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  1. And you took a heartfelt, sincere plea for civility made by someone else and turned it into an opportunity to hash out old grudges, instead of just letting bygones be bygones. Read the damn room, man.
  2. They literally made Bray the Universal Champion less than 12 hours ago. It's not true.
  3. Is Boogeyman the worst wrestler to ever work for a national company? Even the Ultimate Warrior had a couple of good matches, even though he was carried in all of them. You can't even set the bar that low for Boogey.
  4. Eddie was a groomsman at JBL's wedding, so it's safe to say there was no ill-intent.
  5. "Seattle" would have been too on-the-nose. You're fake news.
  6. How else do you think he got into AEW? I don't remember Danny McBride being in WCW, but I suppose that explains Will Ferrell's Ric Flair bit from Eastbound & Down.
  7. Okay, tell me I'm not the only one who thinks he looks like Hornswoggle's funhouse mirror reflection?
  8. If Gorilla Monsoon ever called a New Jack match, do you think he'd call him "The Excellence Of Execution"?
  9. You're right, I forgot all about Stan's memorable singles runs, like
  10. Billy Gunn was an excellent tag team wrestler, but a mediocre singles wrestler. And there's nothing wrong with that! Not everyone gets to be Arn Anderson. The world needs Stan Lanes, too.
  11. He's a 45 year old playing a 23 year old. Family tradition, you know.
  12. And Rico Constatino, Nick Dinsmore, Damaja, Doug Basham, and Flash Flanagan, all of whom were really good and deserved better careers in the spotlight. That generation got fucked hard by ECW and WCW flaming out.
  13. Terry Funk ain't wear no mouthpiece, and Nexus ain't use no chainsaw.
  14. I inherited a large collection of wrestling tapes that included a ton of bootleg tapes that my buddy had bought from an Asian grocer. I haven't gone through them yet, with the exception of an early NOAH tape that I randomly selected. The first show on the tape was a Halloween episode where the whole roster dressed up in costumes that concealed their identities. I was so confused at first. It took me a good half hour before I realized that it was a special event, and that NOAH didn't start out as a furry-themed comedy promotion.
  15. Some of the early episodes of SMW had almost nothing but phone sex line commercials.
  16. Wait, did Flip Gordon and Will Ospreay retire? Otis doesn't have a prayer outside of a tag team. I could actually see Tucky getting repackaged and having a decent midcard solo career. He'll actually take bumps, for one thing.
  17. The police have opened up an investigation, so he's not not in trouble.
  18. Savage was clearly in the right in this situation. There was definitely lust for Elizabeth in Hogan's eyes. Speaking of, has there been another babyface who's given so many of his allies legitimate reasons to turn on him? You could argue that Savage, Andre, and Orndorff all were justified in turning on that leathery prick.
  19. What was the heel/face alignment respectively in the Andre vs Hansen match in Japan?
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