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  1. Trophy hunters like me are wondering if Microsoft will shut down ALL the servers for Activision Blizzard games on PlayStation. Some of them are running on glue, gum, and tape at this point.
  2. Got my 245th Platinum trophy with First Class Trouble on PS5. Took less than 2 hours to get the Platinum since I had previously gotten the Platinum on PS4. The servers will likely shut down this year.
  3. Got my 244th Platinum trophy with First Class Trouble for PS4. Most of the trophies will autopop on PS5. I feel like this game is not long for this world and the servers will shut down soon. It's an online only multiplayer game similar to Among Us but very barebones and prone to disconnects and network errors.
  4. This doesn't bode well for Destruction All Stars, which tells me I need to hurry up and Platinum it.
  5. Got my 243rd Platinum trophy with Sniper Ghost Warrior on PS3. I did the online trophies years ago, but the entire campaign was tough due to the fact that if you have red/green colorblindness, you literally can't see ANY enemies in the game. How I got the Platinum I don't know. The last trophy took several attempts. Oh and at least four of the trophies are glitched. I managed to avoid glitches for three of them but not one of them (shoot 10 eagles).
  6. I managed to keep the intel people alive (probably because I was religiously checking the map everywhere I went). YES to getting tired of the mechanic. I was ready to kill him at the start of the game and basically ignored him too while I was OCD collecting in an area, making sure a scavenging location was cleared before I save, saving, uploading the save to PS+ due to the notorious glitches that would occur that I was warned about. It's a wonder I completed the game.
  7. Unfortunately, Warner Bros shut down the servers (!) for Mad Max on 10/31/2020. I know for trophy hunters this affected them and affected "Up To The Task" trophy due to the Scrap Crews needing access to the servers for it to be completed. Not sure if the same held true for the achievement (likely it did). I'm really pissed they did that too. I Platinum'ed Mad Max and I rushed through it for two weeks, so I really didn't feel like I enjoyed it due to the shutdown hanging over my head. Although I really loved the world design and the combat, but it does get repetitive (especially going around to all the scavenging locations). Honestly, it's probably Avalanche Studios' best game. They're known for Just Cause but those games on PS4/Xbox One generation are just broken.
  8. Yeah, after doing the Platinums for Infamous 1 & 2, I was shocked at how easy it was to get the collectibles and get the blast shards. It sorta felt like it was an incomplete game or half a game.
  9. Got my 242nd Platinum trophy with Infamous: Second Son on PS4. Rather easy Platinum although the final boss on Expert difficulty was some bullshit.
  10. Yeah considering how hard it was to find a PS5, I'm hoping Sony makes it easier to pick up the PSVR2 in stores. I'm not doing this whole dance again of waiting on a website to drop batches of the item for purchase. Come to think of it, I don't get how in 2022 (two years after it's release), we're not able to walk into a store to buy a PS5 (yes I know about supply chain issues and chip shortage, but the retailers can do it).
  11. I'm hoping we'll hear more about an actual release date for LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga. The game got pushed back twice and has a nebulous "Spring 2022" release window. I would want to hear about something before or on "May the 4th 2022" or even a release date for the game on that day, but I'm starting to wonder if the game got canceled.
  12. Got my 241st Platinum trophy just now with Dead Rising 2 on PS4. I started on the game in 2017 (!) but had a really bad co-op partner who got his Platinum and wouldn't answer my messages when the co-op trophy didn't pop for me. I played it again on co-op this past week with a better player and we both got the co-op trophies. I went back during the week cleaning up the trophy list (including the past two days working on 72,000 kills trophy that I had to start over because I ran out of time). I may do the PS3 version at some point since I have a few of the trophies unlocked.
  13. I'm likely getting Stranger of Paradise but I feel I would have to play Nioh 1 & 2 first before I tackle it. Also, don't forget the memes.
  14. I wanted to go for the Platinum for it. Oh well. (And I'll Platinum Anthem too!)
  15. I'm going to vanish completely in February. Dying Light 2, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Elden Ring (although I cancelled my pre-order of Saints Row due to stupidity from Volition regarding unceremoniously shutting down the Agents of Mayhem servers).
  16. As judging by my frequent posts about what Platinums I got - I chase too many of them. Some I like (Uncharted series, Tomb Raider (2013), Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spyro, LEGO games, etc), some I'm proud to have (Killzone 2, Warhawk, US/Europe/Japan regions of Demon's Souls PS3, Demon's Souls PS5, Dark Souls 1 & 2, Twisted Metal) and others I wonder why I did it (the numerous easy Platinums I've gotten). The trick is find the games you want to do and not worry about chasing clout for Platinums that the 'trophy hunting community' do.
  17. Got my 240th Platinum trophy with Pic-a-Pix Pieces on PSVita. I sorta like those games although they tend to be time consuming and a bit tedious.
  18. Got my 239th Platinum trophy with Christmas Run for PS5. Extremely easy Platinum that shouldn't really count. Took 9 minutes to Platinum but I feel so dirty for playing it.
  19. Got my 238th Platinum trophy with Soul Sacrifice Delta on PSVita. The servers are shutting down this Friday supposedly.
  20. Both of those are in my cart now. Also, Black Bird, moon, and Record of Lodoss War Deedlit in Wonder got released yesterday. I think my wallet's already dead, Sony.
  21. Olli Olli World got a release date today - Feburary 8, 2022. Probably not the best time to release it (Sifu is I think that day too).
  22. For the one or two people that still care, the servers for Mass Effect Andromeda appear to be down.
  23. Got my 235th Platinum trophy with Soul Sacrifice for PSVita. The servers for this game are shutting down on December 24, 2021. The Avalon pacts proved to be the toughest ones to do since partner AI is awful and solo playing can be difficult. So I had to do the Avalon pacts with online partners. Once the servers shut down, it will become harder to Platinum. EDIT: After spending two weeks doing really grindy RPG Platinums on Vita, decided to do some fast Platinums. Did Sakura Succubus on PS4 & PS5 for Platinum #236 & #237. Will go back to Soul Sacrifice Delta this week.
  24. Quantic Dream writing bad stories and doing a Star Wars game go hand in hand. Shame it wasn't Jedi Fallen Order 2 that was revealed.
  25. I got excited when I saw this. Although I thought it would be Space Marine Remastered since the cutscenes shown were from the first game. Saber Interactive has me a bit scared though and.... One of the more fun Platinums/100%s I ever got, even the 40,000 kills were great fun.
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