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  1. Cowherd and Whitlock will host a PTI knockoff on FS1. I don't even have a joke here.
  2. Joe Lucia

    30 For 30

    It followed a live event. That live event ran long. They had to cut a segment for time. But go on, keep overreacting to one airing of something you've seen before.
  3. After 25 games, the Pirates and Phillies have the same record...like we all predicted. Also, the Cardinals are just 1-8 against teams above .500.
  4. This thread has devolved into....this.
  5. If a rant like that happened today, the manager would be fired...oh, probably the next morning at the latest. Elia lasted another FOUR MONTHS.
  6. Firing Curt Schilling turns ESPN, ABC, and Disney into an anti-God, anti-conservative entity in an election year. Not firing him keeps the same people pissed off today pissed off at them as long as he's employed. Lose/lose situation for ESPN. Win/win for Schilling - if he gets fired, he's a martyr and will get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars at speaking gigs. If he doesn't get fired, hey, he didn't get fired and Fox will be waiting there with open arms, crossover appearances on Fox News, and the knowledge that it has the rights to the World Series and half the playoffs for the next...four/five years, and baseball fans can't boycott their coverage.
  7. The shitshow now transcends the on-field product.
  8. The Braves are fucking terrible. That's all.
  9. Yeah there have been more than a couple - Astros in NY a few years back, Millwood and company for the Mariners, Hamels and the Phillies against the shitass Braves on Labor Day two years ago.
  10. I don't see why people are getting up in arms about Roberts pulling Stripling. -Yes he had a no-hitter, but he had four walks and four strikeouts, and only threw strikes on 58 of 100 pitches. Not as if he was mowing Giants hitters down left and right. -It was the first start of his major league career - he's not an "experienced vet" like Kershaw or Price or Greinke or whomever. -He's never thrown 100 innings in a season, so there's no history of durability there either. -He's two years removed from Tommy John surgery. -100 pitches was also a career-high at *any* level since being drafted. Last year, he only topped 90 once. -If you don't trust your bullpen to get five outs and protect a two-run lead, your bullpen is dogshit and you're not going to win a damn thing anyway. Oh right - it's the internet. Logic doesn't apply.
  11. Y'all will appreciate this. http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/15155466/once-nets-seriously-considered-becoming-swamp-dragons
  12. The Cardinals are three games out. They were never more than 2.5 games back last year. THE TINGLING. My first game of the year is next week. Padres @ Phillies. I Want To Die.
  13. FWIW, if you want to see "the slide rule" applied... http://m.mlb.com/video/v572697283/wshatl-murphy-knocked-down-nats-awarded-two-outs/?c_id=mlb Not even a damn challenge! Called on the field and accepted!
  14. They lost because Jose Bautista blatantly grabbed the second baseman's leg, which has nothing to do with the slide rule.
  15. Such a tease now that Monday's first game is...Giants-Brewers. At 2 PM. Fart.
  16. My Postseason/awards picks are notoriously awful, so I'll spare you. But some other predictions I'm feeling a little more confident in... Both the Cardinals and Dodgers miss the playoffs The Angels fall apart and finally start committing to a younger core The Phillies don't finish with the worst record in baseball. Hell, they might not even be in the bottom five The "solid" AL Central ends up being mediocre as all hell, and only two teams finish above .500 And most importantly... The Diamondbacks are a fucking sideshow and Paul Goldschmidt goes insane
  17. They also love DH-type players like Encarnacion, Montero, and the large fella still in my avatar.
  18. Absolutely not economically feasible in any sense.
  19. Sure, but Oakland is at least established (to an extent) there.
  20. Charlotte will never happen because of the rights dickwagging that would surely take place between the Orioles/Nationals/Braves. Austin will never happen because of the rights dickwagging that would surely take place between the Rangers/Astros. A third New York team will never happen because of the rights dickwagging that would surely take place between the Yankees/Mets. Indianapolis will never happen because it's been a minor league city forever and that's all it will ever be. Same with New Orleans. Portland, Montreal, San Jose, and somewhere in Mexico are the most logical landing spots, but they're not going to happen for at least a decade unless a team gets lucky enough to break their lease and move.
  21. The Diamondbacks want a new stadium. Fuck the Diamondbacks.
  22. So, we know why Adam LaRoche retired now... The White Sox didn't want his son in the clubhouse every day. His son is 14, btw.
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