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[NXT SPOILERS] NXT TV 12/26/18 (Taped 11/28)

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On ‎12‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 12:35 AM, Eivion said:

The 4-way was fun. Everyone got in their moments and I kind of dug the comradery between Io & Mia. Bianca/Shayna will be interesting.

The tag titles match was good, easily the best match Heavy Machinery has had on NXT tv.

I kind of love Ciampa pushing Gargano to go after Ricochet's belt.

There really isn't enough love for how much more of a bastard Ciampa has been since Gargano has begun his descent to the dark side. This prick KNOWS Johnny is on the verge of losing it, so all of the sudden he pokes the bear like only he can, since this used to be his best friend. How does he finally beat Black? Ciampa helps him! All the posts on the Twitter machine about how Ciampa didn't hate Gargano, he hated the fans for turning their backs on him. Then he throws out how awesome it would be if they both won gold(but not Goldie, because that belongs to Ciampa). Tommaso is SO EVIL and I love it!

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