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UFC 212: Aldo vs. Holloway (6/3/2017) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Jeunesse Arena)

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55 minutes ago, TheVileOne said:

No one ever stopped Nogueira before he stepped into the cage with Frank Mir.   Holloway will be the first fighter to stop him.

Minotauro was way long in the tooth by then. Herring probably should have stopped him at UFC 73. That was 10 years ago, and I still don't know how he didn't.

Edgar has taken punishment but not the sustained punishment Nogueira was taking by then. Edgar still has an ability to slip punches that Minotauro didn't have. In fights where he doesn't get rocked, he barely gets touched most of the time. I think the Stephens was the closest I felt to Edgar being weary of punches because he knew Stephens had a ton of power and was getting closer to him. Even then, he wasn't really taking offense like that. Mark Henry has really made some good adjustments to his game because he doesn't have those Gray Maynard moments everytime he gets hit with a solid punch. He can still move with the punch and take some of the steam off of it before it lands. His footwork has gotten much better. That's a good way to preserve a fighter. Even though Minotoro doesn't have the best footwork (especially since he is older now), he is basically Pernell Whittaker compared to his brother. In past fights, you could see that Luiz Dorea's work pay off with Minotoro and JDS to a certain extent. Once Minotauro got slower and got cement feet, it was a complete and utter wrap on him. As long as Edgar continues to show good movement, he isn't going to have some of the problems that were apparent early in his lightweight title reign.

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