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  1. As a super casual fan these days (I pretty much read about wrestling and watch very little) I was wondering if someone could refer me to the dark corners of the Internet so I could learn more about what's up with Chuck Taylor. He showed up on the TNA taping this week, and won the Evolve tag title with Galloway as a new member of Team TNA. It's clear from his Twitter feed that something went down with Chikara/Quack, as he's no longer a trainer at the Wrestle Factory. From a few vague comments on Twitter during Evolve 64, it sounds like there's a bit of drama there.
  2. What is greater in this clip? Wrestling 1's crazy 70s shirt, or Wrestling 2 wearing a clip on tie???
  3. The Lucha 8 man tag at Souled Out 98 was a personal favorite of mine.
  4. Exact same finish in the Flair/Animal match in Cincy the next week.
  5. I think that since Gabe was a major part of the article, he was referring to Ambrose's stuff for Evolve/DGUSA.
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