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  1. The OSW Review guys used to run a count on how many times he'd adjust his gear during their TNA PPV Reviews. I think they carried it over to one of Ronda's matches as well.
  2. I don't think people are cheering MJF because he was doing heel stuff. Nor Jamie Hayter Fenix and Swerve both got booed for it earlier in the night. People were cheering for them because they are AEW. It was a huge reinforcement and message to Tony that we watch AEW to see AEW people and that, as fun as the debuts and signings can be, we want fresh faces on top for a while.
  3. Ok see... If they wanted to lean into the memes and have fun with this, Jericho vs Sting: Baseball bat on a Pole match, is a fucking great TV main event match. If it then leads to a PPV match between Sammy and Darby to determine a #1 contender to MJF then that's great story telling.
  4. I'd be fine with a "Best of" series if it was built up. Right now The Elite should be pissed with Pac and Fenix and there's your basis for a rematch at Winter is Coming. Booking a Bo7 series right out of the gate makes no sense from a kayfabe/logic standpoint and screams: "We wanna do 6 starz! ZOMG U GUYZ!!!" And I say that as someone who was clapping like a circus seal at the 4 way super kick between the Bucks and Luchas.
  5. Loved the first two matches + Storm v Hayter The rest of the show can get in a bin. Cody Rhodes has very clearly been an enormous loss for this company from a creative POV. Take out the great cage match, The Elite being... elite, and the Storm v Hayter slugfest (which should have ended three times before it actually did) and this was a TNA PPV. Why is Saraya kicking out of every move the women's ace hits her with after a 5 year injury hiatus? Why are the TNT and TBS titles defended on PPV? Cut this show to 3 hours and put those belts on TV only. Why are we get a fucking best of 7 series between two teams that have a reason to fight other than "We think we are better"? Why is there ROH on my AEW show when ROH have their own PPV in 3 weeks?!? Why did every second match have a Tombstone Piledriver? Why are we giving PPV time to Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal? If Sting isn't in shape then don't book him. Wrestling in a skivvy makes this look so cheap and I actually think the partnership with Darby has done more harm than good now. I'll keep track of AEW but I'm cancelling FITE for a while. This was a fucking SLOG to sit through and I really don't care enough to tune in every week at this point.
  6. Will stay silent once the main show starts but I'll say this - PUSH KINGSTON YOU COWARDS! If it's the one thing AEW achieve in the next few years, Eddie winning the World Title cannot be fucked up or stalled on. This man is one of the last "real" talents we have. He's Foley. He's Dusty. He is a CAN NOT MISS talent. Please don't fuck this up Tony.
  7. 12 Months ago AEW was on top on the world. Somehow they've managed to lose their way right as WWE have become as interesting as they've been in 5+ years. I don't know if Hunter has Tony spooked or if it's all just happenstance but AEW need to pull something out to steady the shit. Bringing in ROH and half the 2006 TNA roster hasn't helped in any way.
  8. Settle down Gordlow-netico!! +1 Bunny fan here too. If Starks is out of the tournament then give me Bandido v Archer in the finals. Ethan Page needs another month or two to keep building some main event credibility. I think Bandido going on a run and facing MJF at WiC would be a perfectly fine main event to close out the year and give MJF a title defence that isn't an automatic rematch or vs a 'Monster of the Week'.
  9. Let's not forget that Flair in WWF is what lead us to World Champion Bret Hart.
  10. I don't hate this. Bonus points if it ends up a 6 man with Owens on team Rock/Austin after last year, not because he loves Austin and Rock, but because Jey kept picking on his friend What happens to the belts though? I assume the Usos and Roman have dropped the titles at this point? I'd love Sami to be the one to dethrone Roman between now and Mania. Cody wins the Rumble and we get super face v super face at Mania. Not sure who takes the tag belts though. New Day are sparking things up again, the Brutes are there abouts... Split them again and get a set on Judgement Day somehow? Have to give WWE credit, there's a lot of intrigue around the top of the card and most of the title scenes heading into the new year.
  11. As much as I enjoy Sasha I would HATE if she's the one to end the streak. It needs to an AEW talent. If Statlander can get back in time for the 50th match I think that would be perfect. Build it up for weeks with Triple H "I have been rebuilt" style montages. Jade cutting promos about how she put her on the shelf for a year, next time she'll put her out for good. Baddies barred from ringside - Maybe do it in a cage? I think it would be awesome. Either that or you have her slip on a banana peel on a random ep of Dynamite vs Skye Blue or Yuka Sakazaki something.
  12. I'd assume the men's match is Bloodline v Drew/Brutes/TBA Not sure who fills the last spot. Logan Paul back maybe? Nakamura?
  13. The thing is: I don't think they do a screwjob finish if Bret doesn't come in. Or if Bret jobbed clean on his way over. I think Easy E was too clever by half trying to have Bret "right a wrong" and get the match restarted.
  14. Have finishing DS 1-3 and recently got through Bloodborne. Now playing Sekiro and it's kicking my ass. I'm getting slow in my old age... Getting Elden Ring for Christmas. Don't think I've anticipated playing a game this much since GTA V was released.
  15. It's the biggest sliding door/what if in the history of the business. You could write a thousand different scenarios based on "What if WCW used Bret better?" or "What if Bret stayed in WWE?"
  16. The beginning of the end for WCW. Bret Hart walking into that company should have been a massive, massive boon. Hart helping Sting kill the nWo and then building up a match between them to determine the 'real, undisputed' world champion was a no-brainer. That Bret didn't win the title until almost TWO YEARS later (only to immediately vacate it) is one of the all time bonehead booking moves. You had all the heat and hype that the super smark IWC/tape traders could possibly give you and you pissed it all away.
  17. I loved the APA shirt that read: Always Pounding Ass So much unintentional (or was it?) homoeroticism in the Attitude Era.
  18. Please, please, please Hunter, if you are lurking here with Tony K looking for ideas, PLEASE give R-Truth a huge comeback video set to Beautiful Day. Build it up for weeks and have him return on RAW/SDL at MSG wearing a denim and leather jacket.
  19. I think they could have built up a TV match with Roman. Maybe get Gargano and Theory interacting a few times and Austin is all "I'm my own man now!" and to prove it he announces he's cashing in on Roman for the last Raw of 2022. Build it up for a couple of weeks with sit-down interviews, Heyman and Sami trying to talk Theory out of it "for his own good", maybe Gargano and Candice actually tell him he's in with a shot? Then you can do the match a number of ways: If you want to build Theory up then you have Roman kick his ass but he doesn't quit. Go full Taker v Jeff Hardy with it. You can have Jey try to interfere and nearly cost Roman the match by mistake. If you want to send Theory back to NXT then you can have Roman hitting a Superman Punch and a Spear to win in 7 seconds before a new challenger (Lashley + Hurt Business) appears to close out the show.
  20. Turn Dark into the ROH Power Hour. Keep it as a weekly show that shows off upcoming/underutilized talent. Get rid of the TV title, keep the rest. Battle of the Belts is twice a year? At those shows we get ROH v AEW. World Champs Women's Champs Tag Champs Trios Champs Pure V TNT - Pure rules. In the weeks leasing up to BotB you run promos, interviews, vignettes etc showcasing the ROH champs that will be coming in to test themselves. Yes, nine times out of ten, the AEW champ will win but you can still get value out of these matches and shows. Right now there's zero direction and it's hard to get invested.
  21. I wouldn't be against it. Theyve built up Logan with One Lucky Punch but Roman hitting a Superman Punch and pinning him immediately would be pretty great.
  22. Obvious answer: Double ring Chamber.
  23. I'd like MITB to stay its own thing. It's a good way to give the World Champs a night off and put some shine on the upper midcarders you are looking at elevating. Go to a "Big 6" - Rumble, Mania, MITB, SummerSlam, KotR & Survivor Series - with "mini" PLE shows in-between. Chamber should be like HiaC - Special occasions only. Especially with Wargames coming to Survivor Series.
  24. The character breaking stuff is just going to make it hurt that much more when Roman has to put him down. I still think Sami winning the Rumble is the best thing they could do right now.
  25. I could see them ripping from Hangman v Omega with Sami v Roman. Sami has Roman in the corner, lined up for a Helluva Kick. The Usos are out and look ready to interfere but instead they give him the "Nod of Mutual Respect tm" and he beats Roman. Solo follows his name and takes no side in the war, instead looking to win the title for himself from Sami.
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