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  1. Got my 224th Platinum trophy with Saints Row The Third Remastered on PS5. This is the next-gen trophy patch that was put out for the PS4 Remastered game. This will be the third time I have Platinum'ed and 100% Saints Row The Third. The gameplay is still so addictive and awesome.
  2. Going through Saints Row The Third Remastered for PS5, I actually would want a full game of the "http://deckers.die" mission. Some weird Tron-esque Souls like / Devil May Cry like game would tap so many veins at all once.
  3. The thing is the gritty reboot was supposed to be Agents of Mayhem. Also, GTAV pretty much goes further with over the top stuff and better. I'm not exactly sure what the series can do after 3/4/Gat Out of Hell. Gameplay wise, It's at its peak there. They could always lean into the superpower aspect and make a parody of Spider-Man/Batman Arkham games. Or go in even a different direction and make a Horizon/God of War 2018 style homage to those games. It'll be interesting to see what they reveal next week.
  4. Honestly, Microsoft should delay the game again until all the features are ready. This is Halo: MCC all over again. I wanted to get a Xbox Series X just for Halo Infinite but I think I'm happy with my PS5 and Horizon: Forbidden West (whenever that may appear).
  5. The sun will shine and water is wet: another Call of Duty game is coming out on November 5. It looks decent, but I can't in good faith support Activision. Also, there was a surprise/shadow release of Quake on current gen consoles and PC. FUCK YEAH.
  6. Nanci Griffith died. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/r-p-grammy-winning-singer-181800443.html She was one of my daddy's favorites. He would play her live album One Fair Summer Evening often on Saturday mornings growing up.
  7. I probably need to do Mafia III after reading about JT's exploits with it as well. Got my 223rd Platinum trophy with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on PS3. I'll plan on doing the PS4 version at some point and do Chivalry II whenever I buy it on sale.
  8. I still haven't finished Assassin's Creed III.....on PS3. Ubisoft needs to stop making games so I can catch up.
  9. Got my 222nd Platinum trophy with LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 on PSVita. Game is super easy and fun, especially after doing Need For Speed games for about two weeks.
  10. This gets shared a lot but this is legitimately hilarious to watch. RIP Beautiful Bobby. I still remembered when I first watched wrestling and the first match I saw was the Midnights in WarGames at Great American Bash '89.
  11. That's correct - I was talking more about games designed to run better and/or exclusive on PS5 to justify having one in 2021. Beyond the re-releases mentioned earlier, we have....Deathloop? Really? That's going to be on Xbox Series X and PC in about a year anyway. If we're going by multiplatform games, you really don't need a PS5 right now. I can tell you what's on PS5 is crossplatform indie games. I mean, sure you can play Neptunia ReVerse and Void Terrarium and those are PS5 exclusives, but who tf would buy those (well, besides me of course)? I'm conflicted about GamePass being on Xbox Series because I'd rather have the physical copies and GamePass is really just a license to borrow the games for a finite period of time.
  12. Got my 221st Platinum trophy with Need For Speed Shift on PS3. Using the servers and multiplayer made the grind to the Platinum a lot easier; once the servers shut down at the end of the month, it will become a lot harder. Corner mastery on each track is somewhat broken; sometimes the game recognizes you've done the corner correctly but often it doesn't. So doing wins on all the tracks, drift tracks, and 250 podium places in multiplayer makes up for it. Then I have the DLC to finish (there is one online DLC trophy for the game and oh the DLC is now delisted), but not too bad.
  13. Honestly, by delaying Horizon: FW, it makes having a PS5 moot since they are also making a version of the game on PS4 too. Sony should have delayed releasing the PS5 until this fall. Yes, it sucks that not everyone has a PS5, but having a game like Horizon: FW that will show off the system's power makes it easier for those who have it. It's possible that both were not ready for this year -- like I said, I'd rather have Horizon: FW on PS5 this year and PS4 version either not at all or delayed. I haven't Platinum'ed Zero Dawn (yet), but I will be soon. There's really nothing for the rest of the year - although Sony will be releasing PS5 versions of Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima which helps some.
  14. Stupid Covid-19 messing everything up still. Sony honestly should have cancelled the PS4 version. If you can't get a PS5, just get the game, the PS5 will be there when you get it.
  15. Solar Ash got a release date of October 26, 2021 and Stray got pushed back to 2022.
  16. Got my 220th Platinum trophy with Need For Speed: Undercover. EA is shutting down the servers for this game on August 31, 2021. The game got to be pretty addictive but OMG the freaking NPC AI cars about made me snap the disc in half. They appear out of nowhere right in front of you when you are in first place - and when they get hit, they just sit there and don't move. Annoying. It also has Maggie Q and Christina Millian wearing skimpy clothes even though the story could be written on a napkin.
  17. Hopefully, this won't turn out like Guillermo Del Toro's Unsane that he worked on and was later abandoned.
  18. I told an offline friend of mine about it and he thought the name of the system was Steam Dick. Valve needs to probably rename it but Gabe Newell is too busy swimming like Scrooge McDuck in their vault of money.
  19. The only way I know is the trophy hunting site I frequent (they post trophy lists ahead of time) and psprices.com (which tells when new games are up). I agree - Sony needs better notification when PS5 versions of games you already own on PS4 are available. I found out that Shape of the World now has a PS5 version and Alphadia Genesis (RPG Maker RPG from Kemco) does as well.
  20. I was excited about getting it until I realized that the internals aren't any different than a standard Switch/Switch Lite. People expecting NIntendo's version of PS4 Pro should realize this is Nintendo and Nintendo is one of the slowest companies ever to adopt anything (they didn't even have a functioning network wide multiplayer online component until the Wii U).
  21. Not going to lie, I wish this were coming to PlayStation and PC too.
  22. It's entirely possible that this game will become vaporware and not ever get released. The trailers I've seen of it hasn't really impressed me that much although I honestly thought it would be released around the same time as Deathloop.
  23. I will likely get the PS5 version with the hope I can Platinum/100% the other three trophy stacks I have of the game first.
  24. The day I (and probably a lot of people) thought would never come: I'll be able to Platinum Grand Theft Auto V for PS3. I just completed the last online trophy for the base game. Have to get 9 more platinum medals in heists and run through Series A heist and I'll be done, well ahead of time for the server shutdown. Did Max Payne 3's online trophies a few weeks ago as well. Now I got to do the PS4 version of GTAV's online trophies before the PS5 version is out.
  25. Jett: The Far Shore has me wishing someone would look at what they did once it's released and make a Star Trek game in a similar vein (you do more exploration and talk with crew members on the bridge rather than engage in space battles).
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