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  1. keeps a social distance in acknowledgment of certain board rules Randy Orton is trending on Twitter before Smackdown as he has now become a babyface to a portion of Twitter users. The greatest match ever has become greater.
  2. Thanks Kayfabe magazines for making me realize that yes.. Scott Hall could have been a reasonably plausible 60s/early 70s hippie.
  3. found this looking around Spotify viral charts last night, both bands are German but this is apparently viral in Turkey.
  4. not sure what would be a better troll for the Edge/Orton Greatest Match Ever, teasing the match ending in 30 seconds or having an extended nerve hold sequence in that match
  5. The easy counterpoint is that 1999 WWF wasn't exactly a reservoir of long-term booking
  6. I'm sure this has been known for awhile but I didn't know until tonight that ROH is now on the SInclair-owned Fox Sports RSNs. And boy, did they have great timing to land on a wide assortment of RSNs or what.
  7. Welcome to the ShowBuzzDaily graphic, Dark Side of the Ring 349k viewers, highest ever. #31 in 18-49 for the night. The male 18-49 number (0.24) for DSOTR last night was the same as male 18-49 for the #4 Little People Big World. DSOTR also beat the ESPN replay of Game 6 of the 2011 World Series by 100K. http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-tuesday-cable-originals-network-finals-5-19-2020.html
  8. Another thing about keeping the show going is that they had a world title switch. So there’s an Undertaker title victory that they don’t include on various montages because they had the title switch on a show where somebody died in the ring. Idk if they think it makes their argument for continuing weaker to just audible out of the title switch that night and have it happen on a RAW on 5/31 or June. Like the option is between a title switch that you’ll never show again or holding a total blah card and just getting it over with.
  9. The number of people who knew the exact plan for what would have happened if it went "as planned" is... how many people. Because if the plan was "he needs a quick release so he can do a pratfall" then they pretty much lose the case instantly if they admit that. But the whole thing was a case of Vince being told no and told it was unsafe, then he went to somebody who would say yes to the idea.
  10. Bushwhacker Luke looks younger now than he did in the 90s. Hair dye is a marvelous thing.
  11. the MVP of After Dark is the person(s) that make it possible for these old wrestlers to use a video chat
  12. Hawk could have brought back his Crusher Van Haig robe. of course Ellering might have wanted in on the Ministry to make it a little more complex
  13. Road Warriors got the 2nd highest number of viewers for the season (264k), only behind Benoit. Abrams got 246k. But I'm guessing Owen is gonna top 264k. Worth noting that Wrestlemania 3 on FS1 got 157K over 3 hours last night, so a few thousand of the plausible Vice audience might have been on FS1 during DSOTR.
  14. Also a big nod to the people on Twitter who just learned tonight that Nikita Koloff isn’t a Russian. Next week, they learn about Ivan Koloff.
  15. How long until the WWE has a germaphobe heel. Maybe wears a mask during matches, wears “special gloves” (that are somehow loaded), sprays the general area with “sanitizer”. Considering how few non-Lucha WWE guys wear masks in decades of Vince, he would make the mask guy a heel unless sponsors/networks told him no.
  16. yeah, the main story of somebody at SS92 being unable to perform is Davey Boy.. so Hawk also being similarly messed up was never really focused on
  17. if you're a hoss from Minneapolis, you're in this Road Warriors DSOTR
  18. only watched a little bit of After Dark, but it looks like Missy Hyatt was attacked by Jack Nicholson's Joker
  19. Watching Wrestlemania 3 on FS1. Gotta admit that the Silverdome's roof was an underrated MVP of the night. You could see everything early, and as the night goes on, it'll get darker and darker. Some domes with more solid roofs are gonna be a bit dark for the entire night. Also, when was the last show where they announcers were essentially in the football media booth instead of ringside/close to the ring, Wrestlemania 8?
  20. well, I guess the ending of this episode is a good enough storyline reason to do the coronavirus hiatus instead of just saying that Contra unleashed covid19
  21. They're starting the Anthology series next week
  22. considering the rest of the episode, would it shock anybody if Herb's store was a drug front?
  23. in the scheme of things, if the promoter is doing more drugs than the talent, then the promotion will have some hard times
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