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  1. Every report I can find places it between 296000 and 298000. Down quite a bit from last year, but better than the number Gonzalez made up.
  2. It was 298,000, but don't let the facts get in the way of your trolling.
  3. I've done one Beat the Streak match with a CAW without any problems.
  4. That's pretty cheap for a statue that size, actually. If it were made by Sideshow (they do lots of Marvel statues) it would be at least $100 more.
  5. He was halfway decent. He just wasn't built enough like a bodybuilder to satisfy Vince and Hunter's fetish. He was working a gimmick of being an awesome striker, but he looked completely unintimidating and unbelievable. They've already got Punk to fill that role.
  6. Its just over 100 miles. I'd say that's close enough.
  7. Pretty sure they were going for Garvin. Shame on Michael Cole for not knowing the difference, though.
  8. Yeah but he still could have stuck around and tried to prove he deserved a chance higher up in the card. If Punk had asked in 06 if he had a shot to move up the card they would have told him the same thing.
  9. Apparently they worked the NXT TV tapings. They lost to the Ascension.
  10. Team Houston: Undertaker, Stone Cold (Victoria is close enough to count), Booker T, Hernandez.
  11. I haven't seen a ton of Magnum TA's work, but in the little I've seen it was pretty obvious that he had the presence and charisma of a major star. Plus a magnificent mullet/'stache combo.
  12. I know I'm gonna catch a lot of flack for saying that, but when you think about it the CWA in the 70's-80's was the best of Memphis wrestling, not USWA. Also, and I know that I shouldn't base my opinion strictly off of this, but they did get the "award" for Worst Promotion Of The Year in 97, the year they went belly up, and from some of the stuff I've seen (matches, overall TV shows, etc.) I can clearly see why. So your opinion is based on a seperate promotion from years before the USWA even existed, and the quality of the USWA the year they went out of business? Do you think that's enough of
  13. Not at Wrestlemania, at least. If they can do it at at different PPV, sure, why not? But if they do actually sign Sting when his TNA contract runs out, I think they'd be better off giving Sting a Wrestlemania match further down the card with someone like Jericho.
  14. That's pretty good, actually. Imagine Vince hamming it up outside the ring during the climactic match...
  15. That brings up something I've curious about: Anyone know how many matches Goldberg lost during his career in total? It's gotta be a pretty small number.
  16. I was going to make a joke about Wicket being the face of the company, but quickly realized he's too short for that to work.
  17. The NWO guys just get the regular NWO music. And at most you can only do six man tags. The clip you referenced was probably from the storyline creation mode. You can't even fit all the NWO guys in the same stable.
  18. WTF did Chimel do to deserve two AAs? That is conduct unbecoming of a babyface. Hulk Hogan never would have done that to the Fink.
  19. Mark Henry is not a jobber.I don't even...Outside of wearing a kickass mask, name one thing Boba Fett does right.Besides helping the Empire find Solo and taking him to Jabba, you mean? And helping draw Luke back in the process?And getting blasted into the giant sand vagina by the blind guy?
  20. Did you mean to post this on Cageside Seats? Because I think you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, so to speak.
  21. I work with a couple of guys who shit at least three times a day during business hours. Four times, if you keep the coffee flowing. If Jae delegates the pooping to staff of underlings with high fiber diets, he can make it work. And what the hell does "best pure striker" even mean? That phrase has never made any damn sense to me.
  22. The WWE needs to sign him when his TNA contract runs out in a couple of months and introduce him as the guy who screwed Big Show out of his house. Forget Sting vs Taker, I want Real Estate Steve vs Big Show at Mania.
  23. Punk was relatively massive when he got called up, and had Heyman pushing for him behind the scenes, too. If he was in OVW looking like he does now, he'd have been screwed.
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