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  1. I dont remember jetboy, that must have been after I tapped out at 2am est cuz im an old pussy. Bxboy whipped my ass good though...
  2. Just get me into a party chat, unplug your headset and turn up the volume on the tv, im sure I can run them off
  3. Today I went back to my apartment to watch princess robot bubblegum on tv while I actually went deer hunting irl. I did this to keep the game on for a while so my plants would grow at the grow house. when I got to the garage, I noticed a TRON bike laid down in the street so I proximity mined it then went upstairs. I was getting my camo on, half listening to the tv when I heard the kaboom and looked over to see I had gotten a bite. Agreed, its the little things. I got him 7 times in a row during that before I got bored with him. I gave him a pass and the lil twat came back later an
  4. I stand by my comment, Reigns didnt kill him. $hane took a spear out of a chairless van terminator. I highly doubt Reigns went into business for himself. Looks like $hane didnt tuck his chin and whiplashed the back of his head into the mat on a section of the ring with very little give. Probably concussed. Im not big on RR, but $hane probably shouldn't be doing in ring stuff. Take his shitty working punches, and do falls count anywhere brawls so he can get his spot monkey flippy shit in, but that McMahon dick measuring contest stuff shouldnt be in the squared circle. A top tier w
  5. Im going to hell, I legit lol'd @ a cp joke. Why are there so many $5 footlong cp jokes in the Survivor Series post show thread? How much synthetic testosterone did it take to produce that main event? Not just in the ring, but through booking/backstage and everything. Shane McMahon is able to beat the shit out of 2/3 of the Shield and Braun because he's the boss' kid, and goddamnit you better sell for a McMahon. Reigns didnt break him, $hane broke himself doing some $hane shit. Hey motherfucker, that ring aint a fucking airbag lol.
  6. Its an upper body business kid, youre gonna need some definition in those pecs and arms if you expect to make it. Im sure the part timers know some good "supplement" guys, hell I bet vince could hook you up.
  7. JT, just get a new xb1 slim and an elite controller. Its been my experience that a great round of cunninlingus has a similar effect to amnesia. Seriously though, relationships are give and take, nature has a way of balancing itself out.
  8. Thank you guys for the last page or so of this thread lol...the rug comment though, I fell out
  9. I think Phil missed out on the conversation involving the vertically challenged. My ribs are still hurting. Didnt mean to bail out on you guys but it was nearly 3am when my net shit the bed. I would have fallen asleep trying to load back into gta at that point
  10. So uh, is there dot killin about to happen or is this talk just fluffing me up?
  11. Here is a list by rank, name, nicknames, class, # of kills (#k), # of missions (#m). Major El Dragon "Devil Dog" - Assault, 0k, 0m (mission reward) Squaddie J Stout2 - Assault, 0k, 0m (psionic testing, new recruit) Squaddie Inline Stang - support, 0k, 3m Captain Ru Kered "Boomer" - Assault, 6k, 4m Captain Saggine Bo "Hex" - Sniper, 12k, 8m Colonel Slimy Elbow "Cobra" - Assault, 28k, 13m Colonel Robert Funguli "Arcade" - Heavy, 54k, 22m Colonel Phil Rippa "Roadblock" - Heavy, 42k, 26m Colonel Damien Death "Bonus" - Support, 36k, 27m Col
  12. I did a play through of this on easy...got OCD about people dying after I lost Stout on the first mission (yes, on easy) and ended up reverting to previous save every time somebody got KIA. I'll do a write up later hopefully, but I'm a little busy today.
  13. I really haven't had any problems with GTAO since I started playing again last week... Well...aside from night before last when I went to sell my product and I was locked in a loading screen after I clicked sell in LS twice in a row. First time I chalked it up to the game just being gta, quit out and restarted, 2nd time I just said fuck it and rolled with it... Luckily I had Damien and another guy (but he was nearly useless) with me . They had to deliver the stuff in trash trucks. I shit you not, I was at a black screen with the little circle thing rotating in the bot
  14. Wrath of the Machines raid live with clan!
  15. The only issue we had was my connectivity. Between the random from Europe (who had never completed it), it being Destiny, and streaming it to twitch...my shitty connection just couldn't handle the triumvirate of fucked. I ended up having to kill the stream on phase 2 of Aksis. I'll try again when we run a full clan fireteam for the raid. Other than that, we had one wipe on the 2nd phase of the first boss, and I can't even remember what the hell that was over. The clan I've assembled (M4ST3R B3T4S) * are seasoned raiders, and pretty good PvP'ers.
  16. I'm on playing right now. Third day in a row Stout has joined the lobby and left as we spammed him with party invites
  17. the rearrange circle is back in the clubhouse fwiw
  18. I promise, I've tried numerous times. If you have me blocked, or if you have your privacy set to only people on your friends list can contact you, then you won't receive game or party invites. I can't just join in on your session because you are in an invite only session according to GTA when I try to join.
  19. Streaming WotM live now! come check me out!
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