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  1. I don't mind the song but it felt way too up tempo for Bray's entrance. Might grow on me but early feeling is a thumbs down.
  2. I think we get one more Danielson v Garcia match - for the ROH Pure title - at Full Gear. AmDrag getting to go full blown catch-as-catch-can with a kid like Garcia has to be a dream of his right?
  3. I think the only guys that would truly count as a 'shocking' return would be Jericho, Mox and AmDrag. Undisputed Era, FTR, Andrade, Black etc is just Hunter getting the NXT Crew back together. Sasha/Mercedes would be a pretty big initial shock but I'd rather see her prove her worth outside WWE. As for shocking debuts - Darby Allen would be my #1. I think MJF and The Elite will both work for WWE one day, even if it's a 6 month run with a big Mania match ala Sting, but a guy like Darby in WWE just doesn't compute. Even a guy like Eddie Kingston could show up for a Foley-esque 'on his last legs' type run. But Darby... I don't see how they would work it.
  4. I've been wondering about the specifics of AEWs deal with NJPW. Obviously there's the Jay White - Adam Cole/Kenny Oemga connection but outside that? I could absolutely see Hunter going to them with a proposal for much bigger US exposure and opening up NXT for guys on excursion in exchange for being able to book dream matches like Tana v Cena and Okada v Reigns.
  5. Is the Roman/ Paul match for both belts? I could actually see them having a fuck finish and Roman drops one title. If the Saudi Prince's nephew is a Logan Paul fan he might just buy him the title, even for a "Dusty Finish" that gets scrubbed out on SmackDown or something.
  6. For the men? Absolutely. But I think 1-2 more 'names' in the women's division would help out for sure. With Britt & Jade being their own little universes, Storm (and Rosa) need more than Deeb, Hayter & Nightingale to defend against. Unless they are gonna elevate Ford/Bunny/Conti/Anna JAS?
  7. Are her and Keith Lee still together? AEW can still use more name value in the women's division.
  8. Ronda is a perfect example of someone who is over enough to leave be but who could be a fucking MEGA STAR with a manager. As good as this run has been for Roman, so much of it should be credited to Heyman for getting him to that next level. Give Ronda a decent spokesperson and turn her into Lady Brock and she'd be that 'special attraction' WWE wishes she was.
  9. I've said it 1000 times. Turn Dark into the ROH show. Keep the title matches exclusively there to help get eyes on it. Then, in the lead up to BotB, you put on some 'SuperStar Spotlight' vignettes hyping the ROH champions. BotB week is then ROH v AEW World Champs Women's Champs Tag Champs TV v TNT champ Pure v AA champ Yes, AEW is going to sweep this more often than not, BUT it means that down the line if someone like Dante Martin is the ROH champion and he upsets Moxley in their match then it means something. Turn ROH into your NXT and it will actually become MORE important, rather than just another bunch of titles that people (mostly) DGAF about.
  10. The best thing Pillman could do would be to try and get a development deal with NXT. Work for free and bunk in with someone if you have to. He's not going to get that kind of attention and coaching in AEW unless he is 'in' with one of the bigger crews like BCC or The Elite. As awesome as AEW is in ring, there aren't a heap of people rapidly improving year on year. They have a few select projects and the rest fend for themselves.
  11. Bray is the very definition of "less is more" in the ring. He can get by on promos and aura alone for months at a time and then have a brutal, 10-12 minute brawl or 20+ minute plunder fueled main event. If he's going back to "Cult Leader" Bray then recruiting Braun and Alexa to battle Judgement Day would be perfectly fine to start as a major feud. I don't see him taking the title from Roman but I'm not sure that's really what he is. He will get a pop and move merch regardless of the title.
  12. I can believe the following bullet points: - Andrade feels he's been "lost in the shuffle" in AEW - Sammy thinks Andrade is over-rated and lucky to be there. - Andrade feels that, under Triple H, he'd be a bigger star back in WWE. - Sammy is an "AEW 4 life" kinda guy and is going all in on anyone who's not of the same mindset.
  13. Oh man, now I wish TV stars DID behave like wrestlers. The GoT cast unloading on D&D hours before the premier of Season 8 would have almost been worth it.
  14. I would honestly keep Jade going until Statlander is healthy again. If that's not for 12 months then so be it. Let Jade get to 49-0. That's one title match a month for the next 11 months. Otherwise put her in tag matches. Then she can put out an open challenge for Full Gear 2023. Lights out. Laser beams. 'KRIS' appears on the screen. Lights on. Jade is SHOOK!!! Bell rings. BIG BANG THEORY!!! New Champ!
  15. Wrestling is meant to be "Soap Opera for Men" but could you imagine the cast of Days of our Lives or Neighbors bitching each other out on Twitter as constantly as these chucklefucks? Should be a new rule: Nobody under 28 years old can wrestle. Nobody over 28 years old can wrestle until they've cleared DPPs "This guy is not a dickhead" live in life course.
  16. Oh? I must have the timing backwards. For some reason I though Fish was doing his low key thing before Cole turned up.
  17. Luigi & Danhausen have to get something going, surely?
  18. Nese has been fine as a low card heel that can get competitively beaten up. Fish got signed to help get KOR and Cole signed. I think the 'bad' signings were locking in all of Miro, Black, Andrade, Cole, Lee & Swerve with no real plans for them outside of Cole doing the "Elite vs UE" which won't happen now. The roster is absolutely stacked which is awesome from an in ring POV but it means we end up in situations like FTR or Darby/Sting kind of... floating around... And feeling aimless. How they haven't had FTR smash through and win the titles again, while they hold all the gold, is beyond me. All it takes is AAA or NJPW to say "hey we want our belts back" and you miss the opportunity. I love that AEW has put a legit #2 option into the western/US market but Tony needs help planning this shit out so that there's clear progression for more characters and that the 'moments' actually stick rather than being lost as he goes onto the next project.
  19. She started as the "Anti Diva" and then never had to evolve because the NXT mutants got hold of her. As soon as she turned 21 she was on the main roster, being pushed as the face of the 'Women's Revolution' tm. Then the Horsewomen, Asuka, Shayna and Ember came along and just blew her out if the water workrate wise.
  20. She was also a pale, raven haired kid, in a locker room full of tan, blonde, fitness models. The NXT crowd ADORED her and that probably saw her get a push up the card and onto the main roster waaaay ahead of time. Put her in NXT during the Bayley-Asuka-Baszler run and she's lost in the shuffle.
  21. With Strickland now a heel it's gonna be awesome hearing the crowd troll his entrance theme. "Who's house?" SARAYA'S HOUSE!!
  22. Jericho stooging as the ROH champion is exactly where I wanted the JAS to be. Low-mid card comedy stuff that just gets under people's skin. Happy for the Acclaimed. Should have won after the boom box - Blockbuster - Mic Drop spot. What happened to Caster there? Did he fall or did Swerve push him and the production team missed it? Main event was... fine. The Death Rider is anything but these days. It's a Butterfly suplex and not a very good one. Stick to the Mick Foley DDT Jon.
  23. It's only been the last couple of months for me TBH. But when Ford licked Willow's face you had the team all expressing varying levels of disgust/shock and then JRs sitting there mocking them screaming "She licked her face. She licked her face!" in the most obnoxious voice. It's almost like he hates being there at times.
  24. Can't wait for JR to fuck off.
  25. It's a fine line isn't it? It felt like Deeb/Baker had a run down of the story - Injure Athena as the FIP, hot tag to Storm followed by Baker/Deeb cheating to win and the Hayter spot post match. I can see a case for what you're saying but, specific to this match, someone as intelligent as Deeb should be working the leg specifically to take away Athena's move-set. "Grounding the high flyer" isn't a hard concept to grasp but when matches are called on the fly more often than not, it can lead to some weird interactions. It really goes back to an issue that I think is greater than some wonky spots/selling/logic and that is AEWs continued issues with production and polish. WWE would book that match to the nth degree and it would feel a little hollow. We could all basically call the spots and theory of the match coming. AEW though are so... I want to say 'in the moment' that there's no consideration for something as small as "I shouldn't use springboards & knee strikes after having my leg worked".
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