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  1. If Ufc 200 still do over 1 million without Conor then Conor took a L. I am surprised no mentioned a failed drug test cover up.
  2. Reebok claims they have nothing to do with the uniform rules. Did Nike drop Kobe for wearing a Lakers jersey with Adidas on it?No, I don't see UA dropping Steph Curry either.
  3. I am surprise UFC 198 sold out so fast. 45000 is a lot of seats.
  4. Not a bad card. 197-200 all look great, even the tuf finale has major buzz.
  5. It happens everyday, the drag racing charges will probably get drop because Jones didn't drag race and the cop admitted he wasn't speeding. Any judge with common sense will see that.
  6. Looks like Jones was actually innocent but he made the mistake of talking reckless to the police. You're a black man in a fancy car and a celebrity, two targets. Talking back will not make things better. Don't say nothing The cop said he was drag racing but didn't give a speeding ticket. C'mon man, this officer is the worst.
  7. Oh well, Bellator better start pushing Ben hard.
  8. I think Conor is tired of cutting weight. Jeremy Botter pretty much said Conor would not go back down to 145 no matter the outcome before 196.
  9. I wonder if Ufc put this information out to gauge fans interest in a rematch?
  10. Ufc 200 will sell itself. I would save gsp and punk for another ppv. Rda said he would like to fight Robbie. That should be the main event.
  11. I've been enjoying LU this season. No great episodes yet but each episode has been solid. Would love too see more Team Sitcom and Mundo and less Cuerno. We need more Mundo matches, he is the best performer. Where is Aerostar? I think Phil is just missing Dario.
  12. As much crap Bellator got, they deliver a more entertaining show than wsof.
  13. What made UK fans think they were getting different treatment? I think the Ufc from day 1 said it would be an exclusive fight pass event. Unless I missed something
  14. They should air LU season 1 on the WWE network in exchange for talent.
  15. Luckily, the surgery only will set him back 4-6 weeks. Hmmmmmmmmmm, wonder if CM Punk did this to avoid UFC 199?
  16. Looks like the Konnan and friends era are over.
  17. Positive step for MMA in NY. LOL at the fans on twitter being mad at Reebok. It's not that serious and at the end of the day fighters control their own destination. Bellator and Viacom is right there if they don't like UFC rules. It hasn't even been a year yet to work out the kinks.
  18. I don't expect them to do anything big with merchandising until they get a licensing deal. Good news is that luchaelrey tweeted out they're working on international shipping.
  19. Too much sexy star talking for my liking. Any news on the Rey tour using luchaunderground wrestlers on the 11/21-11/22 weekend ? What's the plan ? I assume this will be a huge issue in two weeks.
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