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  1. This sounds like a very different stipulation for Le Sex Gods...
  2. If I'm WWE I pivot big time and put the title on Sami here.
  3. Cheering for Philly and my boy Arryn Siposs. Siposs used to play Aussie Rules for my team, the Saints, here in Australia so I'd love to see him get a ring.
  4. I think Darby manages to juuuust sneak past Joe here and we get the return of Wardlow to MDK the champ afterwards. When is Wardlow due back? I could also see Darby sneaking a win and a new challenger appears. Swerve maybe? Speaking of which; Where is Keith Lee? Are we getting Swerve vs Lee or not?
  5. I'd have Cody go for the WWE Title. Sami wins the Chamber to get a shot at the Universal title. Night 1 is Cody v Roman & Sami v Solo. Cody wins and Solo also gets a shock win (ala Owen at Mania 10) before he injures Sami Night 2 we get Sami v Roman. Sami wins & Roman goes on hiatus afterwards. Post Mania we have Cody v Rollins on Raw and Sami vs Solo on SDL as a first title program. Reality is they will put KO/Sami vs The Usos and we will have to settle for that as "catharsis" vs Sami booting Roman's teeth out with a Helluva kick on his way to a world title!!
  6. Incredible to think that this kicked off the HBK/HHH v Taker at Mania saga. And then fucking Lesnar of all people broke the streak...
  7. How much Double J Gold can I get for $100 Bayley Bitcoin?
  8. Great show but my desire for an agent or filter for match layouts continues. We had Reverse/Poison Ranas is the first two matches and multiple Buckle Bombs across the show. It reminds of the scene in The Wrestler when the guys are all "You can't work the arm tonight. We're working the arm. Why don't you work the neck?" Edit your stuff people.
  9. I was not a fan of JJ coming in but he's perfectly fine in this midcard role. It's honestly what Jericho should have been doing with the JAS stuff from the start.
  10. So Danielson is just working through the rainbow of wrestling styles yeah? Takeshita - NJPW style Bandido - Lucha style Cage - Hoss/WWE style Not sure how many matches he has left but we still need a flippy Impact/X Division style guy, a British World of Sport guy and a 70s/80s "punch em in the mouth" Memphis style guy...
  11. Bastards! Always one step ahead!!
  12. If I can get one message/thought through to the AEW roster before Rampage it's this - Not every match needs the yay/boo striking spot. It's been done to death. Cut that shit out.
  13. It's fucking crazy to think but Cole, The Revival, Andrade etc are all 'his' guys arent they? Like, they fucking love him and Shawn from the NXT days. Tony could do worse than give Hunter ROH and a 2 hour Youtube/development show every week and just let him go to work.
  14. So how long until we get the AEW Brand Extension and roster draft? If the Saudis do buy WWE it's probably the biggest shift in the business since Vince went national.
  15. I think we build to Hangman going to a level we havent seen before and at Revolution he puts Mox on the shelf. Jon gets his vacation and Page moves on to MJF.
  16. Oh, I will also give them a million stars if MJF runs out and punts Takeshita in the crotch for the DQ win to immediately get out of Danielson's Iron Man match stipulation.
  17. I'd open with Hangman and MOX, maybe even have them brawling in the back to start the show and then flow into the ring and start from there. Trios Titles should main event. No idea how it will go. Thought The Elite were going to steamroll them in the comeback match. The obvious thing would be The Elite winning and Death Triangle breaking apart into Pac v Fenix with Penta forced to pick a side. Tony doesn't always do the obvious though and even when he does, he can take a lot longer than you would expect. Very excited to see how it all plays out!
  18. Instead of Shida beating down Toni, why not have Shida reach out to her "contacts back home" to team up with Mercedes? Saraya/Storm v Hayter/Baker v Shida/Monet That could give you multiple big name women's matches between now and Revolution.
  19. If Vince was around they'd be called "Hook Boys" and run a gimmick where they using those old school comedy hooks to drag people who's promos go too long. They'd spend 3 months feuding with Triple H & Seth Rollins before getting their heads shaved and being sent back to NXT.
  20. Also fuck Jericho. I'm not a fan of Cornette but he was right; The Action Andretti match was for Chris, not the kid. I don't think the JAS has made anybody they feuded with any more over. The biggest winners are Daddy Magic promos and Hager's Hat.
  21. They got me on the tag match. I legit threw my phone down and yelled "Fuck off Jarrett!" My 7yo daughter reminded me to not swear in front of children haha Super happy for Darby too. Now do SOMETHING with him beyond getting beat up for Sting. Wardlow coming back and trying to break him in half with powerbombs would actually be fine for Revolution.
  22. Is there a reason the did they title change here and not at the Rumble? Something up with Rousey? Feel like they could have thrown out an "open challenge" and teased it a little.
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