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  1. Doom casting choices? I'm going with Ethan Hawke or Colin Firth
  2. Tend to agree with this, but wonder if they do a "Loser of the fall loses their title" stipulation so Charlotte gets to hold one up at the end of Mania also?
  3. I'm going to say 2/4 were thrown about. Which 2, I have no idea. But yes, agreed.
  4. Having said all that, ideally, if they'd realized the spacing issues ahead of time, and how poorly received a three way would be, should have gone all in with a 4 way and included Asuka in it.
  5. Makes sense to me in the context of the bigger picture. * Needed to get one match off the card. Leaving the SD Women's Title off the card would draw the wrong kind of heat. * Makes the result of the main event a little bit more murkier (especially if they announce on Raw that both titles are on the line. The internet freaks out even more that Becky is going to pin Charlotte for the blue belt) * Gives Charlotte a justifiable reason to go off and do something else post-Mania * Gives us a reason to remember why she's in the main event in the first place, rather than just being the third wheel she's currently booked as. She's beaten Asuka relatively easily and cleanly twice. The same Asuka who beat Becky similarly easily and cleanly. More doubt on whether Becky can do it.
  6. First line of greyed out - female on the far right and guy next to Captain Marvel. Who are they?
  7. I think if they are genuinely considering the WM 9 finish, Reigns getting beat by Drew has to happen. It's a nice callback to Rollins getting beat by Orton early on and then winning the title (Reigns/Drew could open the show come to think of it). Adds Drew to the title picture, gives you a few months to fill in things should Brock not be immediately available, and you have the slow burn to the Rollins/Reigns match. And history tells us that guys returning from injury/time away generally do more jobs than not, and I suspect it's because of the built-in excuse afforded to it.
  8. Would it be any less humiliating to her than agreeing to re-enact the finish to the Holm or Nunes fights?
  9. If Mike Tenay joins the commentary team for the main event like JR did in Florida....WE KNOW WHERE THAT IS GOING.
  10. Still reckon Becky wins with what's billed as a shoot armbar.
  11. Yeah, that was pretty cool. Good ep.
  12. "Can't have 2 Koko's, that's the rules" *camera pans out to rest of backstage area as Gregory Helms looks up wistfully from a booking sheet*
  13. Only to bring in Koko B Ware as his manager to get rid of the moniker
  14. I could get behind Corbin trying to repackage himself as T-Bone, only for someone else to take it from him.
  15. Dude lives in a coffin bedsitter for better part of 30 years. Last person I want real estate advice from. Sting would have been like, right there, too.
  16. Pretty sure this was what really ruined Big Show's finances in 2013.
  17. I really don't know. My father's still terminally ill, but pushing shit up hill as best he can, taking care of my grandfather who's 94 and alzheimers well and truly set in, but incredibly physically healthy for his age and will probably out live us all, and his autistic older brother/my uncle, who burns through all disposable income they have trying to fund his.....burgeoning porn empire with his late 90s style website that no-one in their right mind would ever subscribe to. Once my Dad dies from this, that is a multitude of shit on the other side of the world I am in no way capable of dealing with. My mother had a stroke recently, leaving behind a severely underinsured business, a series of hidden bank accounts no-one can reach, and a property portfolio that was The Big Short-esque in being over-leveraged. Not a single cent in principle paid off any mortgages, all valued well less than the mortgage taken out on each. Hadn't really spoken to her in recent months, but figured I'd try to help out remaining family with insurance claims and any other business admin I can lend some expertise to. This has lead to remaining family putting a caveat on my home as it's the only one with any real value, and the one trip to the hospital being screamed at in front of my 18 month old daughter that I was responsible for her having the stroke, as I didn't visit her enough. Cool. Not interested, you guys do you. Looked at selling our place before the market gets really bad. It's not really worth it. Either from a value perspective, or the constant need to keep the place spotless enough for 10 minutes to show someone through it before 18 mth old destroys everything. On the other hand, barely treading water from a debt perspective, and a 3.5 hr round trip to work is just not sustainable anymore. Guess it goes on the backburner until the market improves, or we have no other choice. Super worried for my MIL who went guarantor for us despite all logic saying bad investment. Slowly being performance managed out at work. I'm garbage/dangerously under-qualified at what I do, but have been for 3 years, and escaped scrutiny until I complained about working from home access being revoked for parents in the team. Now, a weekly humiliating work review, and 10 weeks to go on a performance improvement plan that I have no chance of meeting, and as much as I want to portray my boss as an evil asshole, it's very much a "here's 12 weeks to find a new job" scenario. Have spent most of my weekends doing extra work for essentially no progress, so this is the first one that I've thrown in the towel and decided to spend it with family. Job hunt is pretty ordinary - nothing really has gone my way - a lot of positions I've interviewed well only for an internal promotion to occur, or the money hasn't been something I've been in a position to accept. On the other hand, lot of self destructive behavior. Walked out of one interview after the interviewer made a homophobic slur that I thought was the final red flag. In hindsight, I would have got that job and it would have paid well. Principles are a luxury. 4 second round interviews hoping to hear back from this week, but nothing that really inspires behind the idea that I live to fight another day - bad location, bad money, not what I want to be doing, or all of the above. It's not that I want to kill myself or feel depressed enough to need to do it, but from a rational perspective I can't see how it's not the best option for everyone else if things don't improve. I'm insured for 7 figures, I've met my self-harm exclusion period, that's money that can put my grandfather in a home, pay off a mortgage, allow my wife to work less and spend time with our daughter, and probably an appropriate consequence for some really poor decisions and failures to provide properly, pride cometh before a fall and all that. As it stands, 10 weeks left at this current role before they fire me, 4 weeks termination money, about another 2 weeks worth of wages worth of stock options I can cash in once I'm no longer an employee, and then a tax return of about 2 weeks too. That takes me to mid-August before things become dire. If I can't find a job to provide for my family in that period of time, I probably don't deserve to stick around realistically.
  18. Didn't Daniel Bryan have a gauntlet match just like this? With similar fuckery? The point here is cute callbacks right?
  19. I hope Angle taps Corbin in thirty seconds, and Cena answers the open challenge. But what's the finish? Cena shouldn't tap. Doesn't necessarily need the win either. Not crazy about top rope finish dumbfuckery either
  20. Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor. Yeahnah, not feeling it at all.
  21. Other issue with the three underdog babyfaces - Rollins, Becky and Kofi, some gotta not go over. I want Kofi to go over because I have no faith in this continuing in good taste. A few more months of this (rather than say Big E and Woods turning on him the next night), has Vince McMahon Tiki Torch Rally being rejected and re-added over and over again. On the other hand, Kofi and Rollins getting beat really spoils the fun of the main event.
  22. You're all underestimating the pants chafe of attending a live Mania. 8hrish show, probably 2 hrs of walking before and after the show. I still turned up to RAW the next day with a reddish chafe the likes of which you've never seen before.
  23. If it was held over a weekend - would people really buy a ticket for one day and not the other? Especially if they deliberately don't advertise what is on what day?
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