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[SPOILERS] DAY ONE TAPINGS (All First Round Matches)


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If you want to know results - click the first spoiler box. If you just want to see the matchups - click the 2nd spoiler box (and then probably read no further)



Episode 1 of the Mae Young Classic:

- Tegan Nox def. Zatara.

- Rhea Ripley def. MJ Jenkins.

- Lacey Lane def. Vanessa Kraven.

- Meiko Satomura def. Killer Kelly.

Episode 2:

- Deonna Purazzo def. Priscilla Kelly.

- Zeuxis def. Aerial Monroe.

- Kacy Catanzaro def. Reina Gonzalez.

- Mercedes Martinez def. Ashley Rayne.

Episode 3:

- Kaitlyn def. Kavita Devi

- Toni Storm def. Jinny

- Xia Li def. Karen Q

- Mia Yim def. Alysin Kay

Episode 4:

- Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Rachel Evers

- Taynara Conti def. Jessie Elaban

- Nicole Matthews def. Isla Dawn

- Io Shirai def. Xia Brookside

This completes the First Round. No brackets were announced to the crowd. 




9/5 Episode 1:

*Tegan Nox vs. Zatara.

- MJ Jenkins vs. Rhea Ripley.

- Lacey Lane vs. Vanessa Kraven.

- Killer Kelly vs. Meiko Satomura.

9/12 Episode 2:

*Deonna Purazzo vs. Priscilla Kelly.

*Aerial Monroe vs. Zeuxis.

*Kacy Catanzaro vs. Reina Gonzalez.

*Ashley (Madison) Rayne vs. Mercedes Martinez.

9/19 Episode 3:

*Kaitlyn vs. Kavita Devi.

*Toni Storm def. Jinny.

*Xia Li vs. Karen Q.

*Alysin Kay (Sienna) vs. Mia Yim.

9/26 Episode 4:

*Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Rachel Evers.

*Taynara Conti vs. Jessie Elaban.

*Isla Dawn vs. Nicole Matthews.

*Io Shirai vs. Xia Brookside.


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This year and last year all of the taller participants went out in the first round. Its not bad per say, just kind of odd. I thought Alpha Female last year should have done a bit better. Was hoping Kraven would fair better.

I'm guessing the match order will end up mostly the same for tapings if they decided to keep them four an episode. Each one seems to end with a believable main event.

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