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  1. Fuck if "Pulling in non-wrestling fans" is the criteria for beating Roman then get the strap on Logan Paul right now. Of everything that happened Mania weekend, Logan and KSI had BY FAR the biggest reach in my friend/co-worker circles. Knowing I'm 'the wrestling fan' I was hit from every angle with "OMG did you see KSI in the wrestling?" when I came into the office today.
  2. Counterpoint - Imagine walking into every McDonalds you see and telling everyone inside they're all morons for enjoying it. Or standing outside a theatre and telling all the poeple who walked out of Antman & Wanda: QuantumPsychics that their opinions don't matter because they are all just sheep. There seemed to be a pretty common vibe that WWE was on the right track up until Roman got the W. For people to then immediately pivot into "This company will never learn how to make people happy" is just bonkers. The reason people point to the gate/buys/merch is because WWE are clearly doing enough to make people happy, even if a lot of the 'purists' aren't satisfied.
  3. Nowhere near the Reign of Terror. That was dubbed so because it stopped so many borderline main eventers being made. The only guy that should have beaten Roman in this run is Sami. Other than that, Roman building this title run is everything to WWE and the person that beats him will be a made man forever. You don't use that on someone who's already in the A tier of superstar. Just like Wyatt or Reigns should have ended the streak before Brock, you need a Sami/Jey/Bron/Gunther type to be the one that ends Roman's run because it'll hold that much more value in elevating them than it would in simply giving a Cody/Drew/Rollins type a title run.
  4. They know who it is. SummerSlam. Detroit. Two of the biggest families in wrestling.
  5. I think the next biggest thing WWE need to work out is what to do with Bianca. A unification match with Rhea would make sense but surely you hold off on that until SummerSlam?
  6. What a fucking amazing show. Let Roman keep going forever. EDIT: I'm one who wasn't sold on Cody being 'the guy'. He's already a main eventer but beating Reigns is one of those 'All timer' moments. Use it to establish someone coming from the midcard into being a legit main event star. SummerSlam is in Detroit this year... Let the build of Bron Steiner begin!
  7. KSI (941) KSI wants to face Bobby Lashley!!!: WrestleMania 39 Exclusive - YouTube
  8. I think they are all perfectly fine in terms of quality but none of them, outside the Profits, screams "Make us champs". And even then, the SPs need to be handled with care because there's a singles run for Ford coming. I wonder if the tag belts get split again? It seems strange to have 1 world champ & 1 sent of tag champs but then 2 women's champs... and then one women's tag title as well... Maybe we see a unification of the women's belts instead?
  9. Agree that KO/Zayn need to be booked really carefully post Mania. You want them to get a good run but there's not a heap of quality opposition. Street Profits the obvious choice but I think we get a rematch with the Usos, with a big stipulation, at Backlash. I think Judgement Day follow Rhea to SDL and feud with the LWO for a while. That'll be great fun. Bron Breaker to debut on RAW & set up a match with Theory? Can't wait to see how tomorrow night goes down. Super excited for the HIAC plus the main event.
  10. I thought he was doing black/red/gold as a callback to Eddie at HH98? Dom in the purple/black of Judgment Day/Rey 98.
  11. Great night 1. Can't argue with any of the results. Personal highlights - KSI showing up was great. Got heaps of chatter from my casual fan friends. Can he work as well as Logan? A KSI/Paul tag team could be fun. Rey v Dom my MOTN. The entrances were great. The callbacks were great. You can argue Dom should have won be he will be fine. Loved it. KO/Sami main event was the right call. Not sure where they go from here, story wise, but it was the moment Sami needed. So happy for Rhea. Hunter loves her and I hope she reigns for ages. Just wish she got the beat Charlotte and not whichever Wayans brother it was that they got into White Chicks make up for the night.
  12. How else to you build up your finisher bar?
  13. I remember watching Casino as a teenager and not understanding why the cheat didn't take the hammer and the money. I thought "Dude, take all the money and then just head to the emergency room and get your hand sorted. Sure, it'll hurt like hell and you probably can't hold a pen again but you've got a shitload of money for it!" I didn't understand the US health system (and it's extreme costs) back then... To tie this into wrestling; No more 'independent contractor' shit. Give all your employees proper healthcare WWE!
  14. Assuming Ospreay is out of action, total fantasy booking, no idea on the state of play in NJPW or the politics behind the curtain -
  15. Oh man, the 4 corners on a pole match from WCW... For AEW you get: A signed photo of Danhausen A guest spot doing commentary on Rampage Hager's Hat The AEW Cross Atlantic Titanic Passage Title
  16. Tuxedo T-Shirt He still wants to be formal but he's here to party.
  17. Is Ben still around? We can finally get that hobo army story. This is how we build Mark Briscoe to take the title from MJF. That or Piranisi? If only for a weekly "AEW Fashion Watch" segment.
  18. Great list but want to highlight this one and ask the board - Is "It's my yard now." the greatest 'words for impact' promo of all time? There's all time great promos, but the weight of 4 words was incredible.
  19. I remember in NXT Elias had a surname - Samson - I thought "That's juuuust close enough to do a 'long lost brother' reveal. A Sandow/Elias tag team could have been great. Sandow the pompous, spoiled, much loved brother & Elias the artistic rebel who left home to be his own man. This is why the whole "Creative has nothing for you" line is such BS. There's always SOMETHING you can be doing to get a character developing.
  20. Off the top of my head - The pop for Austin helping Foley. WHAT? - Not a moment but it's become all time vernacular. The entire YES Movement, but specifically Bryan turning on Wyatt in the cage. Wyatts v SHIELD faceoff. The opening bell standoff between Danielson and Omega.
  21. I'd go for the Rock rolling handstand to get back to my feet, then into "Triple H overselling Orton" for a moment, before finally staggering into a Flair Flop.
  22. After THAT promo in Seattle I thought Elias was going to be an upper mid card guy for life. From memory he used to hit a pretty sweet flying elbow in NXT and the 'Drifter' gimmick had a both comedy and danger built in. Should have been a slam dunk but then, how many times have we said that over the years?
  23. Not only would a vaccine not be a sure thing, but through the season it's been made clear that getting an infection is kinda the least of people's issues. Taking spores out of this universe makes the cordyceps far less of a threat and thus reduces the "save the world" angle of a vaccine. People are the issue. If you run into a clicker, you're just dead. Same with a bloater. If you stumble outside a QZ and into some of the runner types then the infection is a side effect if you manage to not have your throat gouged out or head ripped off.
  24. The link that got put up with SportBet in Australia specifically says Countout or DQs don't count. Even if it's a small, capped limit, it seems insane that we can gamble on a PRE DETERMINED outcome. I know it's been a thing in the NFL for years but this is getting out of hand!
  25. Remember that one year Michael Cole won a WrestleMania match? That's what legalized gmbling will give us. Omos is a 4-1 outsider vs Brock? Let's have wrestler X cause the distraction, Omos hits the Sky High, gets the pin and we all collect. Brock can then hit him with 25 suplexes and F5 him through a table afterwards to get his heat back.
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