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  1. I wonder if that kid had any idea what he was doing?
  2. Frumpy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzkrKfk4kYE No idea how to embed...
  3. Thread needs more "Dr Christmas Jones"
  4. That's all well and good but when do we get to the Tuxedo Football matches? I also want a flowershop streetfight complete with "dawgy".
  5. Somone should do a comparison of acting styles between Pacino and Christopher Walken. I think they are a hell of alot closer in cadence and tone than most people notice.
  6. Great performance, but, in the Academy's defense, the Best Supporting Actor category was loaded that year. Tommy Lee Jones won for The Fugitive, and you had DiCaprio in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Fiennes in Schindler's List, Malkovich for In The Line of Fire, and Postlethwaite for In The Name of the Father. That is one fucking loading class. Would get my vote from that group. He was only 18 or 19 at the time but that part (and the movie as a whole) are just fantastic. Who would've thought that 3 years later Arnie Grape would be playing Romeo in a big budget film?
  7. Hunter + Wyatt Family vs Bryan, Show, HBK and a returning God ??
  8. I can't believe this Goldust is an older version of the man known as Black Reign in TNA. No fucking way its the same guy. Seriously though; its amazing what a little motivation can do for someone's ring work.
  9. Big E was running around as a face in NXT at the same time they were pushing face Ryback to the moon and it was clear who the better of the 2 was. The 5 count gimmick was over HUGE down in Florida. If Langston is face does that mean he and Ziggler are friends again? What about his bff in AJ?
  10. Wasn't all the recent talk that Hogan was trying to get back to WWE for WM 30? It'll be a fantastic pay day for everyone involved so I'd think a fair few legends would want in. Can we get a Hogan/Warrior moment? Have 3MB try to 'steal the show' Hogan comes down and gets near the ring, stops and points to the ramp and heeeeeere cooooomes thaaaaa waaaaaaariooor!!! Legends clear the ring, pose down and hand shake. Mania moment created for those there live, we get all nostalgic at home and Hogan and Warrior get their paydays.
  11. Im not sure how he compares to everything else that was nominated that year, but Max Cherry is one of the few times ive watched a movie and been totally sucked into believeing a character was actually a real person. As in, I had no idea who he was when I first saw Jackie Brown (I was 14) and afterwards I legitimately thought he was a bail bondsman or parole officer that had turned to acting. That whole movie is just fantastic though.On topic - It bugs me that Pacino won for Scent of a Woman. Even more so that it was seemingly done as a 'lifetime achievement' award. I like the movie enough but he hardly screams "Best Actor" at me in this, despite screaming everything else.
  12. The Texans have sold out every single game in Houston for their entire tenure. They're one of the top ten most valuable franchises in all of sports. They are the biggest deal in sports in Houston. The Astros and Rockets can only hope to get the attention the Texans attract. Remember, there's no big college teams in Houston, so the only real football is the Texans. And, the Texans are embraced in the city. JJ Watt is a folk hero here, and even though they hurt us all the time, we always come back. Even though Matt Schaub is throwing that fifth pick six in five games, we'll all watch the next week. Told ya it was a noob question hahaIts nice to get this sort of info though. From the coverage we get through Fox and ESPN you would think that Houston are just 'there' as far as teams go.Thanks for clearing it up.
  13. Holy shit. Just when I thought Ben had it all won with his shrimp boat cops, this guy comes along with "Tommy Wiseau: Wrestling Promoter". Round robin of Tuxedo Football matches to decide the new TNA Champ?
  14. Totally noob question coming (dont throw things, Im Australian!) -Is it worth holding the Texans in Houston? Would they have more value in LA/Vegas/Toronto/Mexico City? I only ask because they havent been around all that long and they just dont seem to be embraced by the fans or medie in any way. They dont have the point and laugh feelings of a JAX or Browns... They are just, kinda there....
  15. If TNA is for sale Vince should buy them and ROH, have them form an alliance and start an invasion. The NXT crew will divide their loyalty. Hogan, Sting, Styles, Jeff, Bully and Angle can sit at home being paid by Dixie. The alliance will be led by Heyman, Vickie and Michael Cole with Roode, Storm, Davey Richards, Sami Zayn and the rebelling Daniel Bryan, CM Punk duo. Cena, Show, Rhodes, Kane, Orton and Del Rio to lead the WWE. Eric Young and Santino to form a comedy team. Cena will turn 2 months before the final showdown and Hunter will claim there is a mole in the alliance. The alliance will point to Zayn because he has been cheered the whole time. Cena is revealed as the mole at the PPV. The next night the crowd totally forgets the heel/face alignment from during the alliance and goes right back to cheering Bryan, Zayn and Punk while booing Cena. Foolproof.
  16. Stunned that he was only 22 when called up.
  17. This might get me in trouble but Chris Masters debut was boring as shit. Turns up in a limo. Gets in Flair's face, hinting he should be in Evolution. Huge pose/pyro intro leading into a snoozefest that finishes with a Full Nelson. Obviously he got the Masterlock over eventually but seeing such a basic move win a match put people off I think. Turn that into a full nelson slam and maybe he can get over early enough to go to the upper mid card on his own. As it was, they forced him down people's throats and there was a backlash. A massive shame considering how well hes developed with more years under his belt.
  18. Chris Harris in NXT/WWE/ECW. I can't remember his name, or which show it was on, but he was so fat, lazy and pathetic that that single match ended his career. From part of the hottest tag team in 5+ years to unemployment, based on that debut match.
  19. I loved the finish to one of his random Raw matches with Regal who was in his "Power of the Punch" phase. Regal lost one set of knux when the ref gave him a pat down present match, but Regal had a spare set hidden near the ring. Might have even been behind a turnbuckle pad. Anyway Regal hits the PotP and Show falls back into the ropes, rebounds and collapses on top of a gloating Regal for the pin. Not an all time classic but a really clever finish that I liked then and still like now.
  20. Hogan, Andre, Rock, Austin, Savage, Flair, Taker, Cena, DX and nWo. Cheating a little with DX and nWo but even people who claim they never watch wrestling would know who you are talking about when these names are brought up.
  21. Yeah man, really, fuck Lydia.------------That said, I went back and watched the trailer for Need for Speed, and man, whoever said that looks like whatever Jesse Pinkman would be up to is spot on. I was getting a strong Jesse Pinkman vibe watching the trailer again. Maybe it was due to Jesse's scars in Felina compared to the main character's scars in Need for Speed, or the very haunted and sober tone Aaron Paul spoke with in the trailer, or that the last we see of Jesse is peeling out and driving off in Felina, but whatever it is, it's kinda neat.The producers should get the film edited so that Aaron Paul's character has no name and we can all go on believing it's Jesse haha
  22. If D Bry runs into Umaga... Has anyone got a clip of Umaga hitting a dropkick? That could put him over the top.
  23. I dont care what the opening to that movie states about Aaron Paul's character, in my head Jesse called Saul's guy and bought himself a second chance through Max Cherry with some of Walt's left over money, he then moved to Cali and now spends his time racing high end cars and sleeping with super models.
  24. Could almost be as good as that Brady fella.
  25. Not sure if he'd be allowed to talk about it but the discussion over whether or not to include Benoit must've been hard.
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