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  1. Didn't quite understand why AEW would let Jericho turn up here. ...nah it's Alundra Blayze.
  2. So many awful people getting what they deserve at once.
  3. Yep absolutely. I binged till 2am. Embrace the absurdity
  4. So you've got Lowry and Westbrook looking slightly displaced. Of course you instead offer 30 mill for Danny Green.
  5. Man, this year gets worse for DeMar DeRozan
  6. Yeah, solid and enjoyable film if not unremarkable. Credits scene most worth staying for. Also
  7. My bad, sorry. Thought Ricochet won the first match last week as well. Fell asleep and vaguely remember AJ raising his hand as Raw went off air. Yeah OK. All in.
  8. So AJs lost clean to Ricochet twice now. He's also lost to Rollins clean. They've booked themselves into a corner. He wins via nefarious means and then what or he loses for a third time and looks a loser. I'm assuming he costs Kofi the title and we get Club vs New Day?
  9. Some of the variance in offer sheets is going to be insane. Could see a guy like Dellavedova choosing between 60 mil over 4 at the Knicks or 2 mil 2 mins game time chasing a ring in LA
  10. Such a weird flex by Brooklyn to include Deandre in the hype. He's there because of his friendship with KD not because his skill set has been relevant since the house arrest. Thor! Captain Marvel! ....Agent Coulson!
  11. If you got a kid <5yrs, I cannot recommend Bluey enough. 7 minute eps that are quite entertaining. That fucking dog is a better parent than I'll ever be.
  12. Jim Neidhart was in the KKK? And not a single Who Klux Klan reference?
  13. That scene in the shower where he's singing Cool Jerk? Yeah he's doing that too.
  14. Feels comparable to Jerry Jarrett being given the book in '94 during the steroid trial. Nothing really changed. Neither will this.
  15. Wait, am I too late to point out that when I go to a restaurant, I end up buying the restaurant rather than tipping, and then marrying the poorest looking bus boy into my army of servitude?
  16. There was the Ric Flair protege one and then this one. What was the third?
  17. He was into counterfeiting money and sniffing women's underwear. That sort of stalker.
  18. Saw Toy Story 4. The first 3 are 10/10 films in my eyes. This was...a good straight to DVD movie? At worst, questionable for why it needed to be made. Enjoyable trip to the IMDB app to put the voices to faces afterwards. Overall, nothing special. Wait till a torrent turns up. 6.5/10
  19. Ah geez I forgot how bad Defenders was. Not sure what the problem with s2 Punisher was. Iron Fist was bad, but if I could give it any credit it seemed like the only one that actively tried to make the most of the time allocated to it. Luke Cage seemed to have no idea what to do with all that time. So much shit thrown in because dunno, hours to fill.
  20. Crocodile Dundee Wolf Creek. Seriously though, if I can implore you to watch one film, please give Hotel Sorrento a go.
  21. Yeah, if you got the time, Luke Cage takes forever but you at least feel like there's a decent payoff to it. Last two seasons of Jessica Jones were just...why?
  22. Agreed on both counts, but would add both seasons of The Punisher into the mix there too.
  23. I definitely wasted my weekend watching this. Another Marvel Netflix venture that got given twice the amount of hours it needed, and just made it feel like four times instead.
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