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  1. Most of the show felt like a bit of a slog but that main event was some great pro-wrestling. Great story telling with Jericho just being that step slower, that slight % weaker, that little bit desperate. Compare that to the women's tag where Athena had her leg worked on to open, then hit a springboard off the second rope and made the hot tag following a Meteora knee strike... Also was the crowd just not there for this show? Even my wife commented on how quiet the show was compared to normal. Is this an Albany thing liked steamed hams?
  2. We all dance around this but if stability is what they want then Danielson ain't it. He's one bad bump away from giving us another Interim Champion. I thought this was the perfect chance to crown Darby and really put the focus back on 'AEW Guys' with a program between him and MJF following Full Gear. Now I think we get Mox cementing himself as AEW's 'Top Guy' leading to MJF taking the title at Full Gear.
  3. Sugar Skulls as a compromise? Hunter gets his metal/death motif but we keep the colourful feel and put a greater focus on luchadores for a year. Then we rebrand again but instead of 'skulls' we get 'skols' and a year of Scandanavian bear fighters throwing bombs at each other ala Steiner v Goldberg. Theeeeeen we go from 'skols' to 'skills' and it's a year of NXT 'Pure' rules with the best technical grapplers the world has to offer. Theeeeeeeen....
  4. Darby, Sting & Muto v Pullman Jnr, Anderson Jnr & "A Mystery Partner" Bell rings and Muto IMMEDIATELY mists Sting in the face, leaving Darby 1 on 3. Sting makes the big heroic return, hot tag, pins Pillman to send the crowd home happy.
  5. AEW should bring back "Spin the Wheel" for a TV special every now and then. They have a roster that loves to ad lib and work without restriction so having them get a match stip right before walking through the curtain would be awesome. If they don't want to risk that then you spin the wheel on Dynamite for the match on Rampage. Just don't rig the wheel like WWE did. If it means we end up with a random Toni Storm v Bunny barbedwire tables match, or FTR v The Acclaimed in a Davey Richards on a pole match, then so be it.
  6. It would have been huge but I don't think anyone could have seen that coming. I honestly think it was meant to just be a one and done match but the reaction means a pivot to a short feud and The Acclaimed getting a run. Full credit to Swerve and Lee for embracing the heel turn as well. Can we use this to change their team name to "Strick-Lee Business" now?
  7. The Acclaimed winning the Tag Belts is going to be an all time pop in AEW history. It'll be like when Foley won the world title; replayed forever.
  8. Fuck it. Allin beats Sammy. Danielson beats Jericho MJF costs Mox At Grand Slam Darby wins the World Title (because unlike Punk, Danielson puts people over) and we have Mox/Kingston MDK'ing Jericho/Sammy with Eddie finally getting Jericho to tap out. MJF watches on from a sky box and we build to him v Mox at Full Gear. MJF goes over and we get a great build for the World Title between two AEW 'Pillars'. MJF can even pull the 'You wouldn't have that belt if it wasn't for me' promo. Him taking out Sting backstage would be huge heat as well. I know people will want Bryan as champion but I love the idea of him always falling just a breath short and not winning the AEW Title until he's right at the end of his run. "You don't put the title on Andre" and all that.
  9. I want a Buddy/Brodie/Julia v Butcher/Blade/Bunny feud that ends in a 6 person lights out match. The following Dynamite they all do the handshake of mutual respect end turn into a super group - Brodie as the leader and occasional World Title contender, Buddy the midcard guy putting on bangers for the TNT or AA titles, Butcher and Blade as the tag team with Bunny and Julia ending up in the Women's Tag Title Tourney that's going to come along sooner or later.
  10. **Cold open...** Yo... Yo... Listen... Acclaimed comin' out here to spit to you What's legit CM Punk didn't get fired Nah, he just straight up quit. Started pickin' fights And then tried to run away The next place you'll see him Is curtain jerkin' TNA It's time to put the strap On a homie with some real fame Ya main event tonight For the title Is THE ACCLAIMED!!!
  11. Yo Yo Listen The media reporters layin' out All the backstage heat You were screamin' for Scotty Goldman When fronted by The Elite How's ya foot? Take it easy We ain't tryin' start an insurrection I just wanna make sure I'm not gonna catch your staph infection The Acclaimed raise the game Like we got cheat hacks You better call doc Amann For some Z-packs
  12. Jericho v Moxley for the title? Will it be interim or full status? In other thoughts - Does Ruby Soho get to punt Sammy in the dick 10 times on live TV? Will FTW ever get a shot at the tag titles or are The Acclaimed going to get a rematch? What's the plan for the Trios Titles now that Elite vs Undisputed is off the table? Does Wardlow have anything to say about MJF walking back in as the #1 contender when he's been undefeated as TNT champion since their match? Can't wait to hear JR telling everyone at home about why the storytelling of all these matches is irrelevant and how finishing moves are stupid.
  13. Here to explain CM Punk's release are Adam Cole and Jay White.
  14. If WWE bring Punk back it should be a 12 month deal - Go over Miz at Mania 2023 Job to Roman at SummerSlam Job to Rhodes at Survivor Series Job to Bron Breakker at Mania 2024 HOF the next time Mania is in Chicago
  15. To try and clarify: I'm not looking to defend WWE here. The point im making is that if this is a shoot, Punk is now developing a very negative position in his 2nd major promotion and is directly attacking the people that built that promotion. If it's a work then it's leaning into the absolute worst aspects of smarky kayfabe BS. I'm supposed to believe Cody Rhodes couldn't book the "Cody-verse" but Punk gets to do this? Maybe I'm screaming into the wind but it's not engaging or making me want to see what happens next. It's quite the opposite actually where I kind of want Punk to go away now...
  16. Why did he quit though? He and Vince/Hunter clashed over his booking. They told him to do business or walk. It was an ultimatum. The point I was making is that his leaving WWE was because of backstage issues related to how he and his friends were booked. Now it appears the same issue is coming up in AEW with Khan/Elite subbing in for Vince/Hunter. If it's a work it's a poor one as it makes Punk look like the whiny, unprofessional loser WWE always said he was. If it's a shoot then Punk needs a good slap but I fear the Tony loves the Pipebomb era Punk too much to do anything about it.
  17. IF IT'S A WORK then they fucked up choosing Punk as the one to call out Hangman and the Elite. MJF would be the perfect guy to sit there as champ and say "Fuck the cool kids for not letting me in and fucking with my money/contract." It plays into his thinking he's the biggest star in AEW but also rings a lot more true because he's an AEW guy. Like it or love it, Punks persona will forever be tied to being pushed out of WWE for not wanting to do business their way. At the time we sided with him. We wanted justice for the 'indy darlings'. Having him bitch and moan about backstage shit in AEW turns this from a one time issue with Vince/Hunter into a pattern of behaviour. It makes it look like he took his ball and went home and didn't come back for 7 years because he wasn't going to get his way in any relevant promotion. IF THIS IS A WORK it's a terrible one because in a post kayfabe world we want/understand that harmony in a workplace is important. We want these guys to be able to go to work and enjoy themselves. It's the literal reason so many of us were happy these guys got out from under Vince. It wasn't about being world champions, it was about being able to perform with their own creative flair. There's been spot fires here and there backstage with AEW but now it feels there is a very clear divide forming between "Punk's guys" and "The Elite & Co". NOBODY wants an AEW Civil War storyline. We do not need to go down the path of a "WWE Guys" stable and re-hash of the fucking nWo... again. IF IT'S NOT A WORK then Punk should be flat on his back at Grand Slam dropping the title. Put MJF over and fuck off for a bit to work out what the hell he's doing. Be part of the team or take your ball and go home again. AEW was fine before you got here, it'll be fine after you're gone.
  18. These 4 would actually be a sweet midcard stable. It would give us Bunny & Julia Hart in the eventual Women's Tag Title tourney as well.
  19. What an absolute bitch. I'm sure he sells plenty of merch but the honeymoon period is well and truly over with this guy in my eyes. I was ecstatic to have him back but he's no better than Hogan and Hunter when it comes to backstage politics and without someone to reign him in all his worst traits are showing.
  20. The sing along after the match was weird but Drew is not the guy to beat Roman for the title.
  21. I'm giving this show a solid 'meh'. Triple H era got Tony spooked.
  22. The day that he pins Moxley with it for the Title will be huge. The day that P-P-P-Powerhouse Hobbs becomes the first man to kick out of it will also be huge.
  23. Where is the 'upset' coming from? Surely it's not going to be a clean sweep for NXTUS?
  24. I'm all for people getting paid. I'm all for multiple promotions having multiple titles. If I'm watching AEW though, why is Claudio defending the ROH World Title on Rampage? Why is Dustin Rhodes wanting this title and not the actual AEW World Title? Are they equivalent in terms of pay and status? If the ROH Titles are that highly regarded then why aren't the Tag, Pure, Women's and TV titles being highlighted? Having 15 titles doesn't make these matches more interesting or prestigious. If anything it makes them more predictable. Dustin was never winning that match. Take out the title though and there's a chance he could have upset Claudio to start a program. In the last 12 months we introduced the TBS, AA and Trios titles to the AEW roster, as well as all the ROH Titles AND the AAA/NJPW Titles floating in and out. It was cool when Kenny was the Belt Collecter, building himself up as THE World Champion in North America. It dilutes things (IMO) when you have Mox and Claudio both claiming to be World Champion, Wardlow/Joe/Yuta/PAC/Hook all holding midcard titles, Multiple sets of tag titles from multiple promotions, Multiple women's titles... And this is all before you get to the 'Interim Champion' debate. I keep saying it but the ROH stuff needs to be confined to Dark. Turn that into the ROH Show, clarify the roster split, and keep everything clear. Then when you do Battle of the Belts every 6 months it actually has a purpose with the ROH guys being highlighted vs their AEW counterparts.
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