.
  11. Weekly reminder that I hope Rumbleverse is awesome. I signed up for the beta so I'm ready to jump into that as soon as I get the green light.
  12. I miss No Mercy's story mode where you had a bunch of branching paths depending on whether you won or lost, but sometimes I think you had to win. I remember at least one of them culminated with you having to take on the Undertaker in a cage match and it's still the best AI a wrestling game ever had. The AI for that particular match totally changed and you had to work with light strikes and moves and work your way up to heavier stuff. Meanwhile, most stuff Taker did would do 2x damage. And if you were playing as the Undertaker in that storyline, I think you had to face Austin instead. I had to run through that story mode so many times because my original cartridge had the bug where it would erase all of your shit. Anyway, all of this is to say that I hope the story mode in the AEW game is similar and a hybrid of No Mercy, DOR, and HCTP sounds awesome. Hell, a hybrid of Def Jam Vendetta, DOR, and HCTP sounds awesome as long as collision detection doesn't lead to wrestlers exploding all over the ring like in DOR.
  13. Bwahahahahahaha I totally forgot about this until someone posted it on Reddit. This shit was up there with nL's Chocolate Drop: I'm fucking dying laughing and wondering if anything like this happens between the JAS and Eddie's group. Man, at the time, TNA sure sucked. But in hindsight, it's fucking hilarious.
  14. See, I think Ms. Marvel may be the best of them all.
  15. The word of Jurassic World must be an awfully nice one where guns and weapons don't exist.
  16. Shida vs Deeb was one of the more satisfying feuds where a heel ultimately won and it didn't hurt the face in the slightest.
  17. So they're probably just using some variant of the same bullshit Skyrim engine that gets more bugged to fuck with every new generation and game. That's...concerning. But I did forget it's on Game Pass so I'll still give it a shot, but I was really hoping this would be a good alternative to No Man's Sky with an emphasis on narrative.
  18. Sorry. I'm confused. So it looks more and more likely that Starfield's game engine is poop (which wouldn't be surprising) or that it isn't (which would be surprising). I might be the outlier on this board that thinks the Bethesda/Skyrim/Fallout game engine that I'm sure some version is being used for Starfield is just dogshit and it only gets worse.
  19. The weird thing is, I feel reviewers are watching something entirely different because I've seen more than one site give nearly every episode glowing reviewers. And then I'm sitting there thinking this is easily the worst thing in the MCU. Granted, I haven't watched the latest episode yet. It's just, man, I really hate Steven. I can't think of another protagonist from any other tv series I've seen that I've liked less.
  20. I think we get Jurassic Express vs House of Black. House of Black will probably wind up defeating Death Triangle on a Dynamite in some kind of wild brawl and I could see them moving on to challenge for the titles. Then let House of Black go on a run and say there's no one left, they've beat everyone, blah blah blah and that's when we get BCC challenging for the titles. So that seems way, way off.
  21. I have no idea how anyone else feels, but this is now the most invested I've been in Scorpio Sky. I think this win may have finally helped him get over. And if that's case for more people than just me, then props to the booking and Scorp for staying the course, sticking to trying to get over, pivoting to being a face if this wasn't always the plan, and finding a way to get over. We've seen the same thing happen with Yuta and it's awesome to see long term booking pay off in these guys getting over.
  22. I mean, if we don't get Cide trying to pour Drano down Jericho's mouth, then WTF are we even doing here? BTW, we then need a cut to a frightened Colt after that.
  23. Well, that sucks. Hopefully they found something more lucrative to do. I'll miss their comedy act.
  24. Is this the dickhead who was perma banned from AEW events for his anti-trans signs during the Nyla Rose match?
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