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Nobody wants to work


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So to preface this, I work as a recruiter for the federal Government. Hiring Software Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality testers, you name it.  


I sometimes receive roles such as "warehouse worker" or "security guard"  Well I've been working with a guy who had a prior arrest. He told me nobody would give him a chance and how he couldn't find work.  I went out of my way to call and go to bat for this kid.  We get the background check back and sure enough, assault charge was there (which we knew) but he also had been pulled over 9 times in 3 months with a suspended license.  I talked to him but still gave him the benefit and he was green lighted to start tomorrow.

We find out that he either needs to be vaxed or show proof of negative covid test to go on site.  His girlfriend grabs the phone as if she's his manager and says "I wish we would have known that before, do you want this job or not"  and then says "we will have to get back to you" and hangs up.  After 2+ weeks of working with them and hearing sob story after sob story that nobody will give him a chance.  The best part is she told me she thought he was vaxed anyway!!  

I've had offers for 3 people in December alone each well over $125k  and all were turned down because nobody wants even an hybrid schedule. It's gotta be fully remote or nothing.  All of this stimulus money has screwed the country and nobody wants work.  I can understand people turning down $16-$17 hr jobs wanting more $$  but $125k or $140k  when you haven't had a job in 6 months?!  


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