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  1. Was certainly a factor in the Newcastle/Penrith game yesterday. Once the Knights started getting repeat sets largely from that rule (and I think one slightly charitable penalty), changed the game entirely. Watching golden point though when I had money on the Knights, and it's two retards trying to fuck a doorknob with field goals........yeesh.
  2. Initial thought: Dear America, why is your country so fucked? Hindsight: over 300 indigenous Australians have died in police custody without much more than a cursory report. Glad people are taking to the streets there.
  3. I think it's ridiculous too. I can't remember if Pritchard verified it on his podcast a while back though?
  4. In hindsight, it's strange that canon suggests there were 3 guys in line to go over Flair for the title in 92 - Bret, Tito and ......wait, I can't remember if there was a third (maybe Martel or Hennig?) But Undertaker isn't one of them. Probably would have been the better move in hindsight, and Bret getting his big win at Mania 10 for his first reign instead.
  5. At a guess, Bret drops the strap back to Flair, Perfect wins it, and you have the loser leaves town match as the main event. ....or Giant Gonzales
  6. Yep - the Powerplex was fucking ace. A team needs to bring that back.
  7. Agree - the premise of the Revivals debut was a bit stupid. Good thing they were driving past at the exact time a tag team was getting beaten down by another team. Is the car park just full of guys in the roster circling waiting for a great opportunity to pull up? At least they didn't drive in just to run over a bin though...
  8. Same Earth as everyone else?
  9. I think Rick Martel would have been a good choice, but the timing was off - he left in April '82 to jump to the AWA, Hogan doesn't come across till mid 83. Don Muraco could have worked, especially from a timing perspective. Instead of pairing him up with Captain Lou, and the Snuka matches ever happening, Muraco comes back as a reformed face, essentially in the same way Hogan did?
  10. The Butcher in casual gear looks like Kevin Nash parodying Arn Anderson
  11. Where/when is Stargirl set exactly? I'm a bit confused by it.
  12. How do so many on here not see the blatant hypocracy in bemoaning what lead to Hana's suicide, but there's 18 of you piling on SorceressKnight in the same page?
  13. I watched it again tonight. I wish the Jags mascot had been unmasked as Pineapple Pete.
  14. Main event fucktastically awesome. Opener pretty pretty good. Capt Lou Albano a strange choice for Brian Cage. TNT title match poor. World title match was OK but lacked a story. Everything else generally inoffensive. I've spent $30 on far worse
  15. The well has run dry. We've gone twenty years living off interpromotional dream matches from the twenty years prior to that. That no longer applies as most of those guys can physically no longer go. We've gone probably ten years living off the golden era of the independent circuit, and that tree has largely stopped producing fruit. You could possibly extend that to OVW for completeness of the argument. People are no longer willing to spend a 9 month holding pattern to wait for Batista, Rock or Cena to turn up for a few months then go home. People aren't excited for NXT callups to the main roster. Usually the opposite. The in ring stuff is almost a side hustle to explain who kids should buy t-shirts and figurines for. All things considered I think I'd enjoy WWE more if this was a lot more transparent about that objective and was just a lengthy Saturday morning cartoon show.
  16. Sounds like the guy who did the vocals for the Rockabilly theme. Sounds like Michael Hayes on both counts.
  17. It absolutely should have. Doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be given more attention and more important (implied or otherwise) than the champ. Just as Cody/Archer doesnt need to have a brand new title attached, or Mike Tyson involved for it to still be a hyped undercard attraction.
  18. Golga.....nope beaten to it. Shockmaster. Inversely - Kwang/Savio Vega, and Mr JL/Jerry Lynn.
  19. I'll throw up a sidebar here: Can anyone think of a time where the main feud/storyline/top billing match in a promotion has been around something other than the top title in the promotion and: a) it was the right decision AND b) it didn't devalue the title/champion in the process? Offhand - maybe Bret/Austin, and that was probably more an indication of where the title was at in 1997 being bounced around/forfeited/etc.
  20. Reasonable points - but I remain unconvinced that even with everyone being available and business as usual, that any of the Moxley programs (either what eventuated or hypothethical) are given bigger emphasis or more TV time than Cody/Archer.
  21. Do I think it's personal? Not at all. I just think Cody has deliberately given him a dog of a title reign whilst positioning his own programs as being far more important. There's no Bret/Shawn subtext to it, so much as we're hammered over the head who the real top guy is. I suspect even if Moxley gets paired with MJF instead of nothing feuds with the #2 guy in the Inner Circle and Brodie Lee, the amount of air time and where their stuff is positioned during the show remains the same. Whilst what you say makes sense about his character being a loner and he should be off somewhere else, it's still not befitting of the title. Everyone should be lining up to want a shot at him, especially in the context of going from Jericho feuding with 2/3 of the roster, to Moxley having his weekly 10 minute segment and is forgotten about for the rest of the show. Austin was a huge loner, but I can't imagine him in 1998, turning up, beating Val Venis in a 10 minute opening match, and then not being seen for the rest of Raw. I feel like the loss hurt him only for how ordinary Matt looked in-ring. At this point, he looks far closer to X-Pac to HHH in 99, than he does HHH to Shawn in 98. There was an opportunity missed, and if anything it would have helped the narrative of The Elite needing to overcome the odds, after being beat up week after week by The Numbers Game, only for Page/Bucks return to turn the tide. MJF continues to be featured, agreed, he wins a lot, but where is it going to? I'm open to the idea of the MJF/Mox program, but not particularly convinced for in-ring stuff. Bringing guys up to a higher level - agree it's been the intent, but a few months in, fairly minimal has been achieved from a consistent basis. Like you say - COVID related in a lot of cases. Others have had a few weeks doing stuff, and are now just sitting around in the crowd cheering aimlessly. It's been awesome seeing Jungle Boy, Scorpio Sky, Darby, etc get their shot, and now they're JAG. WWE get excoriated for this on a weekly basis.
  22. Agreed. Matt Hardy going over (and having a terrible match in the process) was an awful decision. Felt very much like Mick Foley barely able to walk to the ring in TNA and still be treated as a threat. People will look back on this in a year or so as probably where Cody's goodwill evaporates. History (largely his father's) tells us that they've deliberately sabotaged Moxleys title reign. Consistently a back seat while you're reminded the Elite's program is the real important stuff. At this point you can't justify Mox going on last on the PPV. My goodwill is starting to be stretched as so many guys are all over TV yet going nowhere. Sick of Sammy losing all the time for no reason. Darby constantly coming up short during the big one. I'm really not interested in Shawn Spears. Brodie Lee's stuff relys heavily on goodwill and WWE sentiment...given the lack of substance beyond that, it's super lazy. He now has Xpac heat with me. They really book the Jurassic Express as dorks. As someone pointed out, Wardlow taking his time to leave the ring. Luchasaurus never initiates physicality with him and comes off lame. Almost seems pointless to protect MJF at this point if they're not going to do anything with him either. That ladder match is a huge example of a year in, just how many also rans there are on the roster already.
  23. It gets me every time. Did the first time I came home from school in year 7 to read what happened. Bawled a 0.8 Mark Henry reading Broken Harts. Did tonight too. Wasn't my favourite but definitely a top 5. His super cool enziguiri. His INXS knock off music. I remember Foley talking about how his son got a crew cut like Owen and I did as well. Watching Cornette tonight.. that was tough. Even Jim Ross who I hold in a special category of carney shitball...I felt for him greatly. Agreed on feeling like there was some closure knowing how well his kids have turned out.
  24. John Oliver going hard at WWE, AEW and UFC tonight.
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