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  1. This is great. These three are the future along with Aramis. Arez can work US... wish more promotions would get on his train before waiting for PWG to do it for them. The style of the match reminded me of T2P with the crazy intricate exchanges and wacky 3 way submissions. I like when guys try to differentiate themselves and these guys certainly went for it.
  2. He has not. His son Micro Man has made it to shows in Texas though.
  3. I'm planning on going but am not buying a flight or ticket until I see a card so I can just directly contact the wrestlers and be assured they have visas and are coming.
  4. Dulce is gonna be a star due to the tie-in but mainly he was hand picked by Ultimo Guerrero. The guys who are hand picked by him always get protected and are not subjected to the tortures of opening matches or getting lost in the shuffle. (Magia Blanca being the exception but he was on his way before he broke his leg) The entire thing was very WWE-ish in the disingenuous nature of the entire deal right down to the announcers cracking gay jokes & the match built around a man kissing another man is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone. I wasn't offended becuase I'm not an outrage guy but it was funny to process. Really surprised AAA didn't jump on this first since they are the far more progressive company and could have pushed the found was basically an openly gay man in times when that wasn't as accepted. CMLL is basically the old AAA at this point which is something I honestly never thought I'd see in my lifetime. Fredo Esparza pointed out on twitter if CMLL was like this back when Antonio Pena was around - he would have never left.
  5. Laredo Kid & Hijo Del Vikingo had the Mexico MOTY tonight. My personal MOTY as well. Absolutely fantastic match that people would be raving about if it weren't on an AAA twitch show few outside Mexico actually watch. I'm assuming it will make the rounds in the next couple days. Hopefully AAA capitalizes on it themselves before someone else does.
  6. Everyone go watch Dragon Bane vs Fly Warrior from tonight: https://t.co/SwEzbLNC08 It's the semi-main before the Penta main event. The trios match right before it was also very good with Aramis/Eterno killing it as usual. But the singles above is just out of control insanity you won't even believe until you see it. Especially the finish.
  7. True. I was refering to only CMLL. He's had a couple good indy ones (vs Avisman, vs Aramis) recently. The last CMLL one I recall in Arena Mexico was vs Dragon Lee in late 2015 which was excellent.
  8. Yeah it'll probably be a match loved by some, hated by others. Was certainly nothing like the current Arena Mexico style at all. But surprisingly crowd was super into it - I think because tonight they drew many more hardcore fans rather than the tourists who would have boo'ed the slower paced style with two somewhat bland guys to the average fan. It's a shame Virus only gets 1 singles match per 3.5 years. I thought it was very good and exceeded all expectaions.
  9. Don't overanalyze random CMLL feuds. Someone wants a favor and/or has the right friend - that's your explanation most of the time. Why is Vangelis programmed with the second/third match guys but randomly finds his way into main events while nobody else from that group does? Because he's a COMPA of the Munoz family. Why did Universo 2000 Jr. get to skip opening matches even though he's clearly not ready for his midcard level? Because he's part of the power family. There's probably a similar explanation to Metalico suddenly getting booked to do stuff. Maybe he took Tirantes' role as backstage official.
  10. The referee was wrestler Black Terry who was in no shape or form qualified to do anything even if immediate help was required. Plus he comes from the old school mentality where you don't break kayfabe no matter what, even in the case of serious injuries. Even post-match as people are working on Silver King you can see Terry trying to motion that they just roll him out of the ring in order to get him to the back. The actual time between Silver King going down & someone qualified hitting the ring to help was a good 6-7 minutes which seems unacceptable. I was told not only was there no ambulance present, there was also no paramedic on hand remotely prepared to deal with anything serious. The wrestlers were all trying to figure out what to do themselves. Please don't take this as me throwing Black Terry under the bus. He was there because the organizers of the tour (Santo & Cassandro) brought him along & I'd be stunned if the promoters in London were even aware he was not a qualified referee. That's an issue for someone else to dig into. He never made it to the hospital, he was pronounced dead inside that very ring. All indications are it was a massive heart attack so had help been right there immediatly it's unlikely anything could have been done but the video is pretty damning to anyone associated with what went down. It should also be noted this was his second match of the day within a ~5 hour span. May not have had anything to do with the end result but certainly worth noting.
  11. This will probably blow up once the Nacho Libre people get wind of it. The fallout should certainly be interesting with the video out there & the obvious questions that arise from how everything was handled. Really tragic situation all around.
  12. CMLL tag final & AAA main from last night/very early this morning well worth checking out! Probably neither a workrate masterpiece for the star ratings folks but tons of drama in the former & chaos in the latter. Definitely two matches that should things are still very different in Mexico which is a good thing. AAA had a 4 way that's also worth checking between Flamita/Vikingo/Golden Magic/Villano III Jr. + CMLL had Valiente vs Hechicero which was as fun as a lightning match gets.
  13. Vangelis is a close friend of the Munoz mafi... erm... family. That's how he got into CMLL & moved into a near top spot.
  14. CMLL shows only exist live via YouTube because Julio Cesar Rivera wants his voice heard. If he ever fell out of favor or left the company (haha), those streams would be gone in a heartbeat. Mas Lucha streamed a pretty fun Gen XXI show from Queretaro tonight. The Indystrongtibles & Bandido 3 way were fun watches and if an LA Park/Wagner/Demon Jr. house show match is your thing I heard the main was okay.
  15. Vamp was a very lonely guy at Wrestlecon - did little business, wasn't booked on any shows. He dressed up in his Guardian Angel outfit and took his friends around taking pics with wrestlers who were actually working, all the while telling them all how much he loved them. Lucha Underground is all but dead. Basically what I'm saying is Vamp needs a reason to be relevant these days & has never been one to tell a story for attention. Let's see how this one plays out.
  16. They were always gonna be in the opener, we just made a special note since for some reason people were doubting they would appear with MLW happening at the same time. Which is odd since we booked them before anyone & actually helped MLW out by agreeing to put them on early Thursday & late Friday so they could do both events each day. No point being dicks and depriving wrestlers of paydays if there's an easy work around. But the point stands - don't be late! Starting off HOT! Hope everyone has a good time this weekend, come say hi if you see me at the Hilton!
  17. Season 4 was REALLY BAD. It was sad to watch the few fans left who were so attached they would actually defend it. "Nah man this Jack Swagger thing is great! Let's see how it plays out!" I got so much heat for dare pointing out how many friends of friends were suddenly getting on the show to get that El Rey money before it disappeared. Good times.
  18. You'd think so but the legal system is weird & it seems people who AAA wants to torture/blackmail are not going to be given any easy way out. AAA wants to keep control of them.
  19. The company has literally gone underground.
  20. Yeah they run a regular schedule for the most part. Every 3 weeks or so in Tijuana. I was at their last show and it was really good minus the one CMLL match.
  21. Bucks were super over when they worked CRASH about 2 years ago. Before you could argue their popularity in the US exploded with the BTE stuff.
  22. In terms of the major shows this weekend I thought Rey De Reyes completely eclipsed H2L. Not really surprising as the CMLL card wasn't too hot on paper so you would need a good crew of workers to salvage it. CMLL just doesn't have a good roster any more & the few who are left that try are quickly beaten down by the system that discourages effort. It's kinda funny how CMLL has evolved into the pure entertainment for the simple fan company the hardcore fans always associated with AAA. Neither show had any standout MOTYCs or anything like that. Probably best of the bunch was the Rey de Reyes match itself or the CMLL semi-main if you don't watch regularly and haven't seen those teams do that same match but much better in the past. AAA appeared to draw a good house but not a sellout & of course the most interesting thing to the outside world is the Bucks getting absolutely zero reaction to both appearing and eventually winning the belts. But that match/angle was only done for various political reasons so it accomplished it's goal & is nothing some audio overdub can take care of. CMLL drew great for a nothing card which is not surprising and only makes it all the more frustrating that they can literally draw with anyone since their major shows are considered big events to be at... yet they still manage to pick the worst people possible and not even throw a bone to the guys who work hard and show up for every Puebla/GDL show they are booked on weekly.
  23. If Chris DeJospeh recent drunk tweeting is any sign of things... this thing is DOA. Which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. I hope we're at the point now where people can speak open & honestly on their version of the truth behind LU. Because once we have many versions we can piece together the actual truth.
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