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  1. Speaking of souvenirs, didn't he get given one of the tag titles by the Nasty Boys to hang onto and never gave it back?
  2. Pamela Anderson papered over the cracks of what was a woeful 95 Rumble card. And a bonus Tommy Lee / Shawn fight.
  3. With strict BMI level limitations of "Butterbean" or above?
  4. I'd be curious to see how he went in a WWE environment where there is such limitations on what he can do, and the exceptionally public endings of kayfabe. Is he hypothetically as good a heel as Miz was, if you're seeing him do Make A Wish clips every Raw? It's a bit like how no-one gave a shit about Mike Awesome after he was no longer the biggest guy on the roster powerbombing everyone else through tables and braining them with chairs. To play devil's advocate - there's generally a disassociation between someone being a good worker just because they legitimately beat the shit out of people, is he necessarily a good character if he's not necessarily playing a character either?
  5. I think the appeal of MJF's work is that he chooses to step over the line from time to time with his work, that plenty of his peers choose to play it safe with (or have it chosen by their employer that they shouldn't). If you choose to believe that cancel-culture is a real thing, and I assume most promotions/networks do, he willingly oversteps that line constantly that wasn't there 30 years ago. So whilst, yes, I'm sure people play along as a tribute to the quality of his work, I think people also appreciate/respect that there is a level of risk to what he does.
  6. In hindsight, Luger winning the Rumble in 93, going on to face Bret at Mania (with or without Hogan shit..which probably works better with him putting Luger over on the way out). Either Bret retaining and then dropping to Yoko at Summerslam who beats Savage or Hennig at Mania, or Luger feuding with Hennig or Tatanka through the summer works better I think.
  7. How did USA never get a Suits and Raw crossover to happen? GM of Raw Louis Litt would have been money.
  8. This has been a fun 6-8 pages to read. #Eaststowin
  9. Steelers are almost likeable overnight
  10. On one hand, I'm down for Fiend/Lesnar at Mania. On the other, Fiend, Demon, Black, Taker, Papa Shango, Kane, the Boogeyman, Scott Steiner and every other supernatural character in some sort of massive never-ending clusterfuck that basically turns into a Siegfried and Roy show would also be money
  11. Are they building to Brock vs Fiend at Mania, or is this just another Roman overcoming the odds Mania?
  12. You start your PPV with the two guys headlining the show losing relatively cleanly to two nothing guys. That's a new one.
  13. Fun when its unpredictably so. Not so when it's predictably unpredictable.
  14. if it leads to a Beaches sequel with Sid in the Barbara Hershey role, a million times this.
  15. I don't understand why Sid doesn't offer a package to us marks where you can spend the day with him, you end up playing a game of softball with him, you get a fist bump, something happens to the rental car, you get a filmed acknowledgement confirming he has half the brain you do, maybe your very own Bodyglove arm guard. And once the money clears, he no shows anyway. I'd still pay.
  16. Heenan always said that he got off the road due to the impact partying with Flair had on him in 91. I'm cautiously saying 94.
  17. 1) Ric Flair before the self parodying finance, self worth and divorce issues, but not so far back that you actually stand a chance of living to tell the tale. 2) Assuming neither are a work, post religion Shawn or Sting. 3) the Warlord
  18. Now I want to see Magnum PI but with Sabu instead of Tom Selleck.
  19. WCW late99 early 00, he was like the only guy trying. Stooging for just about everyone and anyone.
  20. RolandTHTG


    That crowd for Kyrgios and Johnson last night felt like it was from the deep south, not New York.
  21. Also a reflection of how tired WCWs main event scene was.
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