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  1. I really enjoyed the Morning Show a lot more than I expected. Probably not a great idea to watch it concurrently with the US Office and see Michael Scott, sexual predator everywhere.
  2. Surely Maxel Hardy has a title or two somewhere?
  3. Panthers interviewing Beiniemy. First option that's actually made me feel optimistic. Please not Mike McCarthy.
  4. Weren't we just talking about the Val Venis gimmick being handed down?
  5. Bray Wyatt just tweeted that he forgave Kevin Spacey and everyone's blowing up about it. I hope this leads to an awful Bray/The Fiend vs Kevin Spacey/Frank Underwood split personality match at Mania, where we're supposed to suspend disbelief that House of Cards was real and the President just turned up on RAW.
  6. It's not ideal but I'd certainly prefer Hager to not be around any more. Also clear that by having Luchasaurus go 50/50 with Sammy Guevara (with a pretty ordinary match resulting from it that showed his limitations), that they're not going to go all in on him either. May as well make best of bad situation....
  7. I'm hoping AEW parts ways with Hager leading to Hager putting over Luchasaurus clean on the way out and getting replaced by him in the Inner Circle when he turns on Jack Perry.
  8. I'm 5 years late to this party. Finished watching it at 1am this morning. I've never watched a show where I've simultaneously related to and despised the characters so much. Like the level of self reflection I've felt watching this hurts. I also want that octopus painting.
  9. Brets repeated formula were offensive moves, and logically made sense and put over as so on commentary that he was setting his opponent up for the sharpshooter by working over the back. Sometimes they were cut off hope spots or were his undoing also. Flairs were always the same comedy spots. The flair flop, beg off, caught on the top rope, the chops being no sold, power guy hitting the press slam, the Irish whip into the buckle, the figure 4 being reversed etc. Made no sense when every guy knew how to beat Flair and after a certain point, often did
  10. So what you're saying is that your constant creepy, borderline illegal slutshaming and doxxing of her wouldn't be as tolerable had she worked at least 3 matches you found acceptable? Get the fuck out.
  11. RolandTHTG


    Last two seasons were a real chore to watch and I genuinely considered binning this along with the Walking Dead at the start of this season. So glad I didn't. Tremendous stuff all round.
  12. Seemingly every skit was based around how attractive she was, and not much else. It felt like they came to her with a list of ideas, and that was all she was prepared to do, so they repeated it in different ways without a hint of self deprecation or modesty along the way.
  13. I'm not sure re: Shawn - both from a perspective that he produced some absolute stinkers ring psychology wise after his return (the entire series with Angle in 05 comes to mind) and his really sketchy selling. Also the over-dramatic over-selling formula he's produced in NXT subsequently. HHH is an interesting one. -The whole "everything you just saw for 20 minutes has lead up to this moment of me swinging a sledgehammer at this guy" aspect is a big red mark, as is so many of his matches in the midst of blood feuds failing to bring the hate whatsoever (that never ending 3 stages of hell match with Shawn, the Jericho HIAC, the Orton main at Mania, some of the Punk matches). For a guy that was supposed to be a cerebral assassin, there really wasn't anything particularly smart about him.
  14. You probably get Xanta Claus a few years earlier.
  15. Would have been a hell of a spectacle had they inducted everyone from Hall down to...referee Slick Johnson. And then attempted to recreate one of those giant in ring promos for the induction speech
  16. This week's episode was Trump level guest host bad. What an unlikable insecure person
  17. I'm going to be unpopular and say Randy Orton. On a week to week basis he's the overexposed drizzling shits. On a big show, he delivers. His stuff makes sense. One of the few on the roster that doesn't work the same match every single time (at least in that context. Raw and SD a different story). His big moves still pop a reaction every time and they're well protected. He's put over everyone time and time again and he's always a threat. I think his match with AJ at Mania this year will age well. People sleep on it as it was in the middle of nearly 100 hrs of wrestling in 3 days across numerous promotions.
  18. Watching the go home show prior to Survivor Series 92. They really messed up the card in making Brets first defense as champion being maybe the 5th most important guy on the card. The tag match really overshadowed them and should have been a Survivor Series match. Either Savage/Perfect/Nasties vs. Flair/Razor/Money Inc or you go all out and throw Bret and Shawn into that one as well.
  19. Frey would have signed him to a huge contract, as a regular recipient of the match of the night bonus award. Watts would have come in and tried to lower it, leading to him being repackaged as Schmozz Hart, Paul Heyman's childhood Jewish cartoonist friend from the Bronx, fast tracking Paul's racial discrimination lawsuit against WCW. E(Xtreme)CW occurs as it did but with Bret in the Douglas role, including Bret going back to Vince in 1995 as Dean Hart because Vince enjoys making fun of his real life tragedy/dead brother.
  20. So just to confirm here - it's a 5 parter right? Is that including Black Lightning? or is one series pulling double duty?
  21. Agree on the Luchasaurus comments and also the same sameness of it all. MJF ducking Cody followed by Jericho ducking Moxley. Nyla dominating followed by Kong being dominate. Even the randomness of Jungle Boy and Statlander being thrown up as random challengers seemed to cancel each other out. Good Jericho and Rhodes promos. Moxley killing everyone is starting to feel like when WWE guys would turn up in TNA and immediately go over all the local talent.
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