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Friday Night Dynamite - 6/11/2021

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7 hours ago, Goodear said:

10 doesn't have to spit on Brodie's picture or anything.

"Daddy, you're a drunk, I follow Raven Miro now!"

EDIT: I didn't notice you wrote 10 instead of -1. And there's a certain way to phrase the above differently that would get some go-away heat. 

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8 hours ago, NikoBaltimore said:

I see the Dark Order as transitioning away from cult to a tight-knit family-type group.  If they had a way to drop the cult stuff and lean into that then they might be able to still do pretty well for themselves.  As for the sympathy part of it that's definitely true.  But I like to think that they bring enough to the table to merit being liked.

From the moment Silver & Reynolds first showed up on BTE they they were loveable heels.  People who think the DO are full of scrubs unworthy of your attention probably don’t watch Dark and Dark(er).   Those two teams usually are highlights of both the shows and the tag division as a whole.  

I never saw Dynamite in late 2019 when they were miscast as heels.    The original Dark Order was the former longtime babyfaces Super Smash Brothers - Stu Grayson (aka Player Dos or Stupified) and Evil Uno (aka Player Uno) along with John Silver and Alex Reynolds - who probably have at least 15 years of experience between the two teams.  They added 5 and 10 who are practically enhancement guys to take the fall in any match they are in…until recently when Pres10 has been getting a pretty big push up the card.  From what I have seen in clips they had a bunch of nameless masked scrubs until 2020 started.  When you have a small group  they don’t earn any extra points when the stable is literally at least three quarters no name goofs and Uno & Grayson. 

Long story short - this might as well be a new stable in relation to what they have evolved into in 2020-21, some of which changed before the untimely passing of the group’s leader. 

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