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  1. I'm still working my way through the day's bouts but I just had to pop in to say that was an utterly SCANDALOUS henka from Midorifuji. 5-9, up against a guy going for the Juryo Yusho in Abi, and he pulls that? Boothatman.gif
  2. What the hell happened in today's Main Event? Hakuho lined up at the very back of the dohyo and then start slapping the hell out of Shodai. At any rate, I'm pulling for Takayasu, the big ol' grumpy bear.
  3. Does Ura get bonus Buster Keaton points for the prat-fall afterwards? That tumble was spectacular.
  4. My most heartfelt commiserations to @The Natural, the rest of you England fans can go stick flares up your arses.
  5. Who the fuck is Griff Garrison?
  6. Lesnar's IWGP run was pretty bad, now that I think about it.
  7. No worse than when Dragon Gate did it.
  8. You raise a valid point, but on the other hand Fujiwara has a top tier villainous face and they shouldn't waste that by casting him as the good guy unless absolutely necessary.
  9. I'm prepared to let people who've seen more Gino Hernandez than I go back and forth on whether the comparison between him and Sammy Guevara is valid or not. In fact, it's the kind of content I'm here for. I might even try and look up some Gino Hernandez later, see if I can see what people are on about. I will say this though: Eddie Guerrero comparisons may very well be more flattering (I'd love to be compared to Eddie Guerrero in my daily life too,) I don't see it for Sammy. I don't see that their styles are really that similar, although Guerrero was a genius and everyone should be inspired by him. Guerrero also drew heavily on his Mexican heritage for his presentation* in a way that Guevara doesn't, apart from a nickname that was given to him Jericho. Sammy doesn't strut around with Cuban flags or anything like that, and yes, I had to look up what flags he might be bringing. They're both from Texas, their families are from a little further south and their names start with the same three letters. * He did in America, anyway. Los Gringos Locos were all about them Stars and Stripes.
  10. Are they worried athletes are going to be packing extra motors in them or something?!
  11. I don't know if anyone actually needs another white boy's thoughts on this, but it's a message board, what else is it for? I don't think that JR is racist, and I think that saying that he is racist isn't really helpful. Most of the people in this thread who criticising him aren't calling him racist, just saying that maybe he wants to think a little harder before he opens his mouth because some of his comparisons don't really scan, apart from That One Thing they've got in common and that maybe he should listen to why people don't like that so much these days. That said, comparing Sammy Guevara to like, Jack Evans or Ricochet would wreck his "it was better in the 80's" gimmick. Also, put me down for "the Excalibur thing is so different that I don't even know why we're talking about it.
  12. I wasn't even sure that AEW purposely gave any wrestler any character arc, and that this Dark Order stuff was all just something they got into on the back of some BTE stuff, and they were just rolling with it because those involved like it.
  13. In addition to the other, very good, points raised about them; Jeri-Show, particularly Jericho, revived the "wear a suit with the title belt" look. This isn't to say that people weren't doing it before, just that following them, there was a spike in the number of people with title belts who were walking around in suits on WWE TV.
  14. Bellator is on free TV in the UK, so I've been exposed to some more Mauro after swearing I never wanted to hear him again after his NXT run. He still does a lot of things I don't like, but he has reined in a lot of the more torturous imagery he was inflicting on us. I suppose he'd be an improvement over JR, but at this point a warm body would be an improvement over JR. The question is: would Mauro be an improvement over Tony Schiavone? I would think not. Also, Jake Hager sucks, but goddamn if they don't do a great job of hiding how much he actually sucks.
  15. You're a nice guy, so you can enjoy it. The rest of England can choke on it.
  16. I don't know why you're tagging me in this, my reaction is basically Klinsmann's.
  17. Ahh, fair enough. Good luck with that. I have a similar scheme that involves a walk for an hour and also a financially ruinous Warhammer 40k habit. Please don't neglect your duties, though.
  18. That you didn't see fit to update your twitter followers that he #FellDown is a travesty and I shall give great thought to unfollowing you.
  19. Was he the guy who got his name changed to Faithless Shitbum?
  20. "Those responsible for sacking the people who have been sacked, have been sacked." And then replaced by llamas.
  21. It's gonna be a hell of a thing to watch when it happens though
  22. Second right has found himself in a beautiful suit, with a beautiful belt and he is asking himself "well, how did I get here?"
  23. It looks cool, but having seen enough other people doing the flip out of the Lariat, it seems to take the sting out of the move a bit, compared to just getting smacked; like it's shifting the emphasis from the person doing the move to the victim. Give me a smack that's going to send someone to the floor regardless of whether the victim is stepping through it or not.
  24. I'm a little sad that my favourite trend in Test Cricket was not rewarded, free-wheeling wicketkeepers hitting it anywhere they damn well please (cf. Pant, Rishabh) but hey, at least Jos Buttler was rewarded by a win against Sri Lanka last night.
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