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Akira Taue is clearly the most underappreciated of the All Japan Big 4. Heck - the Big 5 if you expanded to include Jun Akiyama. Lord - it would take awhile before you went through the 90s AJ roster before you found someone that Taue was overappreciated (yes - I am making that a word) than. It is fitting then that 875 matches in and Taue has shown up one time. Granted it is the greatest tag match of all time but still.

Here we bring Grumpy Grandpa to the forefront and also probably put a wraps on peak All Japan for this project.


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Taue/Kawada is one of those "where has this been all my life?!" matches. From the first chop you know it is gonna be good then it just gets better and better. Features: 

- Taue faking a plancha (?!) and Kawada falling for it

- Kawada deciding to torture Taue with assorted painful carny holds, including a Swastika (I think) hold that looks like Kawada is trying to castrate him

- Taue almost suffering Misawa's fate on a German

- A powerbomb that rivals the greatest ever

No quarter given, mercy is for the weak. Check that one out for sure.

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