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  1. Uh, they clearly just had both Elias and Ezekiel sit on a couch.
  2. So was that just a dream or did their NXT champ really get devoured by the little guys from Phantasm?
  3. Hoping we finally get that Tyson-Secretariat rematch.
  4. A friend and I are trying to figure this out since he wasn’t identified and we can’t find any info on the internet. Who was the guy who sang the National Anthem at Survivor Series 1993?
  5. Holy shit. I know what this reminds me of now.
  6. At this point I’m assuming there’s no women’s battle royal this year, and instead we get Bayley defending against everyone left on the main roster outside of the other two title matches, sort of like AJ at Mania 30.
  7. This had to be Vince Russo's favorite episode of Raw since he left.
  8. What was with some of the officiating on this show? Joe gets counted down even though his shoulder was up the entire time. Shane gets his foot on the rope and the count stops in a cage match. That one is due to booking but it's no excuse. Lacey rolls Becky up and the ref just goes "Nah".
  9. That ending was something straight out of a TV show that does a wrestling episode but doesn't know how wrestling works, even in a kayfabe sense.
  10. I'm pretty sure I know where they're getting ideas for these Revival humiliation bits. Vince finally saw the highly-underrated 1990 Charlie Sheen/Emilio Estevez classic Men At Work. I eagerly await the segment next week where the Revival find an airbag in one of their lockers only to pop it and end up covered in shit.
  11. So did Harper ask for his release because they wanted him to be the mailman or because he found out Rhyno got the part instead?
  12. You know, that would make sense considering Elias interrupted Cena last year (which Elias sorta referenced a few weeks back) before Taker came out. So....it probably won't happen.
  13. New random thought: Kofi was made to believe he was being added to the title match at Fastlane. Now he gets his shot at Mania, only for Vince to throw one more roadblock in his way by adding one or two guys to the match.
  14. I assume that Big E & Xavier would end up in the ladder match. Since it looks like Cena's getting a match, maybe Owens?
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